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Cuba recovers black box from plane crash

Cuban specialists have recovered in good condition one of the black boxes from the plane that crashed in Havana on Friday which killed 110 people, Cuban Transport Minister Adel Yzquierdo Rodriguez said Saturday.

He said the Boeing 737 had been transferred to Cuba nearly a month after it received an operation qualification. Rodriguez said US experts will take part in the investigation of the crash.

Vietnam’s Party leader, State President, Prime Minister and National Assembly Chairwoman have sent messages of sympathy to their Cuban counterparts.

Source: VOV5

US, China rule out trade war

The US and China have agreed to abandon any trade war and back off from imposing tariffs on each other.

The announcement came after the second round of high-level talks in Washington on Saturday.

An earlier joint statement said Beijing would purchase more energy and agriculture products to reduce America’s 370 billion USD trade deficit with China. The statement, however, provided no dollar amounts on how much China might boost its purchases of American products.

Source: VOV5

Phu Yen celebrates UNESCO recognition of Bai choi singing

A ceremony was held in Phu Yen’s Tuy Hoa city on Saturday to welcome UNESCO’s certificate recognizing Bai choi singing as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The recognition of Bai Choi singing, a popular folklore style of singing in central Vietnam, acknowledges Vietnam’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Various activities were held during the ceremony including Bai choi games and Bai Choi performances, attracting thousands of local people and visitors.

Source: VOV5

Japan to import more Vietnamese fruits

Fruits and coffee were promoted at the Vietnam Festival 2018 in Tokyo as Japanese businesses plan to import more agricultural products from Vietnam in addition to dragon fruit, mango, and banana.

The festival took place on Saturday and Sunday to mark 45 years of bilateral diplomatic ties. It takes only 6 days to ship Vietnamese fruits to Japan, helping to secure their freshness. Negotiations on lychee export to Japan are underway. Japanese importers have also showed an interest in Vietnamese longan, rambutan, and mangosteen. The Vietnam festival was first held in Japan in 2008. This year’s event attracted an estimated 150,000 visitors.

Source: VOV5