Transport Ministry demands immediate end to traffic congestion at checkpoints


Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The has requested immediate end to traffic congestion at COVID-19 checkpoints on roads across the country.

According to an official dispatch signed by the minister on September 25, traffic congestion has still occurred on roads in some localities, especially in areas with pandemic checkpoints, which has hampered the transportation and sale of farm produce and raised the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

To put an end to this problem soon, the Ministry of Transport asked directors of the transport departments of provinces and cities to examine the traffic situation on roads, strictly deal with or report to the chairpersons of provincial/municipal People’s Committees to strictly deal with collectives or individuals who failed to comply with the Prime Minister’s directions and caused traffic congestion at checkpoints, and immediately eradicate congestion on roads.

The departments were told to advise provincial/municipal People’s Committees about the revocation of documents that have run counter to the PM’s orders and caused traffic congestion.

They were also demanded to examine transport vehicles in line with the PM and the Government Office’s directions on goods transportation amid the pandemic and the enhancement of anti-COVID-19 measures nationwide.

The Transport Ministry said directors of the transport departments must be held accountable to the PM, the Minister of Transport, and chairpersons of the provincial/municipal People’s Committees if traffic congestion occurs on local roads.

Source: Vietnam News Agency