Russia opens for dialogue with US on international issues

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has described the US’s missile attack on Syria’s airbase in April as a hit to Russia-US relations, saying that their unilateral attempts to use military power to push one’s geopolitical interests are unacceptable to Russia.

In an interview with Russia’s Izvestiya newspaper on Sunday, Ryabkov added that negotiations on Syria in Astana remain open for US participation.

The Deputy Foreign Minister expressed concerns that political and diplomatic measures are not being achieved for the North Korean issue. Russia asked the US to stop its escalating policy that may increase tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Ryabkov criticized the statement by the US and the EU on Russia’s involvement in the implementation of the Minsk agreement as being unreasonable. He added Russia is open to the possibility of dialogue with the US on many issues.

Source: VOV5

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