Seminar on preserving Vietnamese language on mass media concludes

A national seminar hosted by the Voice of Vietnam and the Vietnamese Linguistics Association on preserving the nature of the Vietnamese language on mass media concluded on Saturday. It discussed the preservation of the language in the global integration and the specific use of the Vietnamese language on radio, TV, print, and online newspapers. Participants highlighted the vanguard role of mass media in preserving and enriching the Vietnamese language.

President of the Voice of Vietnam Nguyen TheKy reviewed the seminar outcomes: “At this seminar, we discussed the need to preserve the Vietnamese language and the pioneer role of media agencies. Participants proposed the Party, State, and National Assembly to fine-tune policies and law on languages; and the need for a Code on the Vietnamese language as the national language. Media agencies should be aware of their tasks of properly using and preserving the language while encouraging the public to follow suit”.

Contributions to the seminar will be summarized in a book, which will be published as reference for media agencies and managers.

Source: VOV5