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Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) Announces New Board Seat for Google and New Board Member

Google joins OCP as an Executive Member, Google Engineer joins OCP Board of Directors

Google Distinguished Engineer, Parthasarathy (Partha) Ranganathan, will serve as the Director of the OCP Board.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP), a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure, announces today that Google is now an Executive Member and will hold a seat on its Board of Directors. Parthasarathy (Partha) Ranganathan will serve as the Director.

“Google has been very active in the OCP Community in recent years, and we are excited that it is expanding its participation and the potential for great technology collaboration,” states Rocky Bullock, CEO for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

“Google’s new board participation further represents how fundamental open hardware continues to be within the industry, and the only way we’ll continue to drive innovation within the industry is together,” comments Mark Roenigk, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

Kushagra Vaid of MIcrosoft joins the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) Board of Directors

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) also announces today the selection of Kushagra Vaid to serve on its Board of Directors representing Microsoft.

“Open standards for system and hardware design are essential to meet modern compute requirements,” adds Partha Ranganathan, Distinguished Engineer at Google. “We look forward to extending our involvement with the OCP Community to help drive greater choice and agility for the industry.”

About Dr. Partha Ranganathan
Partha Ranganathan is a distinguished engineer at Google, where he designs the company’s next-generation systems. Before this, he was a HP Fellow and Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs where he led their research on systems and data centers. He has worked on several interdisciplinary systems projects with broad impact on both academia and industry, including widely-used innovations in energy-aware user interfaces, heterogeneous multi-cores, power-efficient servers, accelerators, and disaggregated and data-centric data centers.

Dr. Ranganathan is a co-inventor on more than 100 patents, and has also published extensively, including several award-winning papers. He has been named a top-15 enterprise technology rock star by Business Insider and one of the world’s top young innovators by MIT Tech Review. He received his B. Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (where he was named a distinguished alumnus last year) and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Rice University, Houston. He is also a Fellow of the IEEE and ACM.

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) also announces today the selection of Kushagra Vaid to serve on the Board of Directors representing Microsoft. Mr. Vaid replaces Mike Neil, who has served over the past year. Mr. Vaid has been actively engaged with OCP since 2014 and previously served on the OCP Incubation Committee for several years.

“OCP would like to thank Mike Neil for his service as a member of the Board of Directors as we successfully worked through both key opportunities and key challenges over the past year,” states Rocky Bullock, CEO of the Open Compute Project Foundation. “Mike’s active participation was appreciated by all.”

About Kushagra Vaid
Kushagra Vaid is GM and Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft’s Azure Division, and is responsible for the architecture and design for cloud hardware infrastructure hosting Azure’s global scale services. Kushagra has been instrumental in driving Microsoft’s success as a leading hyperscale public cloud operator and is a recognized industry leader on infrastructure innovation and Open Source hardware. In this role, Kushagra also works closely with industry executives, VC firms and startups to shape the future of cloud infrastructure and is an influential change agent driving innovative disruption for new technologies and business models.

Kushagra is a strategic advisor to the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and also to several infrastructure startups. He is a sought after keynote speaker at top tier conferences and industry events.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2007, Kushagra was a Principal Engineer at Intel where his responsibilities included technology strategy, architecture and design for Intel’s Enterprise and Cloud CPU/Platforms. He has published over 25+ research papers in international conferences, and is also the holder of 30+ patents in computer architecture and systems design.

Kushagra holds a M.S. in Computer Science (SUNY Binghamton) and B.E. in Computer Engineering (VJTI Mumbai).

This news comes during the 2020 OCP Virtual Summit taking place May 12-15. This year’s Summit will be an interactive virtual experience for collaboration focusing on solutions for the growing demands of compute infrastructure. The 4-day event includes, keynote sessions, executive tracks, a Virtual Expo Hall with Expo Hall talks, Engineering Workshops and the OCP Experience Center. Click here to register. Registration is free for all attendees and the full schedule can be found here.

About Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)
The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) was initiated in 2011 with a mission to apply the benefits of open source and open collaboration to hardware and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center’s networking equipment, general purpose and GPU servers, storage devices and appliances, and scalable rack designs. OCP’s collaboration model is being applied beyond the data center, helping to advance the telecom industry & EDGE infrastructure. www.opencompute.org

Find out more about how to participate in the OCP Community at: http://opencompute.org/participate

OCP Contact:
Dirk Van Slyke
Open Compute Project Foundation
(303) 999-7398

Media Contact:
Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)
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Interesting Films and Disabled Hollywood Director Stephan Pacheco Unveil Brand New Movie About Heroic Nurses That Saved the Screenwriter’s Life in This True Story

“Nurses Do It Better” because they do

YUMA, Ariz., May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Film Director Stephan Pacheco unveils “Nurses Do It Better” at select film festivals throughout the world; hoping to find its audience at the Raindance Film Festival in London, The New Media Festival in Los Angeles, the Tribeca Film Festival, or the Sundance Film Festival. “Nurses Do It Better” is the first independent feature film with a true story from Interesting Films. A company that continues to expand the creation of intellectual property; starting as a digital publishing company in 1998.

The movie, produced in Los Angeles, brings together more than 40 actors with the most diverse cast ever assembled in Hollywood. This a direct reflection of the healthcare industry in the United States. With strong social relevance the film portrays America’s “two hospitals;” where some receive treatment while others are denied Humanity, even when comparable healthcare insurance covers the same services. Find details at: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6241888/ and http://www.NursesDoItBetterFlix.com and please join us for the worldwide premiere of this indie film on May 20, 2020 at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/239954 

An incredible true story about the reality of the US Healthcare system that mangles John, an average young man of 24. Who’s driven into hospital after hospital by a mysterious illness and the only thing he knows about it is that it can kill him within 30-minutes. Mr. Pacheco says, “NDIB could only be made as a first film. It’s far too important and real for a major Studio to make it.

Over 300 emergency attacks from inside John’s body force him to face prejudice from ER to ER as he’s treated like the junkie he might be by too many malicious doctors. He finds solace in the careful care of several beautiful nurses as time passes in between the seasons with the changing of his girlfriends.

“Greek Goddess” star of television and film, Despina Mirou is a featured Nurse and as a possible hallucination. Asian performer “Stresh” McNulty shows the audience how subtle medical malice can be. Transsexual method actor Tyler Vogel-Disalvo plays the real-life person that lived through it all. Learn more about the making of “Nurses Do It Better” here: https://medium.com/@spachec4/a-low- budget-film-director-thanks-his-cast-and-crew-with-the-most-heartwarming-letter-11809c093ee4

Creative Director Stephan Pacheco
Interesting Films


First instance trial on exam cheating scandal in Hoa Binh opens

 The People’s Court of northern Hoa Binh province on May 11 opened the first instance trial on the 2017-2018 national high school exam cheating scandal in which dozens of candidates had their exam scores increased so they could graduate high school and attend universities or colleges.

Thirteen out of 15 defendants who are former education officials, teachers and police officers in the province are being tried for abuse of power while performing their official duties to inflate the exam scores of students.

Among the defendants are Nguyen Quang Vinh, born in 1966, residing in Hoa Binh city, former head of the Testing and Quality Assurance Division under the provincial Department of Education and Training; Diep Thi Hong Lien, born in 1974, residing in Hoa Binh city, former vice head of the Testing and Quality Assurance Division; and Khuong Ngoc Chat, born in 1975, residing in Hoa Binh city, former head of the Internal Political Security Division under the provincial Department of Public Security.

Do Manh Tuan, born in 1979, residing in Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, former vice principle of Lac Thuy District Secondary and High Boarding School, is also charged for receiving bribes in addition to abuse of power.

Ho Chuc, born in 1975, residing in Phu Thanh commune, Lac Thuy district, former teacher of Thanh Ha High school in Lac Thuy district is charged for giving bribes.

According to the indictment by the provincial People’s Prosecuracy, the defendants abused their power and made use of their relationships to collude and intervene to raise the marks of candidates in the national high school exam in 2017 and 2018.

The intervention raised marks for 65 candidates who sat for the national exam in 2018 and one candidate who sat for the national exam in 2017.

Of the candidates benefiting from the scheme, 45 were forced to quit school after their exams were re-marked objectively, ten others could continue their university courses as their remarked scores were eligible for university admission.

Six other candidates did not attend university courses even though their remarked scores met universities’ requirements, one candidate failed to get university admission while another candidate did not apply for any university or college.

The trial will run until May 18.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Ten ambulances delivered to help COVID-19 prevention efforts

 The Thanh Cong Group and Hyundai Motor on May 12 presented 10 ambulances worth 10 billion VND (429,000 USD) to medical clinics on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

The two worked together to transform regular Hyundai Solati vehicles into ambulances or specialised minibuses to carry doctors, patients, and those in quarantine.

Despite operations at the Hyundai factory in northern Ninh Binh province being suspended from April 1 to 23 to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, a division tasked with turning the Hyundai Solati vehicles into ambulances and specialised minibuses worked hard to complete the transformation. The first vehicles have been given to medical clinics to support their battle against the virus.

A representative from Hyundai Motor in Vietnam said the decision to provide the vehicles was in response to appeals from Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for all to join hands in COVID-19 prevention and control.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

30 pct. of disabled made unemployed by COVID-19: UNDP report

 A UNDP report has found that some 30 percent of respondents in Vietnam who have disabilities were made unemployed by the COVID-19 pandemic while another 49 percent saw their working hours cut.

The report, which provided a rapid assessment of the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 on Vietnamese with disabilities, was released by UNDP Vietnam on May 12.

It aimed to identify the health and socioeconomic challenges facing the disabled and their families during the pandemic and formulate recommendations to the government on COVID-19 disability-inclusive response and recovery.

The assessment was organized within the framework of the Provincial Administrative Performance Index (PAPI) project, which is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea-Vietnam Mine Action Project, supported by the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

It was conducted through an online survey of nearly 1,000 people with disabilities nationwide between April 14 and 28. Phone and face-to-face interviews were also organized for those who live in remote areas or had difficulties in completing the survey online. In total, 986 responses to the questionnaire were received.

The survey also found that 59 percent of respondents saw their incomes reduced. Only 3 percent are actively looking for another job, while 19 percent are exploring additional ways to earn an income.

Some 71 percent of respondents had seasonal or informal jobs or were informal business owners, so are at risk of being ineligible for allowances from social welfare packages announced by the Government.

Only people certified as having severe or extremely severe disabilities are automatically entitled to receive assistance from the package, leaving out those with only mild disabilities, according to the report. As Government interventions are being rolled out around the country, it is expected that many more people with disabilities will receive support in the weeks ahead.

The report also indicated that awareness among people with disabilities during COVID-19 were high, with 67 percent of respondents feeling well informed.

The report put forward certain recommendations to the Vietnamese Government, including prioritising support for people with disabilities in urgent need of medical care and services and providing tele-health services where appropriate to facilitate health monitoring in the home.

It also urges the Government to provide food, financial allowances, and housing rental and utility bill support to ensure the financial security of those with disabilities, and guarantee that Government support packages are disability-inclusive by ensuring that coverage includes those working in the informal sector, by providing information on the package, and by introducing simple and transparent procedures.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Hanoi provides medical supplies to help Moscow cope with COVID-19

 On behalf of the Party organisation, administration and people of Hanoi, Chairman of the city People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung presented medical supplies to the Russian capital of Moscow and the Vietnamese community in the country on May 12, in support of efforts to tackle COVID-19.

Chung said all countries are making every effort to contain the pandemic but none can single-handedly deal with the problem. Enhancing international cooperation and solidarity is therefore of critical importance to stopping the spread of the disease and minimising its socioeconomic impact on each nation and region.

Based on the Vietnam-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership and the traditional friendship between the two capitals, the Party organisation, administration and people of Hanoi wish to share some of their resources with Moscow’s administration and people in the fight against COVID-19, he noted.

For his part, Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov said that under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the country’s Government, necessary measures have been adopted to curb the pandemic and Vietnam is now among the best performers in combating COVID-19.

On behalf of the Moscow administration and people, he thanked Hanoi for the gifts.

At the handover ceremony, Hanoi presented 100,000 antibacterial cloth face masks and 50,000 medical face masks to Moscow, along with another 50,000 masks to the Vietnamese Embassy and Vietnamese community in Russia.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Appeal court announces verdict for case involving ex-leaders of Da Nang

 The Hanoi-based High-level People’s Court on May 12 announced the verdict of an appeal trial for a case in which two former top leaders of Da Nang and their accomplices were linked with the illegal acquisition of State-owned housing and land in the central city.

The jury rejected the appeals lodged by Tran Van Minh (Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee in the 2006-2011 period) and Phan Van Anh Vu (also known as Vu “nhom”, former Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Bac Nam 79 Construction JSC) while reducing the punishments for Van Huu Chien (Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee in the 2011-2016 period) and some other defendants.

Accordingly, the prison sentence of 17 years for Tran Van Minh was upheld, consisting of 12 years in prison for breaching regulations on the management and use of State assets that caused losses and wastefulness, and another five years for violating land management rules.

The court also upheld the 25-year jail term for Phan Van Anh Vu, including 17 years for breaching regulations on the management and use of State assets that caused losses and wastefulness, and eight years for violating land management rules. Added with his punishments in other cases, Vu has to spend a total of 30 years behind bars.

Meanwhile, Van Huu Chien will be imprisoned for seven years for the former offence (down two years from the penalty in the first-instance trial’s verdict) and an additional three years for the latter offence. The total punishment for him is 10 years in prison.

Former Vice Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee Nguyen Ngoc Tuan also had his jail sentences cut down by 18 months for the former offence and by six months for the latter to 18 months each. The total penalty is three years in prison.

The jail sentences for Tran Phi (former General Director of the Da Nang Export-Import JSC) and Nguyen Dinh Thong (former Director of the Da Nang Land Management and Exploitation Company) were also cut down by 12 months and six months to 12 months and 18 months, respectively.

While three defendants were granted suspended sentences, the jury upheld the jail terms of between 18 months and six years for the 11 others.

Source: Vietnam News Agency