DESCON calls for technology to improve textile production (Daily Times (Pakistan))

The introduction of technology and reduction of inefficiencies could lead to high production of textiles in the country, which would ultimately grow the national exports. DESCON Chemicals chief Aamir Khan Niazi, while speaking with Daily Times on Tuesday, said the adoption of technologies and equipments has witnessed an encouraging trend in production plants in Karachi, a hub of textile industries that sustained productivity despite of energy crisis prevailing in the country. A number of companies in the city has set up their captive power plants to continue their production. However, emerging technologies of boilers are not only improving their productivity but also increasing their cost of production to get competitive advantage in the industry, he added. He said the energy crisis has greatly paralysed the production of the textile industry that had been relying on cheap natural gas, adding that alternate projects of power plants could help them reinvigorate their performance with better results.

Pakistan is the country with talented people but less technological ability has caused the corporations hiring extra workers in the industry in contrast to Vietnam and Malaysia, where advance system has replaced many humans with greater efficiencies, Niazi added. Mamoon Ishaq, a senior manager at Gul Ahmed, said the boiler technology offered by DESCON Chemicals saved companies’ cost of production with uninterrupted operations. Gul Ahmed is going to set up a coal-based power plant to further expand its productivity, which would be equipped with new available technology, he added.