Accelerate inspection of the condition of cadmium waste storage ponds before transporting them.

Bangkok, Ministry of Industry Participated in a discussion with the Governor of Tak to expedite inspection of the condition of the cadmium waste storage pond before transporting it. Dr. Natthaphon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry Revealing the progress of the Ministry of Industry's cadmium sludge management on April 14, 2024, it was discussed with Mr. Somchai Kitcharoenrungroj. Governor of Tak Province Regarding the readiness of the area to transport cadmium mineral sludge back to landfill at the original mineral sludge source in Tak Province. According to the guidelines of the cadmium waste and zinc waste transport management committee. There was a meeting to plan the transportation of cadmium sludge on April 13. Recently, the Ministry of Industry received good cooperation from relevant government agencies in Tak Province. They have jointly prepared to inspect the worksite area, such as checking the strength of the landfill pond to ensure it is correct according to engineering p rinciples. Inspection of the structure and surface of cement ponds The flushing water collection system and the bottom of the pit are laid as specified in the environmental impact assessment. (Environmental Impact Assessment: EIA) Inspect the machinery for transporting Big Bag cadmium mineral sludge to landfill. Including the assessment of the environment to be appropriate. Do not affect the people in the area. which the Ministry of Industry We ask that people have confidence in the landfill system that it is safe according to academic principles and is as safe as possible for people in the area. Tak Province has issued an order to use The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act of 2007, according to Section 29, announces prohibiting people from entering to live or conduct any business in the factory area, landfill area within a radius of 100 meters from the area surrounding the waste storage pond. Industry, including 7 ponds and a storage building with cadmium mineral sludge packed in big bags inside the bui lding for a period of 90 days from the announcement date onwards. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry We also coordinated closely with Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok. to jointly inspect and follow up on suspicious factories in the Bangkok area which from inspection in the past No additional cadmium mineral sludge has been found. As a result, at present the amount of cadmium mineral sludge found remains at 12,535 tons. However, he has also emphasized that the team of officials of the Department of Industrial Works and the Provincial Industrial Office will continue to inspect and follow up on factories and warehouses in the suspected area. There must be a continuous search for cadmium mineral sludge. 'The Ministry of Industry intends to solve this matter carefully. We have coordinated with relevant agencies from the area of ??Tak province, which is the source of the original mineral sludge landfill. Including all provinces where illegal storage of cadmium mineral sludge has been detected. so that people can be confident in their safety and efficiency of operations of related government agencies,' Dr. Nattaphon said. Source: Thai News Agency