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New MIPS I7200 Processor Core Delivers Unmatched Performance and Efficiency for Advanced LTE/5G Communications and Networking IC Designs

Highly efficient parallel processing, fast response to real-time events, and 50% performance gains position the I7200 as the core of choice for high performance embedded applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MIPS, provider of the widely used MIPS processor architecture and IP cores for licensing, today announced the I7200 multi-threaded multi-core processor, a new high performance licensable IP core in their midrange 32-bit product lineup. Class-leading efficiency is essential to power sensitive applications such as the high bandwidth modem subsystems in Advanced LTE Pro and upcoming 5G smartphone SoCs, as well as networking ICs, and other applications. The I7200 delivers 50% higher performance in less than 20% area increase than the previous generation from MIPS.

“MIPS CPUs are widely used in a range of LTE applications for mobile broadband,” said David Lau, MIPS’ Vice President of Engineering. “The performance gains across the board on the new I7200 deliver a leap forward in support of the transition to 5G systems, while providing a range of configurable features that enable the CPU core to be optimized for a specific application. For communications processing in LTE modems, where small size and power consumption are at a premium, and latency and deterministic responsiveness are critical to system performance, the I7200 can be tuned to optimize the characteristics for real-time embedded processing.”

Part of the MIPS 32-bit I-Class family of processor cores, the I7200 is built on MIPS’ multi-threading technology, which delivers not only these higher levels of performance efficiently, but is a key mechanism supporting very low latency response to high priority events in real-time embedded systems. These characteristics, in combination with the following deterministic features available in the I7200, make it the ideal processor for embedded applications requiring both high performance and fast response to real-time events:

  • Simultaneous multi-threading with thread prioritization and zero cycle context switching
  • Configurable memory management – options for full TLB-based MMU or simpler, deterministic 32 region memory protection unit (MPU)
  • Tightly coupled, fast-access, deterministic ScratchPad RAMs (SPRAMs, up to 1 MB each) for instructions, data for each core, or unified implementations

“MIPS CPUs, with their powerful multi-threading capability, offer a combination of efficiency and high throughput for LTE modems that contributes significantly to system performance,” said Dr. Kevin Jou, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MediaTek.  “The development of the I7200 was a worldwide effort led by the MIPS Shanghai design team, and the processor promises to provide key advantages for LTE Advanced/5G features including higher computing performance and faster real-time responsiveness where multiple latency-sensitive tasks are handled simultaneously.”

Complementing the focus for use in embedded real-time systems, the I7200 is the first MIPS core to use the nanoMIPS™ ISA, which delivers industry-leading small code size. nanoMIPS is a variable instruction length ISA consisting of 16/32/48-bit instructions and numerous other optimizations that complement goals of delivering performance in smallest code size. Using an equivalent compiler and compile flags the code size is up to 10% smaller than alternative cores competing in similar applications. This reduces the overall memory footprint for a system, but is essential for high performance communications and real-time embedded systems, as it maximizes the amount of code that can be fit into the fastest, local RAM arrays for low latency, deterministic execution of high priority events and interrupts.

The production released version of the IP core is available immediately for licensing, and the I7200 is gaining widespread support among MIPS partners and customers.

What partners are saying (alphabetically):

“As a long-time partner of MIPS, we believe that the I7200 is a significant milestone that will help propel the company to the forefront of core solutions in the embedded systems marketplace,” said Roisen O’Keeffe, Business Development Director at Ashling Microsystems Ltd. “Through our collaboration on customer programs we’ve come to appreciate the company’s market insight and technology leadership. We look forward to supporting development around the I7200.”

“The I7200 promises to be a highly efficient processor for communications, networking, and other applications that require both high performance and fast response to real-time events,” said William Lamie, CEO at Express Logic. “We look forward to expanding our long-time support for MIPS CPUs with our Industrial Grade X-Ware IoT Platform (Powered by the ThreadX RTOS) to include the new I7200 core.”

“Imperas and OVP simulators, virtual platforms, and debug and analysis solutions help accelerate software development for multi-core and multi-threaded I7200 configurations, and make it easy to model new Instruction Set Architectures (ISAs),” said Simon Davidmann, CEO of Imperas Software, Ltd. “MIPS’ partners can benefit from our programmers’ view reference model, with new I7200 features and nanoMIPS ISA.”

“We are excited to support the I7200 core from MIPS with TRACE32 and to give developers creating products around this new core a full range of debug functionality, whether using MIPS alone or in combination with other solutions,” said Norbert Weiss, International Sales Manager at Lauterbach Development Tools. “This announcement clearly demonstrates MIPS continued leadership in the embedded systems marketplace.”

“As a long-time partner of MIPS, our Nucleus RTOS helps our mutual customers get products to market in a shorter time frame with less risk. Our SMP version already supports the existing multi-threaded and multi-core products in MIPS lineup,” said Scot Morrison, general manager of embedded platform technology, Mentor, a Siemens business. “The new MIPS I7200 processor core delivers exceptional performance and optimized features, enabling MIPS customers to develop a broad range of embedded solutions, including complex LTE/5G communications applications.”

Rupert Baines, CEO of UltraSoC, commented, “UltraSoC is delighted to be partnering with MIPS and supporting the I7200, its new mid-ranged CPU core.” Baines continued, “Adding UltraSoC’s embedded analytics to the powerful, scalable and flexible MIPS core will enable designers to not only develop complex and powerful embedded systems but to provide them with the tools and insight to monitor the operation of the entire system.”

About MIPS

MIPS is a leading provider of processor architectures and IP cores that drive some of the world’s most popular products. With the streamlined MIPS RISC architecture and CPU cores, customers can build highly efficient, scalable, and trusted products across a wide range of performance points – from the IoT edge to high-end networking equipment, and everything in between. MIPS leads the industry with Multi-Threading capabilities for optimal application performance and efficiency. Originally founded in 1984 as MIPS Computer Systems Inc. by researchers from Stanford University, MIPS today is an independent company focused on processing innovations for a new generation of intelligent, connected devices. MIPS designs have shipped in billions of units across the globe and have even reached the outer edges of our solar system. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with offices worldwide. www.mips.com

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Symphony Talent Continues Growth, Adds New Clients

Brands across all industries tap into Symphony Talent’sinnovative talent acquisition solutions

New York, May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Symphony Talent, a leading Talent Acquisition solutions provider, today announced additions to its global client base across a diversified field of industries, demonstrating the company’s continued momentum in applying its data-driven, consumer marketing approach in the HR tech and Employer Branding space through the company’s Hodes, M-Cloud and X-Cloud solutions.

“Today’s Talent Acquisition leaders are not only expected to attract, hire and engage the best talent but also to help drive the change management agenda in their organization’s transformation,” said Roopesh Nair, president and CEO, Symphony Talent.  “Our strong growth trajectory is indicative of a global trend as organizations continue to recognize the need to leverage data while bringing digital and brand to the core of their operations to meet the changing expectations of the social, mobile and digital natives who are their customers, candidates and employees.”

Symphony Talent’s fully modular solutions (Hodes, M-Cloud and X-Cloud) go far beyond just what recruiters and candidates need, to provide what they expect in today’s consumer-centric environment.  By combining employer branding, recruitment marketing, award winning creative, candidate and employee engagement, and media optimization, Symphony Talent’s solutions empower leading brands to redefine and modernize their talent acquisition and employee engagement efforts. The result is the delivery of personalized, relevant and captivating experiences for recruiters, candidates and employees.

The company recently added more than 20 new marquee brands to its global portfolio. These signings, the organization’s expanded relationships with existing clients, and the continued solutions innovation are key drivers of Symphony Talent’s successful start in 2018.  Recent client additions across North America, Europe and APAC include: Bashas’ Inc., Invesco, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), Highmark Health, Compass Group Canada, Liberty Mutual, VCA, Parsons, Cambridge Consultants, Baylor, Scott & White, Regis Corporation,  UCLA Health, Sonova, Orkla, Merck, Sky and Epsilon.

European Managing Director, Simon Phillips added; “It’s been a hugely exciting time over the past 12-months watching our rapid growth evolve even further with the combination of award-winning creative and brand strategy being powered by game-changing technology. This is delivering incredible personalized experiences both inside and outside of the organizations we’re working with and for the new clients we’re winning.”

“Organizations in APAC are increasingly differentiating themselves through investments in technology and award winning creative,” noted Kesavan Kanchi Kandadai, Managing Director for India and APAC. “Symphony Talent recognizes that need and is excited to help organizations realize their brand promise through the power of our innovative solutions. These recent client additions serve to strengthen our commitment to invest and grow our Asia Pacific business in the next 2 years.”

“Our customers are realizing significant, measurable results as they leverage our solutions to attract, hire, and engage the highest quality talent,” Nair added. “I’m proud of the trust our clients invest with us, as well as our global team’s commitment to innovation to ensure that our solutions are evolving with our client’s and the market’s needs.”

About Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is redefining how employers and talent connect. By applying data-driven consumer marketing best practices, we provide seamless, personalized experiences through our best-in-class smart technology, award winning creative, and trusted strategy and client services solutions. We simplify and streamline the process to find, hire, and engage talent. The result is a unified, seamless experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.  Companies such as Northwell Health, Chili’s and UnitedHealth Group rely on Symphony Talent to power their talent acquisition efforts. For more information, visit: www.symphonytalent.com or follow us on Twitter, @SymphonyTalent_.

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Medibio Launches Global Corporate Mental Health Product

  • Release of first commercially available mental health technology product
  • Notable existing support from key Australian companies
  • Provide organizations with cost savings by reducing mental health burden

SYDNEY, Australia and MINNEAPOLIS, April 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medibio Limited (MEB or the Company)(ASX:MEB)(OTCQB:MDBIF), a mental health technology company confirms the launch and release of the Company’s Corporate Mental Health for business product and platform (the Platform).

The Platform allows businesses to offer employees the chance to ‘check-in on their mental health’ through a comprehensive mental health and wellness program that starts with an employee-facing, Mental Health Check-In campaign. The app-based check-in tool is expected to be available in the Google Play and Apple App Store in the first two weeks of May 2018. The mobile app, named Medibio Inform, allows employees of participating businesses to assess their mental health using both traditional assessments and biometric measures.

Providing personal and confidential measures of mental health, the Platform is compatible with heart rate-enabled Fitbit and Garmin devices and soon will support Apple Watch. Businesses are provided with a dashboard of the results at an aggregate level, not tied to individual employees, displayed through data trends to help companies understand the overall mental health of their employee base. Sign-up and registration for the Platform is currently open with the app available in Australia, New Zealand and the US. The Corporate Health product pricing is subject to firm size and structure, but initially ranges between A$15 to A$45 per user.

“Mental illness can have a dramatic effect on a company’s productivity. For a company with a workforce of 100,000, the annual loss can exceed 3 million hours.1 The Platform represents a significant advancement in corporate mental health, allowing organizations to move beyond the current ad hoc and highly reactive offerings to a data-driven, evidence-based capability. The human and economic cost of mental health to organizations, and the well documented return on investment makes this one of the most exciting developments in corporate health for decades.” stated Peta Slocombe Senior VP of Corporate Health.

With historical participation from a variety of Australian firms, the results of the prior Check-In campaign demonstrated that a measurable and proactive approach to mental health is quickly becoming a priority for many organizations. Amongst them, number one ranked global technical and professional services company, Jacobs Engineering, participated as part of its own health and safety program, BeyondZero®, which supports the mental health and wellness needs of its employees worldwide.

Jack Cosentino, CEO and Managing Director stated, “For the first time, wearable technologies including Garmin and FitBit will be able to track and monitor individuals’ circadian heart rhythm (CHR), sleep cycles and activity, to round out an objective understanding of the onset and existence of mental dysfunction. We strongly feel that businesses are strategically positioned to assist individuals in recognizing the need for and accessing resources to treat and manage mental health conditions.”

Medibio’s Check-in is the first step in a comprehensive Corporate Health offering which includes products and services designed to help employers optimize performance, minimize risk, and better care for their most valuable asset – their people. More information on the Medibio Corporate Health program and Mental Health Check-in registration can be found at http://mentalhealthcheckin.com.

  1. Creating a mentally healthy workplace. Return on investment analysis. PwC HeadsUp (March 2014)

About Medibio Limited

Medibio (ASX:MEB) (OTCQB:MDBIF) is a mental health technology company that has pioneered the use of objective biometrics to assist in the screening, diagnosing, monitoring and management of depression and other mental health conditions. The company offers mental health solutions for business through its Corporate Health programs and is developing products to serve both the consumer and regulated healthcare provider markets. The company was founded in Australia, with offices located in Melbourne (Vic), Perth (WA), and U.S. offices in Minneapolis, MN. Medibio is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd and trades on the OTCQB Venture Market. Investors can find additional information on www.otcmarkets.com and www.asx.com.au.

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Art performance celebrates 43 years of national reunification:

An art performance to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of national reunification on April 30 and May Day took place in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday.

Spectators enjoyed performances featuring well-known songs and recreation of the glorious history of Vietnam’s resistance war as well as the city’s determination for prosperity and social welfare. Firework were displayed over the Sai Gon River and Dam Sen cultural park.

Source: VOV5

Vietnam, Macedonia open new chapter of cooperation

Vietnam always attaches importance to consolidating and developing relations with traditional friends, including Macedonia, said National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu.

During his visit to Macedonia on Monday, Vice Chairman Luu told his Macedonian counterparts Goran Misovski and Frosina Tashevska-Remenski that the political and diplomatic relations between the two countries have seen positive developments, but economic and trade relations have not matched potential cooperation of the two countries. He suggested that ministries of the two countries actively cooperate to support businesses to meet and explore opportunities for cooperation while the two countries should set up an Intergovernmental Committee shortly to promote bilateral cooperation in economics, trade and investment. He urged the two legislative bodies to maintain contacts, coordination and mutual support at the regional and international inter-parliamentary forums in which the parliaments are members, such as the World Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP). Mr. Misovski said that the trip to Macedonia by the high-level delegation of the National Assembly of Vietnam will be the foundation for promoting cooperation between the two countries.

At a meeting with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov on the same day, Vietnam asserted its support for Macedonia’s early joining the European Union (EU). The Foreign Minister of Macedonia expressed his desire to promote cooperation with Vietnam in the areas where the two countries have strengths such as agriculture and tourism. The Foreign Minister also asked Vietnam to open the Vietnamese embassy in Macedonia soon to promote bilateral ties. The Vietnamese delegation left Macedonia on Tuesday for a working visit to Romania from May 2-5.

Source: VOV5

World community condemns bloody attacks in Afghanistan

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed outrage over the series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

Spokesman Stephane Dujarric quoted the UN Secretary-General as saying those responsible for such crimes must be swiftly brought to justice.

European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini extended her deepest condolences to the families of the victims and said the attacks are a disregard for international humanitarian law.

Twin suicide blasts, claimed by the ISIS, in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday killed 25 people, including 10 journalists, and injured nearly 50 others. In a third attack, 11 children were killed and 16 people wounded, including foreign and Afghan security force members, when a suicide attacker exploded his bomb-laden car near a convoy in the southern province of Kandahar.

Source: VOV5

World community condemns bloody attacks in Afghanistan

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed outrage over the series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

Spokesman Stephane Dujarric quoted the UN Secretary-General as saying those responsible for such crimes must be swiftly brought to justice.

European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini extended her deepest condolences to the families of the victims and said the attacks are a disregard for international humanitarian law.

Twin suicide blasts, claimed by the ISIS, in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday killed 25 people, including 10 journalists, and injured nearly 50 others. In a third attack, 11 children were killed and 16 people wounded, including foreign and Afghan security force members, when a suicide attacker exploded his bomb-laden car near a convoy in the southern province of Kandahar.

Source: VOV5