Siriraj Dean confirms that the bed of COVID is not full, recommending the 608 group to inject needles to stimulate


Siriraj, 27 May-Dean Siriraj confirm that the covid bed is not full Still in a normal situation, can be controlled, recommends that group 608 should hurry up to receive the booster vaccine to build immunity. Repeating COVID into a local disease The infection rate is not as high as in the past.

Prof. Dr. Apichat Asavamongkolkul, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mentioned the bed situation from COVID-19 that now the bed situation at Siriraj Hospital is still in a controlled situation and normally does not expand more beds like in the past. The current news that arises about the situation of the hospital bed that there are many patients who come to use the service belongs to Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital. Not Siriraj Hospital by patients who come to receive services of Siriraj Hospital There are both normal patients and severe patients. Most of the people in the 608 group have not been vaccinated for a long time, so I would like to invite those who reach the criteria for the booster vaccination if vaccinated for more than 3-4 months in the 608 group should receive it immediately, the rest still remain. use self-defense mechanisms such as going to crowded places should wear a mask for protection, Avoid close contact with people with respiratory illnesses to protect yourself. However, now the situation of COVID-19 believed to be entering a state of endemic disease Only now in the situation that the semester starts again Enter the rainy season and people may reduce their defenses. Causing to find more infected patients.-Thai news agency

Source: Thai News Agency