Khanh Hoa province marks 70th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s visit

(VOVworld) – On Monday, Khanh Hoa province celebrated President Ho Chi Minh’s visit to Cam Ranh seaport on October 18, 1946, when it was controlled by the French colonialists.

During a visit to France at the invitation of the French government, President Ho Chi Minh and French Minister of Overseas Territories Marius Moutet signed a modus vivendi agreement on September 14, 1946. On his way back home, Ho Chi minh visited Cam Ranh seaport at the invitation of French High Commissioner D’Argenlieu. The two talked and expressed hope of boosting friendship between Vietnam and France. The meeting with D’Argenlieu was a milestone in Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary and diplomatic career.

Le Thanh Quang, Secretary of the Khanh Hoa provincial Party Committee, said: “Khanh Hoa province was very proud to welcome President Ho Chi Minh. The movement to study and follow his moral example has involved many people and borne much fruit. The movement has proven effective in boosting Party building and local socio-economic development.”