Social media image of Notley viewed through a scope draws criticism

An image posted to Twitter is receiving unfair attention according to the author.

On Friday, Twitter user ‘Richard Evans’, who uses the handle @NoLibs, posted an image of Premier Notley viewed through what appears to be a rifle’s scope.

The image was included in a tweet addressed to Progress Alberta, a group that says it’s ‘working towards a stronger progressive movement in Alberta’.

The executive director of Progress Alberta sent the tweet to Jason Kenney.

Kenney, who recently announced his PC leadership intentions, quickly condemned the Twitter post saying ‘this sort of thing is totally repugnant’ and ‘Twitter should ban such lunatic trolls’.

CTV Calgary gathered reaction to the tweet from Calgarians in Kensington on Saturday. Responses varied from ‘It seems pretty scary. It seems inappropriate’ to ‘That’s what Twitter is for – inappropriate things’.

The original tweet has been deleted.

CTV Calgary reached out to Richard Evans for comment on the controversial tweet.

Evans says the image was innocuous and that no threats were made towards the premier. The Twitter user, who says he now lives in the Philippines, defends the image saying it was not intended as crosshairs but as a ‘scope, often used for birdwatching’.

Premier Notley’s office has not returned CTV’s request for comment regarding Evans’ tweet.

Source: CTV News