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State of Scrum 2017-2018 reports on survey of more than 2,000 Agile professionals to uncover trends in Scrum adoption, use and scaling

Denver, Colorado, Jan. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Scrum Alliance, the largest certifying body in the Agile community, today released State of Scrum 2017-2018, an annual report that this year shows Agile transformation firmly on the horizon for organizations around the world.

Approximately half of respondents – 53 percent – report current involvement in an Agile transformation, and of those not currently involved in an Agile transformation, 56 percent anticipate one in the future.

“The future is Agile,” said Scrum Alliance interim CEO, Lisa W. Hershman. “It’s more exciting than surprising to see a majority of respondents either involved in or anticipating Agile transformations. It’s something that’s been in the collective subconscious of the business world for years now.”

Respondents reported the primary catalyst for implementing a full-scale Agile transformation was the issue of process. As digital transformation has steadily increased demand for faster turnarounds, user-friendly platforms and flexible goals, modern business demands ever more Agile workflows.

“Frameworks like Scrum make Agile accessible to departments, teams, and enterprises alike,” said Hershman. “Companies clinging to waterfall, top-down management styles don’t have the adaptability to keep up in the age of disruptive innovation.”

While many respondents anticipate change to come and suggest it is necessary to reach business goals including improved satisfaction with products delivered, better time to market, better quality and improved staff morale, 57 percent say organizational design and culture is what holds Agile transformation back.

More than 2,000 Scrum professionals responded to the 2017-2018 survey, representing 91 countries and 27 industries. Virtually all – 97 percent – say they will continue to use Scrum in the future.

To learn more about Scrum Alliance and the State of Scrum, please visit https://www.scrumalliance.org/why-scrum/state-of-scrum-report/2018-state-of-scrum

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Heather Leigh
Public Relations Director
Scrum Alliance

Best press works on fighting corruption, wastefulness honored

The best press works done in 2017 on fighting corruption and wastefulness were honored at a ceremony in Hanoi on Tuesday.

Since its launch a year ago, the first national press contest promoting the fight against corruption and wastefulness received 1,130 entries, which, organizers said, were all of professional quality and demonstrated journalists’ sense of responsibility and courage in fighting these evils.

31 works of print, online newspaper, television, and radio were honored. The 2 top prizes went to a group of reporters from the Nhan Dan (People) newspaper and a group from the Nguoi lam bao (The Journalists) magazine. Voice of Vietnam received 2 B prizes, 1 C prize, and 3 consolation prizes.

Addressing the award ceremony, President Tran Dai Quang said that the task of combating corruption and wastefulness is both urgent and long-term. He called on Party members, mostly senior officials, to lead all organizations and people in this fight. President Quang said: Journalists should use their role and responsibility to fight corruption and wastefulness. They should report corruption and other cases of ethical degradation with objectivity, citizens’ obligations, and professional ethics. Journalists should criticize wrongful views and foil plots by hostile forces who take advantage of corruption and wastefulness to sabotage the Party and State.

At the awards ceremony, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and the Vietnam Journalists Association formally launched the second “Press Prize for the fight against corruption and wastefulness” until 2019.

Source: VOV5

New Year greetings offered to religious dignitaries

The President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s branch in Lam Dong province has conveyed his New Year greetings to local religious dignitaries and followers.

During a meeting in Da Lat city on Tuesday, Nguyen Trong Anh Dong thanked religious organizations and followers for supporting local authorities in achieving socio-economic targets and ensuring security.

The dignitaries reaffirmed their patriotism and efforts towards Vietnam’s great unity and Lam Dong province’s development.

Source: VOV5

US calls for emergency meeting on Iran

The US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Tuesday called on the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting on Iran.

Haley told reporters that Iran’s protests are the picture of a long-oppressed people rising up against their dictators. She rejected claims that the protests were sponsored by outside forces and said the US will help spread the Iranian people’s voices.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed his regret at the rising death toll in the anti-government protests in Iran. He called on Tehran to respect the rights of peaceful protesters.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Iran’s enemies of intervening in Iran’s protests, adding that they have taken advantage of every opportunity to cause trouble for Iran.

Source: VOV5

Da Lat international flower exhibition draws 60,000 visitors

The International exhibition and display of flowers and bonsais, and floral arrangement space drew 60,000 visitors, the Da Lat municipal People’s Committee said at the closing ceremony of the event on Tuesday.

The event showcased approximately 7,500 flower and bonsai variety from 200 agencies. This was the most important and popular event at this year’s Da Lat Flower Festival.

Source: VOV5

Vietnam launches Zero Hunger Action Program

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has asked for implementation of the Zero Hunger Action Program of Vietnam by 2025 after it is approved by the Prime Minister.

Mr. Dung, also Head of the National Steering Committee for the program, assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to build a working plan for the Committee in the first quarter of 2018.

This program responds to the Zero Hunger Challenge that the United Nations initiated at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit in Brazil in 2012. Its specific targets are ensuring food and nutrition for people all year around, developing a sustainable food system, increasing productivity and income for most small-scale farmers, ensuring no malnutrition among children under two, and no wastefulness and loss of food.

Source: VOV5

Kurdistan accepts Baghdad’s terms for dialogue

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday agreed with the Federal Government in Baghdad to engage in talks with the aim of ensuring that Baghdad restores control over crossing borders with Iran and Turkey.

The KRG reached a consensus to engage in a dialogue to resolve the ongoing political crisis in Iraq following a referendum on Kurdistan independence.

The agreement between Erbil and Baghdad consists of seven conditions: First: Erbil must hand over to Baghdad all crossing borders with Iran and Turkey. Second: A new High Commission will regulate the activities of crossings and airports. Third: A KRG technical delegation is expected to arrive in Baghdad to examine the Federal Government’s powers and privileges. Fourth: Another KRG commission will be formed to follow up with the educational and health sectors. Fifth: Water resource will be redistributed revenues. Sixth: KRG’s officials and ministers will be invited to convene with Federal Government members in Baghdad. Seventh: The September referendum on Kurdistan independence is null.

Source: VOV5