Government issues resolution to support businesses amid COVID-19


The Government has issued a resolution on supporting enterprises, co-operatives and household businesses given the COVID-19 pandemic, with four groups of solutions.

The resolution, issued on September 9, requires drastically fighting against the pandemic and at the same time creating favourable conditions for enterprises, co-operatives and business households to recover, maintain and develop production and business.

Along with further allocating COVID-19 vaccines to priority groups, the Government asks the Ministry of Health to issue a document this month guiding the purchase of biological products and testing equipment to perform self-testing; study and develop mechanisms; and facilitate and encourage enterprises to import vaccines.

According to the resolution, the State will also carry out quality inspection, license, preserve and organise free vaccinations.

Secondly, the resolution requires ensuring stable production, smooth, efficient and safe circulation of goods, and overcoming supply chain disruptions.

In particular, the Ministry of Transport will guide localities to uniformly implement the “green channel” of road and waterway transport nationwide, inter-provincially and inter-regionally to transport goods smoothly, quickly and conveniently.

No additional conditions or permits are required, to ensure circulation of goods, especially essential goods, both for daily life and production.

Thirdly, the resolution asks to cut costs, as well as remove financial difficulties and cash flow for businesses, co-operatives and business households.

The fourth solution is to create favourable conditions for labourers and experts.

This month, the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs directed localities to relax a number of regulations and conditions on granting, extending and certifying permits for foreign workers to work in the country.

Source: Vietnam News Agency