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The first Global Internet Café Innovation Summit, Wanyoo announced “Overseas Business Partner Alliance Program”

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Ms. Adele Chen, the head of the Overseas Business of Wanyoo

Shanghai, Dec. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  1 Ms. Adele Chen, the head of the Overseas Business of WanyooThe first Global Internet Café Innovation Summit, Wanyoo announced “Overseas Business Partner Alliance Program”
On Nov.20, the very first “Global Internet Café Innovation Summit” was conducted in Shanghai Himalayan Art Center. As the host of this summit, Wanyoo has announced the “Overseas Business Partner Alliance Program”, shared the experiences and methods which were accumulated over the past few years to the industry insiders, how to pursue the expansion and growth of overseas business together to achieve the mutual benefits。

The <2019 Global and China Internet Café Industry White Paper> was also published in this summit, which states the eSport game will accelerate the Internet Café converting to eSport studio and diverse the profit model soon. The founder and chairman of “Play for Dreams” Corporation, Mr. Huang Feng, also believes that the Internet Café has been embedded into the eSport industry chains deeply, including the theme activities, game event sponsor, team spokesperson, game relevant products development or cooperation with movie and TV episodes series. Internet café has been merged into eSport game joint development and is uptrending as the mainstream of the industry, in the meantime, the globalization of eSports is expediting as well. Given eSports becoming a hot topic in the world, the development of Internet Café, which is closely related to eSports industry, is also gradually improving in overseas markets.

Wanyoo began to explore the overseas market in 2014, opening its first overseas store in Sydney, Australia. Up to now, Wanyoo, with opening more than 800 stores worldwide, covering 83 cities in the world, include Sydney, Vancouver, New York, Singapore, Melbourne and London etc., the number of global members exceeding 16 million, is considered as the pioneer and leading player of China’s Internet Cafe industry.

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4AM,OMG,17,CL in Wanyoo London studio during the FGS global summit

Although the first Internet café was founded in the UK in 1994, the Chinese Internet café business model is actually leading the evolution of the global Internet Cafe industry. In comparison, Internet café model abroad seems to be simple and plain, both hardware and software fell behind, and lack of branding and standardization in management and operation, which cannot meet the complex needs of game players, social networking and eSport game.
Explore the way of evolving overseas market, three pillars of Wanyoo empower the studios abroad.

According to Ms. Adele Chen, the head of the Overseas Business of Wanyoo, Wanyoo took each exploration step of overseas very discretionally in the first three to four years. After 5 years’ exploration and operation, we have accumulated rich experiences and methodologies, therefore we have more clear goal and actions how to expand our footprints globally. The expansion of overseas market started to expedite from late 2017. In 2020, we will focus on Southeast Asia and our neighborhood Japan and South Keara, in the meanwhile, replicate the success of UK to West Europe.

Ms. Adele Chen also indicated “The three pillars of Wanyoo”, which enables our partners to achieve the accomplishment: First, Wanyoo creates the gaming interactive social network scene mode, by providing an independent space for several friends or the eSport team, making higher quality experience for the players. Secondly, the matured proven operating capacity, including the comfort environment and excellent service.

The global universal membership management system provides more convenience to the customers, cross-boundary linkage with gaming, eSports, movies and TV episode series to form Wanyoo pan-entertainment ecology, enhance Wanyoo brand awareness by cooperating with the local university eSports association. Thirdly, Wanyoo has started to establish the lifecycle development system, from location scouting, designing the store, routine operating, professional training, customer management as well as capital investment etc. providing the entire service from branding to operating and supporting, to make sure the partners achieving the profit target.

For example, the first Wanyoo eSport studio in London was opened at the end of Jan 2019, at the initial phase, the shareholder Mr. John Chen was quite unsure about the outcome of running an eSports studio in UK. Nevertheless, after 10 months, the revenue turned to be over 1.5 million US$, the members surpassed 13000. This fabulous attainment surprised John , and makes him to expand the business with no hesitation at all, John has signed up franchising agreement of another 9 new studios across England only. For now, our studio in London has been filled with the customers almost every single day, there are often long queues waited to be seated during the weekend as well. Not only being recognized by the local people, but also become one of the well-known online celebrity venues in London. The incredible success in London leads the collaboration from single studio upgrading to the national distributor model, there will be at least 10 new studios to be opened in England next year and a few new cities to be signed-up in Scotland and Wales, said by Ms. Adele.

Based on the overseas exploring practice of Wanyoo, besides empowering the overseas studios, Wanyoo also offers the training campus to support the Chinese eSports team. For instance, during Ti8, the Chinese Dota team was taken training in Wanyoo Vancouver studio; London studio was the official training base for 4AM,OMG,17,CL during the FGS global summit. On the other hand, Wanyoo is aiming to connect among the global game players and establishes a global eSports game platform without time and space limitation. Till October 2019, Wanyoo’s own game campaign program- Wanyoo Champion Arena, has successfully been held for 9 times. This June “Wanyoo Champion Arena LOL Global City Game ” attracted over ten thousand players around the world, the players from New York, London, Sydney etc., gathered in Shanghai, China, competed for the world championship, S8 world champion IG team came to field to cheer up the players too.

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Parliamentary cooperation a new pulse for Vietnam – Russia ties: ambassador

Moscow Russia is one of the most reliable partners of Vietnam and the coming visit by National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan is another illustration of the special and multi-faceted relations, Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Ngo Duc Manh said on the threshold of the visit, scheduled for December 8-11.

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency, the diplomat said the many visits by high-level leaders of the two countries over the past year show that the bilateral comprehensive, strategic and cooperative partnership is now at its best development stage.

He added that the coming visit is of great importance as it continues to affirm Vietnam’s consistent foreign policy of always attaching importance to and wishing to further consolidating and pushing its relations with Russia.

During her stay in Russia, Ngan will preside over the first meeting of the inter-parliamentary cooperation committee between Russia’ State Duma and Vietnam’s National Assembly, a new cooperation mechanism established between Vietnam’s NA and a foreign parliament, Manh stressed, highlighting that Ngan will for the first time deliver a speech at a plenary meeting of the Russian Federal Council.

The pivotal year 2019 is drawing to an end with many prominent achievements in the bilateral relations, the diplomat said, elaborating that two-way trade is forecast to increase by 30 percent and the number of Russian visitors to Vietnam to reach 650,000. It is noteworthy that the two countries have pledged to continue oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the East Sea of Vietnam’s sovereignty.

With the more than 120 events over the past year, 2019 is a new page in the history of the bilateral relations, Manh stressed and expressed his belief that the coming visit will be a fine success that creates a new pulse for the development of the bilateral relations, especially through the parliamentary channel, thus helping to further consolidate and deepen the Vietnam � Russia comprehensive strategic partnership and contribute to prosperity of each country, and for peace, stability, cooperation and development of the region and the world over./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam share experience in building peacekeeping partnerships

New York Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese Permanent Mission to the UN shared Vietnam’s experience in promoting collaboration with partners to support the deployment of level-2 field hospitals in South Sudan at a discussion on enhancing the efficiency of UN peacekeeping in New York on December 6.

Vietnam, the co-organiser of the event, is considered one of the countries with strong performance in building efficient partnership in UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan.

Quy said that Vietnam started sending personnel to UN peacekeeping missions in 2014. So far, 40 Vietnamese officers have been deployed to the UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and Central Africa.

The first level-2 field hospital of Vietnam replaced the UK’s hospital in October 2018 and operated effectively in the host country, he noted.

The Vietnam Peacekeeping Department has been selected as one of the four centres in Southeast Asia meeting international standards in training personnel for peacekeeping operations.

At the event, which also saw the attendance of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and representatives from more than 100 UN member nations, delegates underlined the significance of UN peacekeeping activities.

The UN chief stressed that improving the performance of peacekeeping activities is a common responsibility of all involving parties. He also called for the international community to fully implement the Action for Peacekeeping initiative.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations, participants held that peacekeeping forces should adhere to their duties, especially protecting civilians.

Countries engaging in the operations must ensure that the personnel they send to the missions are trained and equipped with knowledge to UN standards, they said, adding the need to build criteria on the supervision of the activities as well as the supply of finance and equipment, the increase of women’s involvement in the operations, and the strengthening of information and transparency.

They agreed on the need to design an effective mechanism to handle violations by peacekeeping forces./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

HCM City ready to host Vietnam-China diplomatic ties anniversary

HCM City Ho Chi Minh City is ready to host activities marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam � China diplomatic relations, thus making practical contributions to the development of the bilateral ties, a leading official of the city said on December 6.

Receving Zang An Min, Secretary General of the Organisation Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on his working visit to HCM City, Vice Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Vo Thi Dung also stressed that the Vietnamese Party, State and people attach great importance to the traditional relations and multi-faceted cooperation with the Chinese side. This is a consistent and long-term advocate of the Vietnamese Government for the joint benefits of the two countries, she added.

The official further said in the field of economic cooperation, China is now ranked 19th among the 107 countries and territories investing into Ho Chi Minh City, with a combined capital of 185 million USD. For many years, China is always among the five biggest sources of tourists to the city which is enjoying relations of cooperation and friendship with eight Chinese localities.

Zang, for his part, said bilateral relations are positively developing, and cooperation and people-to-people exchanges further growing, adding the celebrations next year will create a chance to for the two sides to continue intensifying exchanges and boost the relations of comprehensive strategic partnership, bring joint benefits to the two peoples.

The Chinese official spoke highly of the role of HCM City in developing ties with Chinese localities, and expressed his belief that it will continue to serve as a locomotive to Vietnam’s economic development.

The two sides informed each other of the development, challenges and chances for them, as well as the goals for their national construction and development./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Vietnamese Ministry of Justice delegation on working visit to Laos

Vientiane A delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice led by Minister Le Thanh Long was received by General Secretary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and President of Laos Bounnhang Vorachith and National Assembly Chairwoman Pany Yathotou on December 6.

At the meeting with the top Lao leader, Long said that over the past five years, authorized agencies of Vietnam and Laos have worked hard together to implement an agreement signed between the two governments on the settlement of issues related to free migration and undocumented marriage in border areas.

By November 14, 2019 when the deal expired, 1,452 out of 1,711 applications for Vietnamese nationality were approved, and the rest are being considered, he noted.

Long said that the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice has always actively supported Laos in building and completing its legal system.

Over the years, Vietnamese law training facilities, including the Hanoi Law University, have trained a large number of Lao students at different levels. Currently, the Hanoi Law University is hosting 86 students from Laos, 79 of whom have been granted with the Vietnamese Government’s scholarships.

Along with creating optimal conditions for the facilities to promote cooperation with Laos in personnel training, the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice has also coordinated with its Lao counterpart to realize a project to support the Lao Academy of Justice using the Vietnamese Government’s assistance, which was approved in 2017.

Bounnhang Vorachith expressed his delight at the fruitful cooperation between the two Ministries of Justice over the past 37 years, with Vietnam’s supportto Laos in law-building and human resources training.

He suggested that the two ministries continue promoting the ties and experience sharing, focusing on dealing with issues related to free migration and undocumented marriage along the shared border, thus completing all work as scheduled.

For her part, Pany Yathotou lauded the two ministries’ efforts to complete all tasks set earlier.

She showed her hope that in the future, Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice will continue helping its Lao counterpart in law-building and human resources training as well as sharing experience in handling cases.

Earlier the same day, Long held talks with his Lao counterpart Xaysi Santyvong, during which both sides expressed their pleasure at the efficiency of the cooperation programme for 2019 as well as collaboration contents reached during the Lao minister’s visit to Vietnam in December 2018.

They discussed measures to enhance the effectiveness of their cooperation agreement for the 2015-2020 period, while drafting the affiliation programme for 2020.

The two sides also sought orientations for future activities to realize the project of supporting the Lao Academy of Justice funded by the Vietnamese Government./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam – Laos conference to share experiences in ethnic work

Nghe An A Vietnam � Laos conference was held in the central province of Nghe An on December 7 to seeks ways to continue nurturing the bilateral relations and friendship and to share experiences in the ethnic work between the two countries.

With the participation of more than 300 delegates from Vietnam � Laos bordering provinces, the event is a chance for them to analyse deeply and comprehensively the issues on the role of the political systems and ethnic minority communities along the border line in nurturing the tradition of the great relations between the two neighbouring countries.

Speaking at the function, Politburo member and Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh stressed that the conference is another chance for the two countries to further strengthen the ties between them as well s the closeness between the ethnic groups living along the sides of the Truong Son mountain range.

For his part, Politburo member and President of the Central Committee of the Lao Front for National Construction Saysomphone Phomvihane held that the traditional and long-lasting relations of solidarity and friendship between the two countries have become an exemplary and rare model in the international relations in the current context of the changing world.

Presentations at the conference touched upon the poverty easing and sustainable development in mountainous and ethnic minority areas, lessons on preservation and bringing into full play traditional cultural values of the ethnic minority communities along the Vietnam � Laos border line, and experiences in the building of the unity among those communities in the context of international integration.

Earlier, the Lao delegation offered incense at the Vietnam � Laos international cemetery in Nghe An province for over 11,000 Vietnamese voluntary soldiers and military experts who laid down their lives in Laos./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency