Tet bonus in Ho Chi Minh City rises 25 percent

HCM City (VNA) The average bonus for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) in Ho Chi Minh City has been reported at more than 10.3 million VND (444.47 USD), a 25 percent rise compared to last year, according to the municipal Department of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Some 2,000 businesses with more than 415,000 workers in the city have submitted their plans for Tet bonuses, the department’s Director Le Minh Tan said.

The highest bonus reported so far has been 1.17 billion VND (50,500 USD) at a firm operating in the finance-banking-insurance sector.

Many companies offer Tet bonuses equal to at least one month’s salary. Pou Yuen Vietnam Co., Ltd., gives its workers a bonus worth one to two months’ salary; while labourers at Non Son Fashion Co., Ltd., receive a 13th month bonus as well as the Tet bonus.

Along with Tet bonuses, local businesses said that they will provide disadvantaged workers with free coach tickets to travel home for the holiday and Tet gifts. VNA

Source: Vietnam News Agency