Prime Minister commits incentives to excellent teachers

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met with outstanding teachers in Hanoi on November 17 on the occasion of the Vietnamese Teachers' Day (November 20). Speaking at the event, PM Chinh hailed education sector for its outstanding achievements, saying that the national education system has been gradually perfected, approaching international standards. The quality of education at all levels continues to be strengthened and maintained. Education has met the basic public needs. Progress has been made in equity in education access, especially for ethnic minorities, rural workers, policy beneficiaries, and those in difficult circumstances. He said Vietnam's tertiary establishments and high schools have continued achieving high scores in international reputable rankings. The Vietnamese students have garnered many high achievements in Olympiads. According to the 2021 Education Rankings by Country, Vietnam was placed 59th globally, up five places compared to the previous year. Vocational training is increasingly develop ing in terms of scale, quantity and quality. Many students attained high achievements in global and regional vocational skill competitions. The Vietnamese labourers are gradually taking on many positions that were previously held by foreign experts, he added. The PM attributed such achievements to the dedication and contribution of the teaching staff - who always uphold a sense of responsibility and passion for their profession, saying that they tirelessly engage in self-improvement, do their best to impart knowledge, nurture skills, promote critical thinking, and instill ethical values for the future generations of the country. In line with the resolutions adopted by the 13th National Party Congress and the Party Central Committee, he highlighted the need to continue with drastic, concerted and effective tasks to achieve fundamental, comprehensive education and training reform. This is aimed at enhancing the quality of education at all levels, with a focus on fostering ethics and creativity of students. H e asked the Ministry of Education and Training, other ministries, agencies and localities to effectively pool and use resources to improve physical facilities, especially school kitchens, while preventing violence at school and developing school culture. The leader underscored the need to enhance the quality of the teaching staff and education officials. This involves a concentrated effort to review and fine-tune mechanisms and policies for recruitment, use and remuneration. The State must ensure teachers receive salaries commensurate with their efforts, particularly for preschool teachers, those working in remote and disadvantaged areas, and in hazardous environment. It is imperative to promptly address the shortage of teachers in the motto 'where there are students, there are teachers', but in a sound and effective manner, he said. On the occasion, the PM called on entities and people at home and abroad to join hands with the education sector in the noble mission of nurturing the next generation, toward promoting lifelong learning in the society. He assigned the Government Office, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, and relevant agencies to collect suggestions at the meeting to deal with difficulties and offer all possible support to teaching and learning. All efforts are directed towards the mission of training the workforce for the country./. Source: Vietnam News Agency