Lunar New Year celebrations in Asian countries to be featured in Hanoi

Lunar New Year celebrations of Asian countries will be featured at the West Lake Water Park in Hanoi during the upcoming holiday.

On display are Japan’s cherry blossoms, wind chimes, lanterns in the shape of Koi fish, and good fortune cats. Festival goers will also see the red maple trees of South Korea, the red lanterns and the Forbidden City of China, and the nomadic culture of the Mongolians.

The pink peach blossoms that embellish Hanoi’s streets and the yellow apricot blossoms typical of Tet in the south will highlight Vietnam’s Tet space. In the first 4 days of Tet, visitors will be treated to dragon and lion dances, quan h? love duets, folk dances, magic shows, street music, and games.

Source: VOV5

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