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Taconic Biosciences Launches Rapid Restart™ Program

First Animal Model Provider to Create Program Aiding Researchers Planning for Return

RENSSELAER, N.Y., May 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Taconic Biosciences, a global leader in providing drug discovery animal model solutions, announces the successful implementation of its Rapid Restart™ program.  Launched over a month ago, Taconic was the first animal model provider in the industry to provide researchers with a program specifically designed to aid laboratories transitioning back to increased productivity.

COVID-19 forced many institutions to discontinue critical research programs, and in some cases decrease their animal model use.  As institutions consider ramping research back up, ensuring scientists have access to animal models is paramount.  Taconic launched the Rapid Restart™ program to address this urgent and unique need.  Rapid Restart™ is a planning service that provides customers with a unique blend of flexible scheduling and availability assurances to ensure they have what they need, when they need it.

Scaling production of animal models is a complex process.  With over 65 years of experience, Taconic has sophisticated tools to align supply with demand.  Noting biology plays a large role in establishing timeframes, connecting with customers well-before laboratories considered returning to full capacity has provided Taconic with critical insight for inventory planning.  In turn, Taconic will provide researchers with supply chain continuity, ensuring no momentum is lost as they look to make up for lost time.  Most importantly, the planning precision afforded by the Rapid Restart™ program honors Taconic’s commitment to animal welfare by reducing the gap between supply and demand.

“Customer feedback on the Rapid Restart™ program has been overwhelmingly positive.  Researchers from academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies have expressed gratitude for Taconic’s willingness to partner during this unprecedented time,” shares Dr. Michael Seiler, vice president of commercial products at Taconic Biosciences.  “We have always found the greatest value in not thinking like a vendor, but rather a trusted partner for our customers.  That approach is more important now than ever before as we all look to get past the uncertainty and focus on research.”

Beyond commercially available animal models, Taconic also offers custom model generation and colony management solutions, which can play a role in how laboratories ramp back up capabilities.  Outsourced breeding is particularly important in contingency plans for laboratories, providing a consistent supply of animals to labs when their own facilities may be impaired.  The design, breeding, and maintaining of critical animal models is more important than ever to preserve research momentum.

To learn more about Taconic Biosciences’ Rapid Restart™ program or other services, please contact Taconic at 1-888-TACONIC (888-822-6642) in the US, +45 70 23 04 05 in Europe, or email info@taconic.com.

About Taconic Biosciences, Inc.

Taconic Biosciences is a fully-licensed, global leader in genetically engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic provides the best animal solutions so that customers can acquire, custom-generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute valuable research models worldwide. Specialists in genetically engineered mouse and rat models, microbiome, immuno-oncology mouse models, and integrated model design and breeding services, Taconic operates three service laboratories and six breeding facilities in the U.S. and Europe, maintains distributor relationships in Asia and has global shipping capabilities to provide animal models almost anywhere in the world.

Media Contact:
Kelly Owen Grover
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(518) 697-3824

MPO Recognized as “Visionary” in Gartner Magic Quadrant

    Global Cloud Platform Offers a Revolutionary Approach to MESCBNs

BOSTON, May 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MPO today announced their recognition by Gartner as the sole “Visionary” in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks. This milestone validates MPO’s mission to empower companies to boost both customer experience and operational excellence with a unique, customer- and order-centric approach to multi-party supply chain orchestration.

“For most companies, the value chain consists of 80% of external network activities. By focusing on internal systems, executives miss out on the extraordinary benefits that business networks offer – from improving delivery options, order fulfilment, and customer service to reducing inventory levels, transportation costs, and working capital,” says Martin Verwijmeren, CEO and Co-Founder of MPO. “Gartner’s Magic Quadrant clearly articulates the critical role of MESCBN technology, and we’re humbled to be recognized as Visionary for our platform’s ability to help businesses from diverse industries become innovative, competitive, flexible, and resilient through dynamic networking.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including being named a Top Logistics IT Provider, Most Influential Leader in Supply Chain Technology 2020, and launching their Emergency Relief Cloud Solution for companies impacted by the pandemic.

“With the recent global crisis, we’ve seen a surge in awareness, interest, and need for MESCBN platforms like MPO’s. Companies are realizing they operate within a greater ecosystem, and that their survival and success depends on the strength of their business network. MPO has invested years of research and development into the smart cloud platform, uniquely capable of optimizing micro supply chains. Customers can turn their end-to-end supply chains into a competitive advantage – delighting customers and growing sales – under any condition.”

To learn more about MPO’s Visionary perspective on Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks, click here. For information and resources on how to best leverage your multi-party network, including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, visit our solution toolkit.

About MPO: MPO offers the world’s only natively unified cloud platform for Supply Chain Orchestration. The platform complements existing enterprise systems with visibility and control, and optimizes order, inventory, and transportation across dynamic, multi-party networks. MPO processes over 2 million orders per day for over 200 leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics service providers. For more information, please contact info@mpo.com or visit www.mpo.com.

Party, State leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

A delegation of the Party Central Committee, the State President, the National Assembly, the Government, and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee on May 18 paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of the late President’s 130th birthday (May 19, 1890-2020).


Prominent in the delegation were Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, NA Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man and several former leaders of the Party, State, NA and Government.


Laying a wreath at the mausoleum of the President in Hanoi, the delegation pledged to firmly follow the revolutionary path set by President Ho Chi Minh, and strive for the consistent goal of national independence in connection with socialism.


The delegation also laid flowers at the monument to heroes and war martyrs in Bac Son street.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


President Ho Chi Minh’s thought on diplomacy – valuable heritage


President Ho Chi Minh, the founder of Vietnam’s modern diplomacy, has left the diplomatic sector with a valuable heritage, which is his unique thought on diplomacy, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh wrote in an article marking the 130th birth anniversary of the late leader.


According to the Deputy PM, President Ho Chi Minh gave prominence to basic national rights, stressing that independence and self-reliance must be closely associated with international solidarity and cooperation. The President attached great importance to friendship and cooperation with neighbouring countries sharing border with Vietnam, along with expanding relations with countries in the region and the world, and well handling relations with powerful countries for the sake of the revolution’s interests.


In the President’s view, diplomacy is a front, and the national strength should be combined with the era’s strength to create an overall strength. He always put Vietnam in the world’s flows, and paid great attention to the world’s centres of power and major trends.


Deputy PM Minh underlined that the Ho Chi Minh diplomatic thought also reflects the peace-loving tradition of the Vietnamese nation, and harmoniously combines national and international values.


He asserted that the President’s diplomatic thought is an invaluable heritage, the foundation of strength and the key for Vietnam to successfully implement the Party’s policy on external relations through different periods of the revolution.


According to Deputy PM Minh, it is thanks to the creative application of President Ho Chi Minh’s diplomatic thought that Vietnam’s diplomatic sector has made important achievements, contributing to maintaining a peaceful environment and attracting resources for national development, defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and enhancing the country’s position in the international arena.


The Deputy PM and FM said Vietnam attaches great importance to relations with neighbouring countries sharing the same border, and with strategic and comprehensive partners. At the same time, Vietnam has strived to develop substantial relations with neighbouring countries in the region and traditional friendly countries.


He highlighted that with its new position and power, Vietnam has participated in and actively contributed to most of important international organisations and forums, successfully performed many important missions and positively contributed to the settlement of many important international issues.


In an increasingly complicated international situation, the external affair sector has contributed effectively to firmly defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The sector has made great efforts in building a land border of peace, friendship and development with Laos, Cambodia and China. Amid the complex situation in the East Sea, the sector has timely and judiciously handled arising issues, resolutely and consistently defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimate rights and interests of Vietnam at sea, the Deputy PM said.


He went on to say that as the world is witnessing great, profound and unpredictable changes, Vietnam should continue to apply the Ho Chi Minh thought on diplomacy in a creative manner in order to stay inside the “era’s flow”, thus creating great power to take the country’s revolution to new successes.


The top diplomat stressed that Vietnam’s diplomacy must uphold its role as a pioneering front to maintain a favourable international environment and attract all sources of resource to serve national development, elevate the country’s position and defend the country.


“We must persist with the constant goal which is the supreme interest of the country and nation, while building tactics and acting in a smart and flexible manner to respond to changes in the situation,” Minh wrote.


Regarding the complex developments in the East Sea, the Deputy PM and FM said Vietnam will persevere with peaceful measures to settle disputes and at the same time is resolute to protect its most noble rights which are territorial integrity of the Fatherland and independence of the country.


Deputy PM Minh also made clear that Vietnam will continue to promote and enhance the efficiency of international integration, treasure relations with countries sharing the same border, deepen ties with countries in the region and the world, and elevate multilateral diplomacy.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

National ceremony marks President Ho Chi Minh’s 130th birthday


A ceremony was held at the National Convention Centre in Hanoi on May 18 to mark the 130th birthday of late President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890-2020).


Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong told the gathering that President Ho is a symbol of patriotism and revolutionary heroism.


He was the crystallization of the morality, knowledge, mettle, and conscience of the nation and the era, Trong said.


President Ho devoted his entire life to the glorious revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese Party and people and international friends, he went on, stressing that his fame and career will forever be in the hearts of Vietnamese people and humankind.


He passed down a valuable ideological heritage and is a shining example of morality and lifestyle to the Vietnamese Party and people, Trong said.


Recalling the late President’s glorious life and revolutionary career, he said President Ho’s thoughts are a comprehensive and profound system of views on basic matters in Vietnam’s revolution and are the result of the innovative application and development of Marxism-Leninism to Vietnam’s specific conditions and the promotion of traditional values and the absorption of humankind’s cultural quintessence.


His thoughts are also a precious spiritual asset of the Vietnamese Party and people that forever light up the revolutionary cause of the Party and people from victory to victory and contribute to the common struggle of nations around the world for peace, national independence, democracy, and social progress.


The founder and mentor of the Party, President Ho always paid special attention to Party building, in order to make it a truly revolutionary Party that has morals and is civilized.


Party General Secretary Trong quoted President Ho’s call for efforts to preserve and consolidate solidarity and consensus within the Party, saying that Party building and rectification must be in tandem with the building of the State of the people, by the people, and for the people, and the building of socialist democracy.


President Ho is a shining example and model of revolutionary morality, the senior leader said, and he urged officials, Party members, and the people to follow his teachings and examples to perfect themselves.


Trong pointed out the tasks ahead: continuing to enhance the building and rectification of the Party and the entire political system, making them pure and strong in politics, ideology, organisation and morality; and improving the leadership, governance and combat capacity of the Party and building a socialist State ruled by law, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”


It is necessary to promote the close-knit relations between the Party and the people, build the Party based on the people, promote the people’s democracy and right to ownership, and preserve solidarity and consensus with the Party, he said.


“In following President Ho’s instructions on enhancing revolutionary morality and sweeping away individualism, we need to resolutely, persistently, and actively purify the Party, prevent and drive back corruption, degradation in political ideology, morality and lifestyle of officials and Party members, and phenomena such as ‘self-evolution’ and ‘self-transformation’ within the Party,” he stressed.


Trong called for greater efforts to complete targets and tasks, first of all dealing with the adverse impacts of COVID-19, ensuring social welfare while optimising opportunities to fulfil socioeconomic development tasks in 2020, thus successfully completing tasks set for the Party’s 12th tenure and the 2021-2020 period and preparing and organising all-level Party congresses towards the 13th National Party Congress.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


HCM City honours individuals for COVID-19 fighting

Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee has honoured 233 outstanding individuals for their excellence in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, particularly their efforts in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr Tran Chanh Xuan, deputy director of Cu Chi district hospital in the city’s outlying area, was one of the outstanding models.


Xuan helped develop advanced techniques in traumatology and orthopaedics so that patients could be treated at the hospital instead of being transferred to city-level hospitals.


In November 2016, Xuan and his colleagues performed a high-tech total hip replacement surgery on a male patient with hip osteoarthritis due to complications from a traffic accident years ago. Since then, the doctors have performed hundreds of hi-tech surgeries on patients living in the district.


Dr Ho Hai Truong Giang, the hospital’s director, said: “In the past, patients who suffered from severe conditions relating to trauma and orthopaedics were transferred to People’s Hospital 115 and others. We are confident that we perform these surgeries well.”


Xuan added: “I want residents in the city’s outlying districts to be able to access high-tech healthcare services. This helps patients to reduce costs for treatment and time for travel.”


Xuan is one of 30 doctors and nurses at the hospital to volunteer to work at the Cu Chi hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.


The municipal Department of Health assigned Xuan to be deputy director of the Cu Chi hospital because of his expertise and prestige.


Dr Kim Phuc Thanh, head of the general planning division at Thu Duc district hospital in the city’s outlying area, is another outstanding individual honoured for excellence in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.


Thanh, 35, has 12 years of experiences and is trusted by the hospital’s leaders and colleagues.


The hospital sees 6,000-7,000 patients every day, requiring its health staff to work hard to meet demand and not make mistakes.


Besides tasks at the hospital, Dr Thanh is known for his participation in charity health examination and treatment programmes.


“People in remote areas in the country cannot access healthcare services provided by hospitals. We give priority to them in the charity health examination and treatment programmes,” Thanh said.


When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Can Gio COVID-19 treatment hospital was set up by the Department of Health. Thanh was assigned to become head of the hospital’s general planning division.


Thanh saw that residents living on Can Gio Island had problems accessing healthcare services. He spoke with the leader of Thu Duc hospital about improving the quality of Can Gio District Health Centre.


Thanh volunteered to provide technical assistance to the centre’s doctors and nurses, which improved residents’ access to healthcare services.


Dr Nguyen Ngoc Sang, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at Cho Ray hospital, was honoured for his achievement in working for charity health examination and treatment programmes in the city and areas near border gates and islands nationwide.


Sang is one of the doctors treating COVID-19 patients at the hospital.


Speaking at the ceremony last week, Secretary of the Party Committee, Nguyen Thien Nhan said that the honorees’ “useful work” helped people’s lives. He said they were “enterprising people” who have shown silent dedication to the city’s development.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


Thu Thiem residents to receive compensation this month

More than 300 households in a 4.3ha area located outside the original boundary of the Thu Thiem new urban area project in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2 will receive compensation this month in exchange for their land, a top city official has said.


Speaking at a recent meeting, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan said the city People’s Council approved the compensation plan for affected residents after a delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The municipal Party Committee’s Standing Board will instruct agencies to allocate land or houses to the affected households very soon.


“The decision was made based on the Government Inspector’s Conclusion on the 4.39ha outside the original plan,” Nhan said, adding the city has worked with more than 331 households and agreed on the compensation plan.


“The city government illegally took their land,” the Government Inspectorate said in its report in September last year. The city also did not set up an auction for land use rights, it said.


Authorised agencies are now assessing the land price based on the market price.


“The People’s Committee is about to work with investors to agree on the additional amount that they will have to pay for land-right use,” he said.


Nhan promised that the city would continue to take further steps to ensure a satisfactory solution for all affected residents.


Speaking at a recent meeting, Vo Van Hoan, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, said that residents would have three compensation options – cash, land lots, or resettlement accommodations.


Hoan recommended that residents receive land lots or resettlement housing which they could later sell at market prices.


The residents would receive land in another area in exchange for their land in the 4.3ha area where they are now located.


The city will base the price of the land on the State pricing framework and the prices of surrounding projects, Hoan said.


The farther the land is from the centre of District 2, the bigger the area the resident will receive as an exchange.


According to the Government Inspectorate, the Thu Thiem master plan faced longstanding complaints from residents because of mistakes made by the city government.


The Thu Thiem new urban area covers 657ha with nearly 30 percent of land lots to be developed for commercial purposes. Others are for public services including a central square, riverside park and children’s playground.


Covering 657ha, the Thu Thiem new urban area is located on Thu Thiem Peninsula in HCM City’s District 2, which faces downtown District 1 across the Sai Gon River.


Approved by the Government in 1996, the proposed financial district and mixed-use urban area of HCM City was expected to become the largest inner-city development in Southeast Asia.


To develop such a project, it has taken more than 10 years to complete site clearance of most of Thu Thiem Peninsula, with nearly 15,000 households already resettled. More than 99 percent of land in the proposed area has been cleared.


Source: Vietnam News Agency