‘PTT’ aims to create a balance between the economy and the environment.

'PTT' aims to create a balance between the economy and the environment in order to create a strong ecosystem and grow globally sustainably together. Points out that the government must unlock the law to push the CCU project to success. Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited, spoke at the seminar EARTH JUMP 2024 THE EDGE OF ACTION, in depth in every dimension. Stepping into a low carbon economy in the topic NDC Target and A way to win that PTT is focused on sustainability. Sustainability here is not just about the environment. It means balancing both the economy and the environment. that can compete, which PTT aims to be strong together with Thai society and grow on a global scale which strength must be sustainable in the long term all together We cannot avoid living in a globally competitive society. Whether it is viewed as helping the environment or trade protection measures which must be within the rules that can be competed and must balance. Theref ore, PTT, as a large organization, cannot help only itself. It is responsible for creating an ecosystem, especially in Thailand. which will help us together If we look at the context of each business, whether it is a large industry, SME, or a bank, we must adjust to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. PTT has set a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions (Net Zero Emissions) within. The year 2050 is faster than the country's target with 3 approaches: 1. Adjusting the business portfolio to lower carbon dioxide. Increase investment proportion by focusing on clean energy business Increasing the amount of greenhouse gas absorption from the atmosphere through natural methods. By coordinating with various agencies and 3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process to the maximum. Through important projects such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), Thailand is luckier than many other countries because it has An old natural gas well from which all gas has been extracted. which can absorb carbon dio xide and store it Despite this It's not a matter of PTT alone It is a matter that requires help from every sector. Because every organization cannot make a carbon captuer by itself because the cost is very high. Therefore, it is impossible for the economy to support it. There are many organizations that must work together, including the public and private sectors, and there are also legal matters. There must be collaboration to make infrastructure possible. PTT, which is an organization that must already store its own carbon. As a capable organization We must help create an ecosystem that will be able to store carbon dioxide. Not only PTT, various industries in Thailand It can also be used to store carbon dioxide. 'But this does not happen easily. Both the public and private sectors must work together. And most importantly, the laws of many ministries must be unlocked because they are new. new technology The cost is high and takes time. But this is something that PTT must work together with the public and pr ivate sectors to make it successful. Because it is a matter of economics, society, and the environment, using all clean energy has high costs. Therefore, many things must be used together, including carbon storage. planting trees The important thing is that there must be a balance,' Mr. Kongkraphan said. Source: Thai News Agency

Thai stocks closed this morning down 1.01 points.

Bangkok: Stock Exchange Closed this morning at 1,363.47 points, down 1.01 points (-0.07%), trading value approximately 20,232 million baht. In morning trading, the index fluctuated narrowly. Made the lowest level 1,362.19 points and the highest 1,369.68 points Source: Thai News Agency

At the end of this century, Thailand risks warming up to 4-5 degrees. The government recommends that the government encourage SMEs to quickly adapt.

Bangkok: May 27 - Thailand is at greater risk of experiencing extreme weather conditions. Flash floods alternate with droughts. The end of this century may be 4-5 degrees Celsius warmer, affecting agriculture and the economy. Recommend that the government set up a fund to help SMEs cope with Climate Change. Dr. Kannika Thampanichwong, a researcher at the Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research, said at the PIER Research Brief on Climate Change and the Economy that the important cause of the increase in Earth's surface temperature during the post-industrial revolution era is the increased use of fossil fuels and an increase in population causing changes in land use for agriculture and supporting urban expansion. For the climate of Thailand Over a 30-year period, the average temperature rose 1 degree Celsius. Thailand's extreme weather conditions are becoming more severe and more frequent. Data from many climate models show that the average temperature in Thailand in the future is likely to increase i n every scenario. It is predicted that by the end of this century (2016-2099), temperatures in Thailand have a chance of rising 4-5 degrees Celsius if there is still no care to reduce global warming. Reduce greenhouse gases It is likely to face more hot weather and longer periods of hot weather. It is expected that Thailand will face both drought and flash flood problems from more heavy rain events. As for the impact on the economic system, it will have an impact. to assets and income as well as changing the behavior of businesses, households, financial institutions, and the government sector, which are fundamental factors that cause the macroeconomic system to change as well, including GDP, inflation, and inequality in the economy. Especially in the agricultural sector, growing crops and raising animals, it is predicted that climate change It will cause cumulative damage between 2011-2045 worth as high as 0.61-2.85 trillion baht, while the manufacturing sector will be affected by reduced labor and high cos ts. As for the service sector, tourist attractions will be closed due to disasters, which will lead to the household sector having an impact on health, income, expenses, assets, and increased household debt. In addition, financial sector risks that will be affected by climate change, divided into 5 categories: credit, market conditions, and guarantees Operational and liquidity Finance sector It will affect government assets. This is because income will decrease and expenses will increase. According to the remedies for the impacts that will occur, therefore, Thailand and around the world Must start adapting to change Along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions To slow down the increase in global temperature that will have severe consequences in the future. Business sectors are adjusting all over the world, including Thailand. Large operators will look throughout the supply chain to see how much greenhouse gases are being reduced, while many SMEs and small businesses are outside the supply chain. and not hav ing enough strength There is a need for government agencies to help, equip them with weapons, knowledge, and access to technology. Access to capital low interest rates Ready to propose that the government set up a fund to help SMEs drive towards a low carbon economy. Support in operations in the field of Climate Change'. Dr. Kannika said. Source: Thai News Agency

Accelerating GDP growth by attracting 140 Chinese businessmen to invest in Thailand

Bangkok: "Bhoomtham" used the RCEP Business Opportunities Matchmaking (China-Thailand) meeting to fully support all aspects to facilitate trade and investment from China, hoping to stimulate GDP, drawing in 140 Chinese businessmen to invest in Thailand to support. BOI uses the RCEP agreement to make Thailand a center for trade, services, logistics, and expanding exports. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Chaired the opening ceremony of the RCEP Business Opportunities Matchmaking (China-Thailand) conference at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, inviting over 140 potential Chinese businessmen in 10 economic sectors from 60 associations to invest in Thailand. Take advantage of the RCEP free trade agreement (Regional Economic Partnership Agreement) to increase the economic value of the country's GDP. The Thai government is ready to support and facilitate the private sector. Thailand and China will have close relations next year (2025) that will mark the 50th anniversary of the Thailand-China Strategic Cooperation Partnership. China has been Thailand's No. 1 trading partner for the past 12 years. Two-way trade has reached a value of US$105 billion. Accounted for 18 percent of Thailand's total trade value. which continues to grow from FTA agreements, especially RCEP, of which China is the main driving force and RCEP is the largest FTA in the world, and Thailand-China is also a member under the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). that is in the process of being upgraded to modern The reporter stated that At the event was Mr. Phinit Jarusombat, former Deputy Prime Minister. Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Cultural Council and promote relations, Mr. Wu Zhiwu, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Xu Ningning, Chairman of RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee (RICC), Mr. Wutthikrai Leeviraphan, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property, Ms. Chotima Iamsawadikul Director-General of the Department of International Trade Negotiations, Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand Thai and Chinese public and private sector executives More than 140 business people from all over China in 10 economic fields from 60 associations and more than 300 Thai business people participated. Thailand's total trade with RCEP countries in 2023 will total USD 312 billion. Accounting for 54.41 percent of Thailand's total trade with the world. Thailand exports to RCEP countries valued at more than 145 billion US dollars. Currently, Thailand has 14 FTA agreements with 18 countries, including the RCEP agreement, which is currently considering the process of accepting new members. which currently have independent customs countries/areas Expressing intent to join the agreement, including Hong Kong and Sri Lanka and is in the process of establishing the RCEP Agreement Unit (RCEP Supporting Unit: RSU) with the goal of starting operations within the year. 2024 etc Source: Thai News Agency

Saha Group joins hands with two giant Taiwanese companies. Entering the biotechnology-health care business

Saha Group joins hands with Taiwanese giants QuarkBio and ZDT to enter the biotechnology and healthcare business. Saha Group joins hands with two giant companies from Taiwan "Quark Biosciences Inc." (QuarkBio), an expert in AI Technology Machine, and "ZDT Group", the world's number 1 producer and distributor of printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board), preparing Entering the biotechnology and healthcare business Focusing on health and beauty products that are personalized and precise. To provide advanced health care services and improve the quality of life of Thai people Mr. Boonyasit Chokwatana, Chairman of Sahapat Group Discussing the origins of cooperation regarding the rising cost of living. and the number of elderly people is increasing This makes the Saha Group focus on promoting the health and well-being of Thai people. This partnership with QuarkBio and ZDT will bring resources, capabilities and technology in the most convenient and accessible way. to support the growth of the health market T he marketing approach will not use strategies. 'one-size-fit-all' or 'one size fits all' but health and beauty medicine through precise individual analysis. It considers differences in genomics, nutrition, and microbiome profiles and uses powerful biological testing and analysis capabilities. Including specifying precise solutions for each individual. This collaboration between the Saha Group and QuarkBio and ZDT will bring these technologies and products to the market in Thailand. Dr. Johnsy Lee, President of Quark Biosciences Inc., said QuarkBio uses NextAmpS as its primary genetic code testing tool. together with the use of electronic technology semiconductors and biochemistry, making it fast, accurate, and convenient. Quantitative analysis of up to 100 genes can be performed within 2 hours at an affordable price. 'Because we can analyze large amounts of genetic data on a small chip, Gene testing is therefore simple and convenient. Similar to using a capsule coffee maker. This technology has been success ful in screening early stages of cancer, infectious diseases, and reproductive health. There is also a health risk assessment process. Microbiome examination and applications in other health sciences through AI systems, health applications and precise individual beauty Send data to be able to analyze data for each user,' said Dr. Johnsy Lee. This cooperation will have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed at the 28th Saha Group Fair, held from 27 - 30 June 2024 at BITEC Bangna, marking a good starting point for cooperation. To determine the future of the Thai health and beauty industry. By the Sahapat Group, which has an understanding of the Thai consumer products market. QuarkBio and ZDT's quality products can be effectively promoted to the market. Within the event, there will be a display of such technology. And there will be a seminar on the topic: The Future of Precision Health and Beauty on June 27, 2024. For more information, you can follow at www.quarkbiosciences.com Source: Thai News Agency

Asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain to African ambassadors about the 10-year issue of rice, insisting it must meet standards.

Bangkok: May 27 - 'Bhumitham' assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to urgently explain to African ambassadors. After news of uneasiness The matter of Thailand preparing to send 10 year old stale rice into the country, confirmed before exporting to market. Every grain of rice must meet standards before being exported. It is expected that the OCS is preparing to announce the opening of an auction for rice from both warehouses within this week. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Said that he was aware of the uneasiness of some countries in the African market who preferred to consume old rice and there was talk of rice remaining in stock for 10 years after the auction opened and the rice was improved and prepared to send all of that to the African market. He admits that from the problem that many people devalue Thai rice and talk about the said rice stock having many residues and it has been proven that there are no residues and it can still be consumed. But it also made many countries in the African market worried that after this lot of rice was improved it would be sent to the African market, much to the point of making many countries uncomfortable here as well. This matter should all be ended. Do not allow the side that devalues Thai rice to come out and speak again because it will damage the image of Thai rice even more. However, to make some countries in the African market aware of the facts. Today we learned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already has an appointment to talk with African ambassadors. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was assigned to explain the facts for African ambassadors to understand. Even though Thailand has rice that is 10 years old, before exporting it to foreign markets each time, every step must pass the rice export standard criteria of the Department of Foreign Trade, which certifies every sack of rice before export. Therefore, any private sector In order to export rice to the national market, every grain of rice must meet standa rds before exporting. 2. Treasury Poonphon Trading Co., Ltd., Section 4 (jasmine rice 100%) received rice from 14 March 2014 to 29 April 2014. Rice has been stored for 10 years and 7 days, with a total quantity of 9,567 tons or 94,637 sacks from 6 The mill, which has emptied rice 4 times, has 3,356 tons remaining or 32,879 sacks, etc. Source: Thai News Agency

mai Co., Ltd. 1Q24 net profit 4,607 million baht

Bangkok: SET reveals mai Co., Ltd. reports operating results for the 1st quarter of 2024, total sales of 54,030 million baht, an increase of 9.2%, net profit of 4,607 million baht, an increase of 76.2%. ) on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) reported operating results for the first quarter of 2024 with total sales of 54,030 million baht, an increase of 9.2%, cost of sales and selling and administrative expenses increased by 6.7% and 6.4%, respectively. Compared to the same period last year, resulting in companies having better ability to make profits in the first quarter of 2024. Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, Manager of the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), revealed that there are 211 companies listed on mai. Representing 96% of a total of 220 companies (excluding companies in the group that may be delisted or NC and companies that do not close their budgets for the period) submitted operating results. In the first quarter of 2024, it was found that many companies reported net profits. 157 comp anies, accounting for 73% of all companies submitting financial statements The performance results for the 1st quarter of 2024 of mai Co., Ltd. compared to the same period of the previous year, had total sales of 54,030 million baht, an increase of 9.2%, and cost of sales of 39,077 million baht, an increase of 6.7%, resulting in gross profit (GP ) increased by 16.3% and sales and administrative expenses increased by 6.4%, resulting in an operating profit of 5,259 million baht, an increase of 40.2%, and a net profit of 4,607 million baht, an increase of 76.2%. However, The above operating results for the first quarter of 2024 are a result of the performance of some listed companies that had outstanding performance. and the presence of profits from fair value adjustments of financial assets and digital assets. 'The listed companies in mai overall have grown in sales. Efforts are made to control costs. and selling and administrative expenses This makes the overall operating results for the 1st quarter of 2024 of Mai Co., Ltd. have better operating results. with the agricultural and food industry groups Financial Business Group Industrial product group Real estate and construction group Resource group and service groups with sales and operating profits and net profits grow,' Mr. Praphan said. In terms of financial status, mai Co., Ltd. has total assets of 346,672 million baht, an increase of 3% from the end of the year. The debt-to-equity ratio (D/E ratio) was at 0.78 times, decreasing from the end of the year. In 2023, that was equal to 0.80 times. Currently, there are 221 listed companies in mai (information as of 24 May 2024). The mai index closed at 382.05 points. Total market capitalization was 389,014 million baht. Average trading value 1,860 million baht per day Source: Thai News Agency

1Q24, listed companies’ net profit was 260 billion baht, an increase of 1.7%.

Bangkok: SET reveals that in the 1st quarter of 2024, 646 listed companies submitted financial statements, or 79.17%, with net profits of 264,805 million baht, an increase of 1.7%. The overall picture improved, especially in tourism-related businesses. Listed companies (Ltd.) report operating results for the first quarter of 2024. Overall revenue and net profit continue to grow from the number of tourists increasing more than the same period last year. and the financial business received positive results from increased interest rates, Mr. Manpong Senanarong, Deputy Manager, Head of Securities Issuer Division The Stock Exchange of Thailand revealed that there are 816 listed companies (Ltd.), accounting for 98.31% of a total of 830 companies (including SET and mai that are due to submit financial statements at the end of the period on March 31, 2024, and excluding real estate mutual funds. Infrastructure Fund) submitted operating results for the first quarter of 2024. It was found that 646 companies reported net profits, accounting for 79.17% of all companies that submitted financial statements. Operating results for the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same quarter of the previous year, companies in the SET had sales of 4,398,203 million baht, an increase of 4.6%, production costs increased. 3.1%, while selling and administrative expenses increased 6.8%, which resulted in the company having a profit from core operations of 466,858 million baht and a net profit of 264,805 million baht, an increase of 14.2% and 1.7. % respectively for the financial position of the business as of March 31, 2024, Thai listed companies have a debt-to-equity ratio or D/E ratio (excluding the financial industry) stable at 1.52 times. 'Overall performance has improved from the recovery. of tourists, resulting in better profits for service and tourism-related businesses such as hotels, aviation, rental space, retail and telecommunications. In this regard, interest rates have increased. Send the financial business performance to gr ow. But it may put pressure on financial costs on other businesses,' Mr. Manpong said. Regarding the operating results of companies listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) in the first quarter of 2024, compared to the same period last year, there were total sales of 54,030 million. baht increased 9.2% production costs and sales and administrative expenses increased by 6.7% and 6.4%, respectively, resulting in an operating profit of 5,259 million baht and a net profit of 4,607 million baht. Source: Thai News Agency