Prepare measures to take care of northern longans, accelerate exports to India

Chiang Mai, The Department of Internal Trade visited Chiang Mai Province to monitor the longan situation and confirmed that they have prepared measures to take care of it, including coordinating with exporters and collectors in and outside the area to purchase and dry the longan with a target of 100,000 tons, inviting gas stations to buy it as a gift, and organizing activities to promote consumption nationwide, while also accelerating the push for more exports to the Indian market. Mr. Wattanasak Suea-iam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed the results of the visit to Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province, to monitor the longan production situation and prepare measures to take care of longan farmers. This year, the overall longan production in the country, both in season and out of season, will be 1.44 million tons, an increase of 2%, with the northern region producing approximately 1 million tons, and Chiang Mai Province being the main plantation area for approximately 40-50% of the total production. The current price situation is in a good direction, with Grade AA at 40-45 baht per kilogram (kg), higher than last year at approximately 30-35 baht per kg. The department has prepared measures to take care of the production, which will be available from July to August, in accordance with the government policy of Prime Minister Settha Thavisin and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Mr. Phumtham Vejjayachai, who are concerned about longan farmers and have ordered the department to prepare measures to take care of them. For the measures to be implemented, there has been coordination with exporters, collectors in the area and outside the area to purchase the products, including both drying and exporting. The drying target is 100,000 tons, and there will be activities to campaign for consumption throughout the country, especially in tourist areas, including having gas stations collect and distribute both dried and fresh longans as souvenirs to the people who fill up their tan ks, as in every past year. From discussions with the country's top exporters who export to Indonesia and India, it has been confirmed that the market has increased demand for longans from Thailand and the Chinese market also has demand. Today, containers have been closed for export to both India and China. As for the problem of containers, there are currently enough and transportation is not a problem. Previously, the department coordinated with the shipping company in advance, which made exports convenient. 'The measures that the department has prepared are ready to be used to take care of longan production, including accelerating the release of products from the area, promoting exports, and using them to make dried longans. Another measure that will be used is processing them into pitted longans. This year, we will try it out and will also promote longan consumption. Therefore, I would like to ask our fellow citizens, if you find longans anywhere, please help consume them to encourage our fellow farmers a nd longan orchard owners. This year, the longans are very delicious, truly delicious, and of very good quality,' said Mr. Watanasak. However, the Department of Internal Trade had previously prepared fruit management measures for 2024 since November 2023, by preparing measures to take care of a total of 900,000 tons of fruit, with approximately 200,000 tons of longan in terms of promoting exports, processing, and campaigning for consumption, with confidence that prices would be pushed to a good level throughout the season. Source: Thai News Agency

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