Ho Chi Minh City checks motorcycle emissions

The Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City and the Institue of Transport Science and Technology under the Ministry of Transport on March 18 signed a programme to check exhaust emissions from motorbikes commuting in the city.

The programme will be carried out from April to December with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the air quality in the southern hub. Motorbikes in use for five years or more, regardless of their manufacturers, will be subject to tests.

The research results will be a basis for the People’s Committee of HCM City to ask the municipal People’s Council and the Prime Minister to issue a mechanism allowing the city to conduct trial examinations of motorcycle emissions.

The programme also aims to raise public awareness of controlling emissions from motorbikes.

The Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers will provide financial support for the implementation of the programme.

Motorcycles account for 90 percent of all means of urban transportation and are one of the major sources of emissions.

The sharp increase in the number of motorbikes on public roads has prompted government agencies to put them under environmental control.

According to the Department of Transport, as of June 2019, HCM City had 8.94 million private vehicles, up by 6.98 percent compared with the same period in 2018. These included 825,343 cars (up nearly 16 percent) and 8.12 million motorcycles (up 6.14 percent).

The increase in the number of motorcycles and cars is the major reason behind the traffic problems facing HCM City, the department said.

A survey jointly conducted by the department and the institute last March revealed that 63 percent of local residents approved the local government agencies’ efforts to restrict the number of private means of transport on roads.

Source: Vietnam News Agency