Aiming for zero: cities, companies ramp up climate goals

At a global climate summit in San Francisco, dozens of cities, regions and companies on Thursday pledged to say no to fossil fuel energy, gas-guzzlers on the road, waste, and CO2 emissions.

Mayors, governors, and CEOs from around the world have stepped into the climate breach with concrete action as UN efforts to implement the Paris climate treaty falter and President Trump dismantles US regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Jointly organized by California governor Jerry Brown and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the three-day summit showcased initiatives to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. Dozens of states, regions, and cities promised to start allowing only zero-emission cars, buses and trucks on their roads within a few decades. Tokyo, Seoul and Rotterdam, meanwhile, joined Paris, London, Barcelona, and Mexico City in vowing to operate only electric buses by 2025.

Source: VOV5