‘Mafia III:’ New trailer unmasks Cassandra, the leader of Haitian Syndicate

Mafia III,” the upcoming crime game from developers Hangar 13, and publisher 2K Games, has received a new trailer on Cassandra, one of the three lieutenants of the game’s protagonist, Lincoln Clay.

The trailer gives a quick glimpse into the story of Cassandra, who is also known as “The Voodoo Queen.”

Cassandra is a ruthless leader of the Haitian Syndicate and is known for her mysterious nature in the game. She joins the forces of Clay, forming their own family as they take on the powerful Italian mafia.

Cassandra had witnessed first-hand trafficking rackets run by the Italian mob. She had vowed to take them down regardless of the energy and cost.

The trailer reveals that the real reason for her motivation to take on the Italian mobsters is revenge. But this short video does not go into the details of her revenge.

“Mafia III” is the continuation of the Mafia series of video games. The game is set in 1968 and is set in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, which is based on real life city of New Orleans.

The game’s protagonist, Clay is a Vietnam War veteran and becomes a mobster following the execution of his friends by the mob.

“Mafia III,” is expected to be released on Oct. 7, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: International Business Times