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Party leader meets voters following National Assembly session

Party General Secretary Nguyen PhuTrong and National Assembly deputies representing Hanoi met voters in ThanhXuan and Ha Dong districts to inform them about outcomes of the just concluded 5th session of the National Assembly.

(VOVWORLD) – Party General Secretary Nguyen PhuTrong and National Assembly deputies representing Hanoi met voters in ThanhXuan and Ha Dong districts to inform them about outcomes of the just concluded 5th session of the National Assembly.

Regarding the Bill on Special Administrative Economic Units reviewed by the National Assembly in this session, Party leader Trong highlighted the significance of Vietnam’s view to develop special economic zones since the 1990s as a magnet to foreign investment and piloting of new management mechanism for growth. He said this is a difficult and sensitive task of significant gravity, thus it should be done carefully to promote internal and external strengths while protecting national sovereignty and independence. Party leader Nguyen PhuTrong said: The Party, State and National Assembly are willing to listen to and absorb comments on these issues for best possible solutions before making decision. Current law allows 70 years of land lease, while special zones are suggested to have no more than 99 years of land lease. But it has to go through many procedures and Prime Minister’s approval.

The Party leader called for voters’ trust in the Party and State leadership and not let their patriotism abused.

Source: VOV5

Prime Minister concludes trip to attend ACMECS 8, CLMV 9

Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc arrived in Hanoi on Saturday night, concluding his trip to Thailand to attend the 8th Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy Summit (ACMECS 8) and 9th Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam Summit (CLMV 9).

During the events, Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc hailed the significance of the ACMECS cooperation for regional sustainable growth and prosperity. In a press release, Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son briefed on major outcomes of the Prime Minister’s visit. He said Prime Minister Phuc’s recommendations for cooperation have been highly evaluated by regional leaders for meeting practical needs and mutual benefits. During his attendance at the ACMECS 8 and CLMV 9, Prime Minister Phuc held bilateral meetings with his Thai, Lao and Cambodia counterparts and the President of Myanmar, and received executives of some major Thai corporations. The trip to attend the ACMECS 8 and CLMV 9 of Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc demonstrates the importance that Vietnam attaches to the two cooperation mechanisms. It also helped enhance Vietnam’s position and role in the region, and contributed to comprehensive cooperation and sustainable development in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Source: VOV5

Red Journey blood donation campaign continues in provinces

The Red Cross Society in Can Tho City launched a movement in response to the Red Journey Campaign for blood donation on Sunday.

1,100 units of blood are expected to be donated during the event. At similar campaign in QuangNinh province on Saturday, Deputy Chief of the Red Journey campaign organization board, Tran Ngoc Que said some 700 units of blood have been donated: Local people in QuangNinh province have been well aware of blood donation with increasing units donated year on year. This has helped meet the provincial need for medical treatment and offered supplementary supplies to neighboring provinces. I hope that the province will continue with this significant movement in the years to come.

Source: VOV5

UNODC reports on human trafficking, smuggling of migrants

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released its study on global human trafficking and smuggling of migrants on Saturday, saying that crime organizations have earned up to 7 billion USD from human trafficking.

On Saturday, Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini said non-government organizations operating migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea could not dock in Italian ports. Salvini said that two other foreign NGO ships, the Lifeline and the Seefuchs, were off the coast of Libya waiting to pick up migrants abandoned by human traffickers. Italy says humanitarian NGOs are being exploited by human traffickers, a charge the NGOs deny.

Spain’s maritime rescue service saved more than 930 people from dozens of migrant boats attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea on Friday and Saturday.

Source: VOV5

Baseball Making Inroads Into Myanmar

YANGON, MYANMAR No member of the Myanmar national baseball team is quitting their day job any time soon.

Made up of players in their 20s, 30s and 40s, the club includes maintenance workers, a teacher, as well as a cook.

The coach, Toru Iwasaki, is the founder of a private primary school in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. He is originally from Japan and started the baseball program 18 years ago.

Of course in Myanmar, football [soccer] is the most popular sport, Iwasaki said. My passion is to introduce baseball, which is my most favorite sport.

The team gets very little financial support from the national sports ministry and depends upon money from Iwasaki’s own pocket to stay afloat.

You won’t find baseball bats, balls and gloves on the shelves of sporting good stores in this country. Most of the team’s equipment has been donated by the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Many of the players Iwasaki recruited had experience playing in softball games organized by the American Embassy. So while they understood some basic rules, Iwasaki had to explain to them a lot of the mechanics and necessary skills. He also taught them about strategy and field positioning. Iwasaki knows a little Burmese and his players have picked up some English as well as Japanese.

Between the mix of languages and Iwasaki’s hand gestures he gets his messages across.

Sometimes all it takes is the happy or angry tone of voice to make my point, he said with a grin.

Kyaw Thuya Tun, 33, is the team’s first baseman. He drives a taxi to support his wife and two daughters.

I drive the car to work for my family and I play baseball because I love it, he said.

The team plays on the site of an old horse race track. The field is a combination of weeds, overgrown grass and hardened dirt, or mud depending upon the weather. The scoreboard is changed by hand.

On a cloudy afternoon with intermittent rain, the Myanmar national team narrowly beat a rag-tag squad of expatriates from the U.S. and Japan by a score of 7 to 6. It’s one of several games the Myanmar team played this year against teams made up of local expatriates.

I like coming out with the guys and the camaraderie that comes out of it, said Mick Amundson-Geisel, who played first base for the expatriate team.

He’s 46 years old and played high school baseball in Colorado. Amundson-Geisel now works as a guidance counselor at an international school in Yangon. On this day, he’s competing against the Myanmar team. On other days he practices with them.

It’s definitely an American game, but it certainly has Asian aspects here like the language that they use and the cheers that they do, Amundson-Geisel said.

But you get a sense of how little is known about baseball in Myanmar when you notice there are only about 25 people in the stands during the game. The team prepared a printout in the local Burmese language with some of the basics of the sport to help fans follow along. Few people understand baseball in this country where football/soccer is king.

People don’t even know what this uniform is for, said Kyaw Thuya Tun pointing to the clothes he was wearing. In other countries people know this is a baseball uniform. But here it’s hard to explain what baseball is about.

The Myanmar national team couldn’t beat most American high school baseball teams. But watching the squad in practice and compete in a game, it’s clear there’s no shortage of enthusiasm. The players say they love the sport and will keep swinging away.

Source: Voice of America

Hanoi is capable of building knowledge-based economy: PM

Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc attended a conference on Hanoi’s cooperation for investment and development in the capital city on Sunday, which saw the participation of more than 1,500 delegates.

He said Hanoi with its existing advantages is fully capable of building a strong knowledge-based economy with universities of international standards and high-tech research centers and laboratories. PM Phuc also called for efforts to adopt a long-term master plan to make Hanoi green, clean, disciplined, and rich in traditional culture.

At the conference, delegates discussed measures to attract more investment projects which will lead and coordinate the development of Hanoi and regional linkage. The municipal authorities pledged an open, transparent, and favorable investment environment to create linkage with the key northern region, the Red River delta region, and the capital region.

PM Phuc witnessed the Hanoi People’s Committee handing over investment licenses to more than 70 projects worth a total of 17 billion USD. Chairman of the Committee Nguyen Duc Chung announced that Hanoi will support all costs and amenity services during the business establishment process.

Source: VOV5