Binh Thuan: Dead whale brought to shore

Fishermen in Phan Thiet city, the south central province of Binh Thuan brought a carcass of a whale (respectfully called Ca Ong by locals) to the shore for burial on April 17.

The fishermen found the gray whale, 15 metres in length and more than four tonnes in weight, dead at sea on April 16.

Vietnamese coastal residents believe whales are sacred animals that help fishermen at sea. Therefore, they often rescue the animals or bury the dead ones in solemn ceremonies.

According to local practice, fishermen exhume whales’ graves after three years, and bring the remains to the local temple for worshipping.

Phan Thiet city has many temples to worship Ca Ong, with Van Thuy Tu being the largest. It is keeping a whale skeleton, which is 22 metres long, the largest in Southeast Asia.

Source: Vietnam News Agency