Radio Voice of Vietnam renovates itself for growth

Radio Voice of Vietnam has been a pioneer in innovation and application of a new mindset in journalism across radio, TV, electronic and printed newspapers.

VOV President Nguyen The Ky told the press on the occasion of the broadcaster’s 72nd anniversary on September 7 that VOV has been a media agency of the largest impact coverage of the resistance wars against the French and Americans as well as the war to defend Vietnam’s northern and southwestern border. Mr. Ky said: Thanks to VOV broadcasts, Vietnamese people on the southern side of the 17th parallel could listen to President Ho Chi Minh’s voice and the northern aspiration for independence, freedom, peace and national unity. VOV was the media agency with the largest impact. When the radio was established under the direction of President Ho Chi Minh, VOV created domestic and international services broadcast in French, English, and Esperanto. Now we have expanded to 12 foreign languages and 12 ethnic languages in Vietnam.

VOV President Nguyen The Ky said the broadcaster has 8 national radio channels, 18 TV channels, 2 online newspapers, and 1 print newspaper. He added that VOV has prepared itself for the 4.0 technological revolution: Radio and TV programs have been provided on portable devices so that the audiences anywhere can gain access to our frequency, including all radio and TV channels, electronic newspaper and the e-version of printed newspaper. The VOV Traffic Channel has been thriving to serve more audiences, especially those traveling on the road.

Source: VOV5

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