President Quang meets Party cell secretaries

President Tran Dai Quang underlined the leadership role of Party organizations in state-owned enterprises at a meeting with 60 secretaries from the Party Organisation of the Central Business Bloc in Hanoi on January 4.

In his speech, the President said, “We should uphold the leadership role of party organizations and bases to effectively undertake the task of restructuring enterprises in accordance with the approved plans.

Attention should be paid to personnel work and the workforce, while taking measures to overcome difficulties, develop production and apply scientific and technological advances, thus improving productivity, product quality, and production efficiency.”

The State leader said he hopes economic groups, corporations, banks, and other state companies would demonstrate their role as key forces in the State economy, contributing to building a socialist-oriented market economy.

The State economy plays a leading role while the private economy is an important driving force and that all economic sectors are equal in cooperating and competing in accordance with the law.

He underlined the need to continue implementing the Party Central Committee’s resolution on reforming growth model and enhancing growth quality, labour productivity and economic competitiveness as well as Party building.

It is essential to implement the Politburo’s direction on stepping up the study and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, he added.


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