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Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Part of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, Nova Scotia is bringing 14 of its most innovative companies to London, UK, for Oceanology International 2018, March 13 to 15. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is building on its international reputation in ocean observation, bringing world-class designers, manufacturers, experts and innovators to showcase their latest products and services in fields such as underwater acoustics and imaging, marine communication and navigation, robotics, and sensors.

“For Nova Scotia, this is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the world-class work our companies are doing in ocean technology, and how it’s driving our ocean economy” said Laurel Broten, President & CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc., the province’s business development agency. “Our province is home to companies who are leaders in their fields, which involves a multitude of ocean-related industries.  We also have the highest concentration of oceans-related Ph.Ds in Canada, and are leading the way in research and innovation.”

With the longest coastline in the world, Canada has a global advantage in the oceans industry and has recently committed up to $250 million of investment in the sector over the next five years. With an expected impact of thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars in GDP growth, Nova Scotia companies are uniquely positioned to be leaders in everything from ocean technology and observation, to marine-centric defence and security, to transportation and energy.

At the centre of the ocean technology boom, Nova Scotia is building its industry infrastructure through the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), the region’s collaborative space for ocean technology businesses, start-ups, researchers, and marine-based and service businesses. The space allows both local and global businesses to collaborate and take advantage of the province’s 300 ocean-related companies, 60 high-tech innovators, and high concentration of oceans-related researchers.

Dynamic System Analysis Ltd. (booth #E400) works with ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – anybody with business in the water – to assess the motions and loads on vessels, structures, lines, and technologies in marine environments. “We’re looking forward to meeting with companies across the ocean technology sector. We’re especially interested in the companies being featured in the new Aquaculture stream presentation.”

Enginuity Inc. (booth #E400) offers a full spectrum of structural, metallurgical and electrical engineering, along with ‘go-to-market’ assistance. The company focuses on innovative, technical problem solving across a wide range of fields and applications.

GeoForce Group Limited (booth #E401) has developed a digital high-resolution sub bottom profiler with negative polarity high volts output, eliminating the need to recover the towed body during survey operations. “We don’t build anything we don’t believe in.”
GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. (booth #E401) is making 2D and 3D particle motion more accessible to the industry with their line of M20 Particle Motion Sensors. Particle motion readings are made autonomous with a bottom-mounted system, which includes a frame, data logger, and battery pack.

Hawboldt Industries Ltd. (booth #E400), designer and manufacturer of marine winches and deck hardware, provides custom-designed, innovative products to customers across the world. “We’re looking to connect with new potential partners in the ocean science, oil and gas, and workboat industries.”

InnovaSea Systems, Inc. (booth #E400) is a world leader in telemetry acoustic fish tracking and monitoring systems. “We’ll be featuring our receivers with transponding capabilities, smaller tags with temperature and depth-sensors, and high-performance systems used for fish passage studies.”

JASCO Applied Science (booth #E400) is a world leader in the science of underwater sound, focusing on the potential effects on marine life. With offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia, JASCO provides a wide range of support. “We work with companies in all stages of environmental reviews and assessment of underwater sound for the renewable energy, oil and gas, marine construction, shipping, and defence sectors.”

MetOcean Telematics (booth #E400) is a world leader in integrated systems used for real-time environmental monitoring and an Iridium satellite product and service provider. “We are introducing and offering Iridium Certus Broadband, a product planned for commercial availability in mid-2018. Iridium NEXT is the next-generation satellite constellation, which replaces the existing network and provide broadband data speeds up to 1.4Mbps across 100% of the globe.”

Ocean Sonics Ltd (booth #E400) is meeting with new and existing international distributors to showcase new products, including inline battery pack cages, smart recorders, and drifter buoys. The company is seeking new distribution and partnership opportunities.

Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. (booth #E400) is releasing several new products with ocean technology applications and providing education and information on their new products. “Pro-Oceanus has been working with researchers for the past 20 years to solve their dissolved monitoring projects around the globe, from the ocean to groundwater to industrial systems.” 

Turbulent Research (booth #E400) designs and manufactures a wide range of subsea and onshore devices using acoustic and electromagnetic technologies for applications in pipeline monitoring, inspection, positioning and pipeline inspection gauge tracking. 

Xeos Technology Inc. (booth #E401) has been designing oceanographic beacons since 2004. “We’ve recently developed new tracking beacons for AUVs and UUVs, as well as beacons designed with special materials to prevent fouling in shallow warm waters. We’re also developing a new line of oceanographic products that use GNSS for wave height and tide gauge measuring, and a new, low-cost, disposable surface current-tracker to be used in oil spill tracking.”

Learn more about 
Nova Scotia’s Ocean Technology sector and the Nova Scotia companies participating at Oceanology London 2018, or visit the Canada Pavilion, March 13 – 15, in London, UK (Booths # E400-401). 

Nova Scotia Ocean Technology Industry Facts

  • More than 300 companies are involved primarily in the oceans-sector in Nova Scotia, including more than 60 innovators of new, high-tech products and services.
  • Oceans account for 15% of Nova Scotia’s GDP, and the ocean-technology industry accounts for about 1/3rd of total research and development among Nova Scotia businesses.
  • The Canadian government has committed up to $250 million to ocean cluster development, driving millions into Nova Scotia’s ocean economy. This investment will be matched dollar for dollar by the private sector.
  • As a result of the ocean supercluster, GDP impact is expected to be more than $14 billion over the next 10 years, positioning Canada as a global leader in the knowledge-based ocean economy.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the private-sector-led business development agency of Nova Scotia, Canada. We attract global investment to the province and work with our companies to be more successful exporters. Our clients benefit from our business advisory services, skill development and training, and support as they access global markets and succeed in the global economy.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/ad68439f-9772-4edb-af52-d0e8b958d3f5

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/eaf0d1a0-52f2-43a7-8006-e907ce6a9b81

Laura MacDougall, Marketing Advisor
Nova Scotia Business Inc.
+1 (902)-424-0795

Mattson Technology Announces Innovative Products for Atomic Level Surface Engineering and Ultra-Selective Material Removal

Selective surface treatment and modification

Super selective etch of highly sensitive film structures

FREMONT, Calif., March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mattson Technology introduces Novyka™ product family, the most innovative technology for atomic level surface treatment and ultra-selective etching of extremely thin and delicate materials for continued scaling of 3D logic and memory devices.

“There are significant challenges in scaling with 3D structures for advanced memory and logic chips that include small, narrow, deep and complicated features composed of thin layers of different materials. Among these manufacturing challenges is selective removal of certain layers without damaging or removing other layers and without affecting other features,” said Dr. Subhash Deshmukh, Chief Business Officer of Mattson Technology. “Another challenge is cleaning of these complex structures, as wet chemistry is no longer able to meet the requirements of cleaning the very bottom of the high-aspect ratio features while maintaining device structure integrity.”

“Our new Novyka™ products offer proprietary chemistries in surface cleaning, surface treatment and surface modification. The unique designs of Novyka™ products further extend to enable ultra-high selectivity in removal of thin and delicate layers in 3D device structures,” said Dr. Michael Yang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Mattson Technology. “In addition to delivering the most innovative process solutions to some of the key technical challenges in the industry, Novyka™ products have the lowest running cost, or the best total cost of ownership in their class.”

“We are very excited about the potential of Novyka™ products as we are working closely with several of our most advanced customers on a variety of leading edge applications. With Mattson Technology achieving record revenue and profit in 2017, we continue to relentlessly drive technology innovations and provide uncompromising service to our global customer base,” commented Dr. Allen Lu, CEO and President of Mattson Technology.

Mattson Technology, a Delaware Company, headquartered in Fremont, California, designs, manufactures, markets and supports semiconductor wafer processing equipment. Mattson’s dry strip, plasma etch, rapid thermal processing and millisecond annealing equipment are used in high volume manufacturing by leading memory and logic chip makers around the world. New innovations from Mattson in atomic surface engineering™ address the most critical 3D logic and memory manufacturing challenges. Learn more at www.mattson.com.

Company Contact:

Mattson Technology, Inc.
Richard Brossart – Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing and U.S. Sales
P: 510-657-5900
E: richard.brossart@mattson.com

Cisco Disrupts Optical Transport with Innovative Modular Platforms

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The constant need for more bandwidth is driving innovation in networking platforms, providing more value through increased flexibility, scale and automation.

Network operators are rapidly adopting automation features using the Cisco® Network Convergence System (NCS) 1000 series, with more than 4 petabits per second (Pbps) of capacity already deployed globally across mission-critical applications. Automated capabilities for model-based provisioning and streaming telemetry have enabled zero-touch provisioning and enhanced network visibility for both routing and optical. This drives a much lower OpEx model by allowing current staff to operate and maintain larger networks.

Enhanced automation is key to redefining the optical network. Today Cisco introduced two new modular platforms to its NCS 1000 series to help providers maximize their fiber investment, while adding automation capabilities for the ROADM-based mesh topologies prevalent in metro and long-haul networks to support self-optimization, and ultimately self-healing capabilities.

What’s new:

  • Cisco NCS 1004
       –  A transponder platform that packs more than 100 Tbps of capacity into a single seven-foot rack
    –  Can transmit 4.8 Tbps within a 2RU platform, with a total fiber capacity of 76.8 Tbps
    –  Support for 600G interfaces
    –  Delivers secure optical transport with line rate encryption
    –  With flexible modulation, providers can now tune their capacity and distance requirements in 50G increments, enabling universal applications from metro to long-haul to subsea
  • Cisco NCS 1010
       –  By exploiting the full spectrum with this open line system, Cisco has developed a method to ease the operational complexities associated with increasing capacity, while simultaneously enabling the velocity of feature deployments across the entire optical network
    –  Features a full colorless, directionless and contentionless (CDC) ROADM with an enhanced modular operational model that can ease the complexities of deploying massive bandwidth
  • Industry Leading Automation and Telemetry
       –  Leverages Cisco Crosswork automation platform
    –  Automation across both routing and optical layers

“Providers are under increasing pressure to innovate and be competitive to support web-scale applications and cloud services. Cisco has created a competitive environment with the NCS 1000 series, and Windstream is taking advantage of those solutions,” said Buddy Bayer, senior vice president, Transport Engineering, Windstream. “This platform has features such as streaming telemetry in Cisco IOS XR, massive density, and a small footprint that delivers 600G support for metro, long haul, and submarine applications.”

“Customers like Windstream increasingly value the benefits of automation to help them do things faster and more efficiently, as they strive to meet demands for increasing capacity,” said Bill Gartner, vice president and general manager, Optical Systems and Optics, Cisco Service Provider Business. “With the new NCS platform, we are uniquely positioned with leading performance, density, programmability and automation across our optical and routing platforms to help service providers optimize their networks on multiple layers.”

Cisco is leading the disruption in the industry with our technology innovations in systems; silicon; software and security; and our unrivalled expertise in mass-scale networking, automation, optical, optics, cable access, video, and mobility. Together with our portfolio of professional services, we can enable service providers, media and web companies to reduce cost and complexity, help secure their networks, and grow revenue.

Supporting resources

RSS feed for Cisco: http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/rss.html

About Cisco
Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products, and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunity today. Discover more at newsroom.cisco.com and follow us on Twitter at @Cisco.

Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. A listing of Cisco’s trademarks can be found at www.cisco.com/go/trademarks. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.

Press contact
Sara Cicero, Service Provider PR, Cisco, stutzes@cisco.com

Nasdaq Commits to Further Empower Women in the Workplace

Company Signs the United Nations’ CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles

NEW YORK, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nasdaq has enhanced its commitment to equal opportunity for women by signing the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP). This United Nations initiative covers seven broad areas of engagement, committing signatories to action on human rights, nondiscrimination, health and safety, education, public reporting, and other principles related to gender dynamics. The signing coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8) and caps off a day of activities by stock exchanges around the world.mc_030718_hires-5

This also is a significant step forward for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—and SDG 5, in particular, with its focus on gender equality, inclusion, protection, and empowerment.

“To compete and win in a global marketplace, companies have to leverage every social and economic asset,” said Adena Friedman, President and CEO, Nasdaq. “Nasdaq strongly believes that women’s empowerment is a critical pillar of business value creation, global sustainability and essential to creating inclusive, prosperous economies. Nasdaq is committed to giving women every opportunity to succeed and thrive because it ultimately drives better outcomes for our business and stakeholders.”

Commitment to the WEPs is the latest step in Nasdaq’s engagement on diversity and inclusion:

  • Organizational changes recently enabled Nasdaq to join the 30% Club, which is an organization committed to striving for at least 30% representation of women on boards in U.S. companies.
  • Nasdaq has signed the Parity Pledge, in which the company has committed to interview at least one qualified female candidate for every open position at the VP level and above.
  • The company is now a part of CECP, a CEO-based membership organization focused on creating a better world through business.
  • Nasdaq recently published a series of principles and policy statements on its website, covering human rights, diversity, inclusion, cultural values, and other related topics.
  • The company’s Women in Nasdaq (WIN) initiative launched in 2014 and today has 650 members in 20 local chapters across its worldwide network of offices.

Among diversity-related initiatives that impact global economies, the firm is working with the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change, which is a dynamic partnership between UN Women and key representatives from the private sector, academic and not-for-profit institutions. As part of this initiative, Nasdaq is focused on developing the innovation market to work better for women and to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment.
“Nasdaq has long been a signatory and supporter of the UN Global Compact,” said Evan Harvey, Global Head of Sustainability, Nasdaq. “That work requires an annual communication of progress on gender equality and economic inclusion, and offers us an ongoing platform to discuss these values and engage stakeholders on business impact.”

About Nasdaq: 

Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ) is a leading global provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, Nasdaq enables customers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using proven technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s global capital markets. As the creator of the world’s first electronic stock market, its technology powers more than 90 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions. Nasdaq is home to approximately 3,900 total listings with a market value of approximately $13 trillion. To learn more, visit: http://business.nasdaq.com.

Nasdaq Media Contacts:

Emily Pan
+1 646.441.5120

Heli-Kirsti Airisniemi
+358 (0)9 6166 7941

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/783dc46f-ddbe-4615-bbf8-4ebada4ed6ef


Comodo CA Launches Industry Leading Certificate Manager 6.0 for Next Generation Digital Certificate Management & Automation

Automatic provisioning for F5 BIG-IP including WildCard and Multi-Domain as well as Microsoft CA certificates discovery, management and replacement through a single interface

CLIFTON, N.J., March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Comodo CA, a worldwide leader in digital identity solutions, today announced the release of Certificate Manager (CCM) 6.0, which includes advanced features and enhanced automation capabilities to provide enterprises vendor migration flexibility, the ability to enroll any SSL from a single user interface and one-click key replacement for stronger keys migration.

“Enterprises and partners today demand a solution that understands their challenges and can provide them with flexibility, reduced cost of ownership, agility in execution, ease of implementation and user-friendly interfaces. Existing certificate management solutions fall short of these needs,” says Bill Holtz, CEO of Comodo CA.  “CCM 6.0 delivers advanced capabilities, allowing our customers to stay security compliant, have full visibility of all their certificates through a single interface and full control over enrollment, management and renewal of certificates across a variety of devices.”

CCM 6.0 new features include:

  • Expanded certificate management that now includes Microsoft Certificate Authority. The existing capability has been augmented to include the management of certificates issued by a Microsoft CA, including the discovery of all certificates issued by the Microsoft CA. CCM then allows future certificates to be updated automatically. The new certificates can continue to be issued by the Microsoft CA or optionally be replaced by the Comodo Certification Authority cloud service, to realize further operational cost savings. CCM 6.0 also supports the Virtual Smart Card authentication released in Windows 10.
  • An improved, more secure method for adding certificates with RESTful Application Programing Interface (API). The Comodo CA RESTful API provides developers with a modern, secure method to rapidly add certificates to their application while allowing for automated ongoing certificate management.
  • Automated SSL certificate management. CCM 6.0 allows for the automated enrollment and renewal of Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates across wide range of web servers, load balancers and content delivery servers, including support for F5 BIG-IP with wildcard and multi-domain certificates.

CCM’s cloud-based platform enables enterprises the ability to discover, manage and automatically enroll any SSL and non-SSL certificate across the enterprise, from one interface. With CCM customers receive the most advanced certificate management solution available, along with industry leading 24×7 support backed by the #1 leading brand in digital certificates.

To learn more about Comodo CA Certificate Manager go to https://www.comodoca.com/CCM.

About Comodo CA
A trusted advisor by enterprises globally for more than two decades, Comodo CA provides digital identity solutions for businesses of all sizes – protecting their employees, customers, intellectual property and overall brand – from damages caused by fraudsters impersonating people and devices. As the largest commercial certificate authority, with over 100 million SSL certificates issued worldwide, Comodo CA has the experience and performance to meet the growing need to secure transactions and create online trust. For more information, visit ComodoCA.com.

Lisa Johnson, LJ Strategic Communications

Decentral Inc. and Gowling WLG Form Strategic Blockchain Alliance

Collaboration to pave way for responsible growth of Canadian blockchain sector

TORONTO, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentral Inc., Canada’s leading blockchain company and the creator of Jaxx, and Gowling WLG, a multinational law firm and leader in the blockchain space, have today announced a strategic alliance to optimize the many commercial and legal applications of blockchain technology. The relationship will allow the two companies to fuse their expertise on a number of significant initiatives – from engineering practical smart contract technology and drafting foundational legal precedents documents, to helping regulators establish frameworks that encourage the responsible growth of Canada’s thriving blockchain sector.

Based in Toronto, Decentral is one of Canada’s most recognizable blockchain companies. Its Founder and CEO, Anthony Diiorio, co-founded Ethereum. Decentral’s flagship product is Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet and multi-token blockchain interface.

Diiorio believes the alliance is a sign that the blockchain space is rapidly progressing. “Decentral’s relationship with Gowling WLG spans a number of years, and we are delighted to form an alliance that enables us to work even closer together on a number of transformative blockchain industry initiatives. Canada is one of the leaders on the world stage for blockchain and cryptocurrency and I am confident Decentral’s strategic alliance with Gowling WLG will further cement the country’s place as an innovation hub,” said Diiorio.

Usman Sheikh, Head of Gowling WLG’s Blockchain & Smart Contracts Group, said:  “Decentral is a major player on the world blockchain stage. As Gowling WLG continues to assert itself as the Canadian legal industry’s blockchain torchbearer, our collaboration with Decentral will ensure our clients have access to the cutting-edge tools and forward-looking expertise needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

As part of the agreement, Decentral will help Gowling WLG develop its internal blockchain infrastructure and client-facing tools. Gowling WLG will provide comprehensive legal guidance on Decentral’s current practices and ongoing projects.

Decentral’s President Addison Cameron-Huff said: “This alliance demonstrates Canada’s leadership in the blockchain space — a winning combination of a world-class blockchain software team plus a best-of-breed legal team. Together, Gowling WLG and Decentral will help to refine and architect the burgeoning Canadian blockchain industry, lifting the technology to new heights.”

In recent years, Gowling WLG has distinguished itself as a legal market leader in blockchain. It is a co-founding member of the Blockchain Research Institute, was instrumental in the public listing of the very first blockchain company in the world, and its experts are currently authoring The Law of Blockchain Technology (scheduled for publication by Thomson Reuters in 2018). In October 2017, Gowling WLG officially launched its Blockchain & Smart Contracts Practice Group, comprising lawyers with advanced expertise in securities, intellectual property and tax law, litigation and other key areas.

Decentral was created by Anthony Diiorio. It’s located in the heart of downtown Toronto and has been home to hundreds of blockchain community events. Decentral is primarily focused on Jaxx, the multi-token blockchain interface that provides a unified experience across 8 platforms and devices. The flagship product’s strategic approach means Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Driven by design and user experience and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.
Download and experience Jaxx through http://jaxx.io/

For more information, contact:
Usman Sheikh, National Head, Blockchain & Smart Contract Group, Gowling WLG. Tel: +1 416-862-3627. Email: usman.sheikh@gowlingwlg.com

Anne Gaviola, Content & Communications Lead, Decentral. Tel: 1-888-650-3796. Email: pr@decentral.ca

IHMA ได้นำห้องปฏิบัติการทั้งสองแห่งเข้าสู่กระบวนการโลกาภิวัฒน์เป็นที่เรียบร้อยด้วยการรับรองคุณภาพของ IHMA Europe โดยวิทยาลัยนักพยาธิวิทยาแห่งอเมริกา (CAP) เพิ่มการสนับสนุนการทดลองเชิงคลินิกในการพัฒนายาต่อต้านการติดเชื้อและการศึกษาเชิงเฝ้าระวังทั่วโลก

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — วันที่ 6 มีนาคม พ.ศ. 2561 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — เมื่อวันที่ 14 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2560 IHMA Europe Sàrl ซึ่งตั้งอยู่ที่ Monthey, Valais, Switzerland ได้รับการรับรองคุณภาพโดยวิทยาลัยนักพยาธิวิทยาแห่งอเมริกา (CAP)  ความก้าวหน้าที่สำคัญครั้งนี้ทำให้ IHMA ทั้งสองแห่งที่ตั้งอยู่ในสหรัฐอเมริกาและยุโรป ได้รับการรับรองคุณภาพจาก CAP แล้วในขณะนี้  การรับรองคุณภาพเหล่านี้ได้เลื่อนขั้นพันธสัญญาระดับโลกของ IHMA ให้เป็นการบริการจุลชีววิทยาเชิงคลินิกด้วยห้องปฏิบัติการส่วนกลางที่มีคุณภาพสูงสุด ซึ่งสำคัญต่อการให้ผลลัพธ์อย่างแม่นยำและตรงเวลาเพื่อสนับสนุนการทดลองเชิงคลินิกด้านการต่อต้านโรคติดต่อและการศึกษาเชิงเฝ้าระวังทั่วโลกตามหลักเกณฑ์ระดับสากล

Dr Stephen Hawser หัวหน้าเจ้าหน้าที่ฝ่ายบริหารของ IHMA Europe กล่าวว่า การรับรองคุณภาพของ CAP คือการยอมรับเชิงบวกที่แท้จริงในการให้บริการคุณภาพสูงที่ IHMA Europe ให้กับวงการเภสัชกรรมและเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพเพื่อสนับสนุนการพัฒนายาต้านจุลชีพ

Jack Johnson ประธานบริษัทและ CEO ของ IHMA กล่าวว่า ความปรารถนาของเราคือการนำห้องปฏิบัติการทั้งสองแห่งเข้าสู่กระบวนการโลกาภิวัฒน์เพื่อให้ลูกค้าของเราในวงการเภสัชกรรมและเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพแน่ใจว่าการบริการทุกประเภทที่ได้รับจาก IHMA และ IHMA Europe มีมาตรฐานและคุณภาพระดับสูงสุดเหมือนกันทั้งหมดที่สามารถพบได้ในวงการของเรา การรับรองคุณภาพของ CAP ได้ให้แนวนโยบายเช่นนั้น

เกี่ยวกับ IHMA, Inc. และ IHMA Europe Sàrl

IHMA มีฐานอยู่ที่ Schaumburg, IL USA และ Monthey, Switzerland และได้เป็นผู้ให้บริการการพัฒนายาต้านจุลชีพรายสำคัญในช่วง 25 ปีที่ผ่านมา อาคารปฏิบัติการของเราทั้งในสหรัฐอเมริกาและยุโรปเป็นพันธมิตรกับลูกค้าในวงการเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพ เภสัชกรรม และการตรวจวินิจฉัยทั่วโลก IHMA คือห้องปฏิบัติการอิสระชั้นนำที่เชี่ยวชาญด้านการศึกษาเชิงเฝ้าระวังและการทดลองเชิงคลินิก เป็นหมุดหมายสำคัญบนเส้นต่อเนื่องที่เชื่อมจากการพัฒนายาไปสู่การพาณิชย์ IHMA ใช้ประโยชน์จากเทคโนโลยีที่ล้ำสมัยเพื่อให้เกิดการทดสอบและข้อมูลชั้นดี พร้อมกับความสามารถในกรอบเศรษฐกิจ การบริการของ IHMA สามารถปรับให้สอดคล้องกับความต้องการการทดสอบที่เฉพาะตัวของลูกค้าได้ นี่คือสิ่งยืนยันเส้นทางความสำเร็จด้านการพัฒนายา การพาณิชย์ และการตรวจสอบหลังออกสู่ท้องตลาด

หากต้องการข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม โปรดเยี่ยมชมเว็บไซต์ของ IHMA ที่ www.ihma.com


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