Doosan Vina exports raw fuel heating equipment to Thailand

The Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam Company (Doosan Vina) on January 11 exported 2,195 tonnes of raw fuel heating equipment to Thailand under a project it had signed with JNK Heaters of the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The shipment comprised module radiant, convection, stack, heater duct, air pre-heater duct, platform and other products.

The TOP Fired Heater project was inked by the two sides in September 2019, aiming to supply 3,772 tonnes of equipment of fired heaters to Sriracha refinery in Thailand’s Chonburi province.

This is the second out of the four shipments as part of the project, after the first on January 20, 2020. The remainders are expected to be delivered in February 2021.

Last year, Doosan Vina conducted 1,004 shipments with more than 52,000 tonnes of equipment to nine countries around the world.

Source: Vietnam News Agency