Conference to launch SDGs in the Mekong Sub-Region

A conference was held in Vientiane on Thursday on implementing sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the Mekong Sub-Region, promoting smart agriculture, and enhancing the role of women.

President of the Academy of Social Sciences Doctor Nguyen Quang Thuan said Vietnam’s government has considered sustainable development a key goal in the national development strategy. Vietnam is one of the countries successfully implementing the UN Millennium Development Goals, dramatically reducing poverty and improving people’s living conditions.

Delegates discussed the concept of smart agriculture and solutions to implement action plans and development projects in association with the Agenda to 2030, MDGs in Mekong Sub-Region countries, climate change adaptation, and limited technology in Mekong Sub-Region countries.

The conference was organized by the Laos Academy of Social Sciences (LASS), the Korean Environmental Institution (KEI), the Stockholm Environmental Institution (SEI), the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), and the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC).

Source: VOV5