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Canada seminar features President Ho Chi Minh

The Canada – Vietnam Friendship Society (CVFS) on May 17 held an online seminar on President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy and historic contributions to the people of Vietnam and the world, on the occasion of his 130th birthday.


Participants watched documentaries and listened to songs about the late President.


Steve Rutchinski from the University of Toronto said he was impressed by the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh, especially his dedication to Vietnam’s freedom by pooling international support for the fight against French colonialists and American imperialists.


Philip Fernandez, a member of the CVFS, said under the sound leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people are building a better future for each individual and the nation.


Participants discussed Vietnam’s contributions to the national liberation movement worldwide, and expressed their interest in the e-book “Ho Chi Minh Songs” by Nguyen Dai Trang with 25 songs translated into English as well as images of monuments and memorial areas dedicated to him in more than 20 countries.


On the occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada offered incense to the late President at its headquarters.


Speaking at the event, Ambassador Pham Cao Phong called on embassy staff to uphold the power of patriotism and follow the Politburo’s Decree No.05-CT/TW on strengthening the drive to study and follow the thought, moral virtues and lifestyle of President Ho Chi Minh.


He added that the embassy also plans to open a Ho Chi Minh display space at the Vietnam House at No.85 Glebe Boulevard, Ottawa. It is expected to be inaugurated on September 2.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

Russian people hold special sentiments toward President Ho Chi Minh

The people of the Soviet Union in the past and Russia at present always hold special sentiments for late President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Ngo Duc Manh has affirmed.


Talking to Vietnam News Agency (VNA) correspondents in Russia on the occasion of the late leader’s 130th birthday (May 19), Manh said that in his position, he has met many leading officials of the Russian Federal State, localities, Russian researchers, and Russian friends who have expressed their sentiments and respect for President Ho Chi Minh.


The diplomat emphasised the role of the President in laying a foundation for the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union in the past and Russia at present.


He revealed that on May 19, a video conference between Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam and Saint Petersburg of Russia will be organised, with Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan and Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov expected to deliver speeches.


The Vietnamese diplomatic representative office in Russia is working with leading officials of Saint Petersburg to speed up the installation of a statue of President Ho Chi Minh in this Russian city where he first set food in the Soviet Union, Manh added.


On this occasion, the VNA correspondents in Russia also had a talk with Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kolotov, head of the Ho Chi Minh Institute under the Saint Petersburg State University.


Kolotov, one of the leading Russian scholars of Vietnamese studies, affirmed that President Ho Chi Minh always left a good impression on those who once met him.


The Ho Chi Minh Institute is the first foreign research institute named after the late President in the world, he stated, adding that this year’s May 19 also marks the institute’s 10th founding anniversary.


President Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890 in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, the north-central province of Nghe An. He devoted his whole life to the cause of national liberation, while tirelessly striving for peace and progress around the world.


He also led the struggle for national independence and established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in 1945. The President passed away in 1969.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


HCM City honours individuals for COVID-19 fighting

Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee has honoured 233 outstanding individuals for their excellence in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, particularly their efforts in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr Tran Chanh Xuan, deputy director of Cu Chi district hospital in the city’s outlying area, was one of the outstanding models.


Xuan helped develop advanced techniques in traumatology and orthopaedics so that patients could be treated at the hospital instead of being transferred to city-level hospitals.


In November 2016, Xuan and his colleagues performed a high-tech total hip replacement surgery on a male patient with hip osteoarthritis due to complications from a traffic accident years ago. Since then, the doctors have performed hundreds of hi-tech surgeries on patients living in the district.


Dr Ho Hai Truong Giang, the hospital’s director, said: “In the past, patients who suffered from severe conditions relating to trauma and orthopaedics were transferred to People’s Hospital 115 and others. We are confident that we perform these surgeries well.”


Xuan added: “I want residents in the city’s outlying districts to be able to access high-tech healthcare services. This helps patients to reduce costs for treatment and time for travel.”


Xuan is one of 30 doctors and nurses at the hospital to volunteer to work at the Cu Chi hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.


The municipal Department of Health assigned Xuan to be deputy director of the Cu Chi hospital because of his expertise and prestige.


Dr Kim Phuc Thanh, head of the general planning division at Thu Duc district hospital in the city’s outlying area, is another outstanding individual honoured for excellence in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.


Thanh, 35, has 12 years of experiences and is trusted by the hospital’s leaders and colleagues.


The hospital sees 6,000-7,000 patients every day, requiring its health staff to work hard to meet demand and not make mistakes.


Besides tasks at the hospital, Dr Thanh is known for his participation in charity health examination and treatment programmes.


“People in remote areas in the country cannot access healthcare services provided by hospitals. We give priority to them in the charity health examination and treatment programmes,” Thanh said.


When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Can Gio COVID-19 treatment hospital was set up by the Department of Health. Thanh was assigned to become head of the hospital’s general planning division.


Thanh saw that residents living on Can Gio Island had problems accessing healthcare services. He spoke with the leader of Thu Duc hospital about improving the quality of Can Gio District Health Centre.


Thanh volunteered to provide technical assistance to the centre’s doctors and nurses, which improved residents’ access to healthcare services.


Dr Nguyen Ngoc Sang, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at Cho Ray hospital, was honoured for his achievement in working for charity health examination and treatment programmes in the city and areas near border gates and islands nationwide.


Sang is one of the doctors treating COVID-19 patients at the hospital.


Speaking at the ceremony last week, Secretary of the Party Committee, Nguyen Thien Nhan said that the honorees’ “useful work” helped people’s lives. He said they were “enterprising people” who have shown silent dedication to the city’s development.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


Thu Thiem residents to receive compensation this month

More than 300 households in a 4.3ha area located outside the original boundary of the Thu Thiem new urban area project in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2 will receive compensation this month in exchange for their land, a top city official has said.


Speaking at a recent meeting, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan said the city People’s Council approved the compensation plan for affected residents after a delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The municipal Party Committee’s Standing Board will instruct agencies to allocate land or houses to the affected households very soon.


“The decision was made based on the Government Inspector’s Conclusion on the 4.39ha outside the original plan,” Nhan said, adding the city has worked with more than 331 households and agreed on the compensation plan.


“The city government illegally took their land,” the Government Inspectorate said in its report in September last year. The city also did not set up an auction for land use rights, it said.


Authorised agencies are now assessing the land price based on the market price.


“The People’s Committee is about to work with investors to agree on the additional amount that they will have to pay for land-right use,” he said.


Nhan promised that the city would continue to take further steps to ensure a satisfactory solution for all affected residents.


Speaking at a recent meeting, Vo Van Hoan, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, said that residents would have three compensation options – cash, land lots, or resettlement accommodations.


Hoan recommended that residents receive land lots or resettlement housing which they could later sell at market prices.


The residents would receive land in another area in exchange for their land in the 4.3ha area where they are now located.


The city will base the price of the land on the State pricing framework and the prices of surrounding projects, Hoan said.


The farther the land is from the centre of District 2, the bigger the area the resident will receive as an exchange.


According to the Government Inspectorate, the Thu Thiem master plan faced longstanding complaints from residents because of mistakes made by the city government.


The Thu Thiem new urban area covers 657ha with nearly 30 percent of land lots to be developed for commercial purposes. Others are for public services including a central square, riverside park and children’s playground.


Covering 657ha, the Thu Thiem new urban area is located on Thu Thiem Peninsula in HCM City’s District 2, which faces downtown District 1 across the Sai Gon River.


Approved by the Government in 1996, the proposed financial district and mixed-use urban area of HCM City was expected to become the largest inner-city development in Southeast Asia.


To develop such a project, it has taken more than 10 years to complete site clearance of most of Thu Thiem Peninsula, with nearly 15,000 households already resettled. More than 99 percent of land in the proposed area has been cleared.


Source: Vietnam News Agency


Trial opens over land management violations at navy service


The Military Court of the Vietnam People’s Navy opened a trial on May 18 for a case involving Dinh Ngoc He, alias “Ut troc”, and other defendants on charges of “fraud, appropriation of assets,” “violating regulations on land management,” and “lack of responsibility causing serious consequences.”


Those accused of “fraud, appropriation of assets” include Dinh Ngoc He, Deputy Director General of the Thai Son Corporation under the Ministry of National Defence, and Chairman and General Director of the Thai Son Development and Investment JSC; Pham Van Diet, General Director of the Duc Binh Group Joint Stock Company and Managing Director of the Yen Khanh Production, Trading Service Limited Company; and Vu Thi Hoan, Director of the Yen Khanh Production, Trading Service Limited Company and Director of the Yen Khanh Hai Thanh Limited Company.


Meanwhile, Bui Nhu Thiem, former head of the Economic Division at the Vietnam People’s Navy; Bui Van Nga, former Director of the Hai Thanh Service and Sea Island Tourism One-Member Limited Liability Company at the Vietnam People’s Navy; and Tran Trong Tuan, Deputy Director of the Hai Thanh Service and Sea Island Tourism One-Member Limited Liability Company, are being prosecuted for “violating regulations on land management.”


Nguyen Van Hien, former Deputy Minister of National Defence and former Commander of the Vietnam People’s Navy, is accused of “lack of responsibility, causing serious consequences.”


When serving as Commander of the Navy, Hien signed and approved documents, without checking, for using three defence land lots for economic purposes that ran counter to regulations of the Ministry of National Defence, the Government, and the Land Law 2013.


At its 12th plenum last week, the Party Central Committee considered and decided upon a disciplinary measure against Hien – expelling him from the Party.


Bui Nhu Thiem, Doan Manh Thao, Bui Van Nga, and Tran Trong Tuan are accused of making wrong proposals that led to Hien’s lack of checking and then approving the documents, which caused great losses.


Meanwhile, Dinh Ngoc He, Pham Van Duyet, and Vu Thi Hoan are accused of acting fraudulently by forging signatures to transfer land use rights from the Hai Thanh company to the Yen Khanh Hai Thanh company for use as collateral on bank loans.


At a trial on July 31, 2018, the Military Court of Military Zone 7 sentenced Dinh Ngoc He to ten years in jail for “abusing his position and power while performing official duties” and another two years for “using falsified documents from agencies and organisations.”


Source: Vietnam News Agency


Gia Lai reburies martyr remains repatriated from Cambodia

The authorities of Gia Lai province held a ceremony at the martyrs cemetery of Duc Co border district on May 18 to rebury the remains of 16 Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts who laid down their lives in Cambodia.


In October 2019, the Central Highlands province launched a search for and repatriation of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts in Cambodia for the 2019 – 2020 dry season.


During the 20th campaign, from October 22, 2019 to April 3, 2020, the search and repatriation team K52 of the provincial Military Command found and repatriated the remains of 16 martyrs from three northeastern provinces of Cambodia namely Ratanakiri, Stung Treng and Preah Vihear.


Since its search and repatriation efforts began in 2001, Gia Lai has brought home remains of 1,428 martyrs from Cambodia.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

Webinar on President Ho Chi Minh held in Egypt

A webinar on President Ho Chi Minh – a hero of national liberation and a cultural celebrity – was held in Cairo on May 18, bringing together a number of diplomats and friends of Vietnam from Egypt and other countries.


The event was to mark the late president’s 130th birthday (May 19, 1890 – 2020).


Addressing the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Tran Thanh Cong briefed attendees on President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career, his contributions to Vietnam’s struggle for national liberation, and his visits to Egypt in 1911 and 1946.


The President has laid a foundation for traditional friendship between the two countries and peoples, Cong said.


Former Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam Reda El Taify showed his respect for Ho Chi Minh in his presentation, saying the President was a symbol of the liberation movements around the globe and one of the world’s most influential leaders in the 20th century.


Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Lebanon Chady Issa said President Ho Chi Minh had devoted his life to Vietnamese people and fight for Vietnam’s independence and freedom. He desired to build a good relationship with other countries, Issa said.


Another former Ambassador of Egypt to Vietnam Youssef Boutros said he has special sentiment towards Vietnamese people, particularly President Ho Chi Minh, adding that the Vietnamese leader had a close friendship with Egyptian President Gamal-Abdel-Nasser and they shared many similarities and made great contributions to their nations.


Documentaries on President Ho Chi Minh and his time in Egypt were also screened during the event.


Source: Vietnam News Agency