Apple prepping 12" iPads, dual-app viewing, multi-user login (Binary Option Evolution)

9to5 Mac (has a good track record with Apple product scoops) reports Apple (AAPL +1.1%) is prepping Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/4G 12″ iPad models (codenamed J98 and J99), and also plans to give its tablet line support for dual-app (split-screen) viewing and multi-user login.

Dual-app viewing, a feature long supported by Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablet/phone line, will reportedly be baked into iOS 9 and possibly shown off at WWDC (runs from June 8-12). The 12″ iPads and multi-user login are expected to arrive later. The dual-app mode (useful for business multitasking) will reportedly include support for 1/2, 1/3, and 2/3 views, depending on the app.

Bloomberg reported in March Apple had delayed production of a 12.9″ iPad (expected to be aimed at businesses and creative pros) to “around September” due to panel supply issues. Past rumors have stated Apple is thinking of including a stylus accessory and USB 3.0 ports; Apple just filed a patent application for a stylus whose input adjusts based on factors such as pressure and grip.

Apple is coming off an FQ2 in which iPad revenue fell 29% Y/Y to $5.4B, and units 23% to 12.6M. Tim Cook defended the business on Apple’s earnings call, noting a large portion of iPad sales still go to first-time buyers.