A young man was arrested for looting the house of “A Supachai”, raking in over 2 million baht in assets.

Bangkok, A 29-year-old man was arrested for using his good looks to befriend a famous superstar sculptor. Before looting more than 2 million baht from his home, he confessed to using it to pay off online gambling debts. The Metropolitan Police served a warrant to arrest Mr. Thanandon, 29 years old, at a house in Soi Lat Phrao 94, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok, on charges of theft of a residence. Focusing on brand name clothing and leather goods and other property, a total of 13 items, including 1 car used in the crime This arrest Received a complaint from "A Supachai", a famous superstar sculptor. A thief broke into and stole property in the house in the middle of January. The total value of the assets the culprits got was more than 2 million baht. From the investigation, it was found that all the assets were posted for sale on social media. Therefore, we began to examine the route of origin of the products. The accused confessed through tears that Using his own good looks, he befriended the victims. I t took up to 3 years and he was able to go in and out easily. The reason why we did it was because we estimated that just building this house alone could get millions of baht out of debt from online gambling. Source: Thai News Agency