Cabinet confirms ‘Half-Half Fertilizer’ reduces costs for farmers

Government House, Cabinet confirms 'Half-Half Fertilizer' reduces farmers' costs and increases production potential Mr. Chai Wachirong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the cabinet meeting discussed extensively about the "Half-Half Fertilizer" project after the Prime Minister visited the area to meet with the people and MPs in the area. He stated that this year's rice planting will receive compensation through the "Half-Half Fertilizer" of not more than 500 baht per rai or approximately 10,000 baht per person, totaling 4.6 million people, while last year they received an average of 20,000 baht per person. The Cabinet meeting concluded that now is the beginning of the rice planting season, so we need to help with production costs and increase production potential by reducing fertilizer costs for farmers. We confirm that there is definitely no corruption problem with fertilizer producers because the government has developed two new fertilizer formulas for jasmine rice and paddy rice, which can increase production by 30-70 percent. When combined with 15 other formulas on the market, there will be more fertilizer available. Currently, there are 50 entrepreneurs participating in the project. We do not force farmers to use any type of fertilizer. Farmers choose for themselves. Source: Thai News Agency

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