Da Nang turns wards, communes into “fortresses” in COVID-19 combat

Da Nang city’s steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control has sought measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread to four out of its seven districts.

The local health sector aims to administer 200,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the time ahead, said Deputy Director of the municipal Health Department Tran Thanh Thuy, adding that priority will be given to those working on the forefront of the fight in districts, wards and communes, residents living high-risk areas and people with underlying diseases.

Secretary of the city Party Committee Nguyen Van Quang asked all-level authorities to tighten pandemic prevention and control measures, from testing to the grant of travel permits.

Local police have also been requested to step up inspections and strictly handle violations.

Wards and communes must prepare infrastructure for the vaccination, he said, urging managing boards of residential areas to further carry forward their role in pandemic prevention and control.

Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Le Trung Chinh suggested the city’s police allow the reopening of Thuan Phuoc and Han River bridges, and increase forces at checkpoints there.

The city centre for disease control needs to soon announce results of COVID-19 testing among local households, he said.

Chinh urged localities to accelerate the support delivery to disadvantaged groups, tighten management at concentrated quarantine facilities, control home quarantine of F1 cases, and step up travel control at residential areas.

The central city aims to give at least one COVID-19 shot to all local residents over 18 years old within September, the official said.

With its experience in COVID-19 prevention and control in the past nearly two years, the city has proactively adjusted its pandemic responding policies so as to timely address arising difficulties and obstacles in taking care of the daily life for local residents amid the rapid development of the pandemic.

The timely measures and orientations, in combination with the determination and high sense of mutual support of the local community, have helped stabilise the social situation in the city.

However, great challenges remain in ensuring safety and social security for the local community due to the prolonged and complicated developments of the pandemic.

The wide dissemination of information on the pandemic situation in the country and in the world through the mass media has proved effectiveness in warning local residents against the pandemic and encouraging them to stay vigilant, but on the other side, it also a cause of worry among the people.

At the same time, some times and in some places, there is a shortage in the supplies of food and foodstuff, while social distancing measures have also caused concern among parts of local residents. But overall, with efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges, together with other localities across the country, Da Nang has managed to reap good results in implementing the dual targets of controlling the pandemic and boosting socio-economic development at the same time. The city’s ideological work has proved to be effective.

The city has gradually ensured the supply of necessities for daily life of locals, especially food, foodstuff and medicine, during the lockdown period.

Recently Da Nang's Department of Foreign Affairs has announced a hotline to provide support for foreigners as the city extended the lockdown period. The hotline has received many calls requesting support from foreigners. Most of them are about buying food, transportation to get vaccinated, making medical examination appointments and buying necessities. The majority of foreigners are experts working in industrial zones, most of who live in the two districts of Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son. After receiving requests, the department immediately provided necessary support such as transportation and registration for vaccination. Food and other necessities are bought and delivered to their homes.

Source: Vietnam News Agency