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Over 10 billion VND mobilised for COVID-19 fight in Facebook campaign

More than 10 billion VND (nearly 427,000 USD) in cash and in kind was mobilised within two weeks in support of medical workers, COVID-19 patients and people in quarantine under the #SocialForGoodVN campaign, organisers said on May 6.

Carried out by Facebook, the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VRC), Vietnamese artists, partners and businesses, the #SocialForGoodVNlivestream lasted for one hour on Facebook on April 17, with over 15 million post reaches, some 5.4 million views and more than 700 shares.

As part of the programme, the campaign #ỞNhàLàNhất that aims to encourage people to stay at home and share tips on household chores has also received an active response from artists and Facebook users.

VRC Central Committee President Nguyen ThiXuan Thu thanked Facebook, artists, businesses and the public for their efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying their contributions will not only support medical workers but also help to promote disease prevention and control activities, especially communication efforts.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Dien Bien Phu Victory a source of pride: Lao newspaper

The Pathet Lao newspaper hailed Vietnam’s Dien Bien Phu Victory over French colonial rule as a source of national pride in an article published on May 6.

The victory on May 7, 1954 has also been a source of great motivation for the country’s “DoiMoi” reforms which aim to achieve prosperity, a mighty nation, democracy and a fair and civilised society, the newspaper said.

Dien Bien Phu was the most glorious victory ever in Vietnam’s struggle against foreign invaders, it said, adding that the battle marked a milestone not only in the history of Vietnam but also the world as it contributed to the break-down of the global colonial system.

The victory shows that an underdeveloped country that used to be a semi-feudal colony with a small territory and population, and an inferior, under-equipped army had ultimately managed to defeat wealthy, superior invaders thanks to its strong unity and leadership of the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh, according to the article.

It was the victory of not only the Vietnamese people but also their Lao and Cambodian neighbours who had united to liberate their countries, leaving the French colonialists with no other choice than to sign the Geneva Agreement to restore peace in Indochina.

It set a great example for other colonised countries around the world to revolt against oppression and exploitation, contributing to the global fight for peace, independence, democracy and social progress.

The Dien Bien Phu Victory is of particular significance to Laos as Dien Bien Phu borders its provinces of Phongsaly and Huaphanh.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Celebrations ring out on Buddha’s birthday

The Vietnam Buddhist Shangha (VBS) held a ceremony in Hanoi on May 7 marking Buddha’s 2564th birthday.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was aired on An Vien Television, VTVCab, and social media to help Buddhists nationwide also celebrate.

Most Venerable ThichThanhNhieu, Standing Vice Chairman of the VBS Executive Council, read Buddha’s message of promoting social consensus, which is especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Ngo SachThuc delivered a congratulatory letter from the Central Committee’s President, which recognises the significant contributions the VBS and Buddhists at home and abroad have made to Party and State efforts to fight COVID-19.

A similar ceremony was held on the same day in Ho Chi Minh City.

Earlier, on behalf of Party and State leaders, Politburo member and Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong HoaBinh on May 6 visited and extended greetings to the VBS Central Committee, monks, nuns, and followers.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

QuangBinh offers discounts to stimulate tourism

The central province of QuangBinh plans to shift the focus of tourism from international tourists to domestic tourists while offering affordable prices to stir the tourism market.

On May 6, the People’s Committee of QuangBinh Province issued a document on the price reduction of a number of tourism products and services in the province, the Nhandan newspaper reported.

In particular, Oxalis Adventure Tours, the leading jungle and cave adventure tour operator in Vietnam, was allowed to lower the price of the tour ‘Conquering Son Doong – the world’s largest cave’ to 2,500 USD per tourist, which will apply from May 15 to December 31 this year.

The province also encouraged local travel enterprises to reduce prices for other tours exploring the cave systems of Va, Nuoc Nut, En and others to implement the 2020-2021 tourism stimulus programme in the post-pandemic period.

The provincial authorities have also allowed the managing board of the PhongNha – Ke Bang National Park to continue to pilot the tour exploring Vom-GiengVooc Cave until May 31 of this year.

After the pilot period, the managing board will report the trial results to the provincial authorities to consider the official operation of the tour.

The fee for a one-day tour to Vom-GiengVooc Cave was also lowered to 120,000 VND from 200,000 VND per tourist.

The provincial Department of Tourism said that the province welcomed approximately 35,000 visitors during the 45th anniversary of the liberation of the South and National Reunification Day on April 30 and May Day. The visitors mainly came from Hanoi and neighbouring provinces.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

PhuTho earmarks 2 trillion VND for rural development

The northern province of PhuTho plans to mobilise 2 trillion VND (85.2 million USD) to build new-style rural areas this year.

It aims to have at least ten new rural communes by year’s-end, raising the total to 120.

The province is therefore speeding up production in association with agricultural restructuring and focusing on developing organic farm produce.

Local authorities will encourage people to contribute funds and effort to develop transport infrastructure, irrigation networks, and cultural works in rural areas.

The province will also pay greater attention to building production and consumption chains and promoting key products under the “One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) programme.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Press teleconference talks Vietnam-China relations

The Chinese Embassy in Vietnam held a press teleconference in Hanoi on May 7 to discuss bilateral ties and international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19.

Speaking at the event, Minister-Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam Yin Haihong said 2020 is a special year in bilateral relations as the two countries are celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of diplomatic ties.

On January 16, Vietnamese Party General Secretary and President Nguyen PhuTrong held phone talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, dung which they agreed to enhance political trust and promote traditional solidarity and friendliness between the two nations for the sake of their people and for peace, cooperation and development in the region and the world, Yin said, adding that the two leaders also consented to properly settle existing problems in bilateral relations.

She said amid the COVID-19 pandemic, senior leaders of the two nations informed each other about the outcomes of fighting the disease in each country and discussed cooperation in coping with its new developments.

According to the official, cooperation in epidemic prevention and control has become a spotlight in Vietnam – China ties.

As China was at the most difficult time to struggle with the pandemic, the Vietnamese Government donated medical supplies worth 500,000 USD to China at the earliest time, she said, adding that the Vietnam Red Cross Society also presented medical equipment worth 100,000 USD to the Chinese people.

Vietnamese provinces bordering China also granted medical supplies to Chinese counterparts. In particular, two Chinese COVID-19 patients were successfully treated in Vietnam for free and the considerate care of Vietnamese medical staff impressed the Chinese people, she said.

Yin added that considering seriousness and demand of several countries, China sent teams of medical staff to share experience and offer medical supplies to them, including Vietnam.

About farm produce stuck at some border gates, Yin said the two countries’ authorities discussed measures to promptly deal with the issue.

Answering questions about ways to cut trade deficit between Vietnam and China, she said the two countries are striving to boost trade and investment, contributing to their sustainable trade.

The diplomat also mentioned measures to overcome economic impacts after the epidemic is pushed back and intensify two-way trade in the near future.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Domestic passenger transportation services resume from May 8

Domestic passenger transportation services will resume from 0:00 on May 8 to meet people’s traveling demand as the COVID-19 epidemic is under control in Vietnam, said the Ministry of Transport.

The ministry asked the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, the Vietnam Maritime Administration, the Vietnam Railway Authority, and the Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration to partner with provincial and municipal transport departments to grasp the situation in localities and promptly deal with arising matters.

They were also required to continue with epidemic prevention and control measures on transport vehicles in line with regulations.

At the same time, passengers were also advised to wear masks to mitigate transmission in case of new infections in the community.

Source: Vietnam News Agency