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The Vietnam News Wire is what everyone knows about, specifically those, who seek the current happenings of the Vietnam, Asean region and international news that are related to both the country and the Asean region. While this website covers the regional and international news, we also make sure that it consists of domestic news that is influencing the lives of common people. The website has been in the news industry for a long time, and got unparalleled popularity, for which news websites constantly strive for.  The website understands the importance of adapting to ever-changing technological advancements, and that is why the highly advanced archiving system this website has and it is to let our readers find out any backdated news with comfort.

The rapidly increasing traffic on our news website is the clear indication that this website is the voice of the masses, and that attribute of our news website constantly reminds us to follow the rules of journalism. As our news website is known for publishing authentic news, we have to constantly maintain that credibility of our news website and for that our highly qualified staff examines the reliability of our news sources on a daily basis despite the fact that they have been providing us news for the longest period of time. This straightforward and clear policy has made us get the trust of people not only from the country and the region but also from the rest of the world.

The Vietnam News Wire believes in providing opportunities for businesses to grow and get recognized both regionally and internationally and for seeing the economic growth all across the world, initiatives have to be taken from grass-roots level. That is what we do through encouraging startup businesses to use our service such as the Vietnam Press Release Service and get a chance to exist among the famous brands in the world. This is what many startup businesses have achieved by using our service of submitting press releases. The website makes you turn our regular readers into your loyal customers of your businesses, and that is what only fewer online news websites offer.

Our readers on different social media websites, endorse that their points of views are appreciated by the Vietnam News Wire regarding different news on the site and that sort of compliment for our news website by our readers, ignites more enthusiasm in us to strive for coming up with quality news.