Government asked to improve investment environment, develop high-tech agriculture

National Assembly deputies on Tuesday asked the government, ministries and sectors to improve the business environment in the context of global integration.

They said more preferential policies are needed to encourage enterprises to invest in agriculture and promote Vietnamese agricultural products in international markets. Nguyen Ba Son is a deputy for Da Nang city: “It is necessary to create the best possible conditions for enterprises to develop and encourage the participation of the private economic sector in policy making, especially policies related to enterprises’ rights and operation. The government needs to set up a dialogue mechanism to help investors resolve difficulties and encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

Deputy Le Cong Dinh for Long An province made some proposals on incentives for investment in high-tech agriculture: “The government needs to pay attention to land rental policy to encourage the development of high-tech agriculture. We need to support development models of high-tech agriculture on a small and medium scale. Enterprises should be provided credit at a preferential interest rate for investment and production”.

Ms. Ma Thi Thuy, a deputy for Tuyen Quang province proposed a mechanism to create links between economic zones. She said it is essential to have a specific mechanism for each locality, especially in remote and mountainous areas, to narrow the development gap.

Source: VOV5