Asking to move on the issue of “Big Tor -? Big Joke” insisting that “Thaksin” will not dominate the government.

Royal Thai Police, The Prime Minister has requested to move on. The issue of "Big Tor - Big Joke" conflict is a matter of the judicial process, saying it is "Big Joke's" right. Cancel leave from foreign countries, confirm "Thaksin" joins Pheu Thai Party Not involved in government control Mr. Settha Thaweesin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Said after chairing the meeting of the Police Civil Service Commission (P.C.C.) No. 2/2024, regarding the Prime Minister's previous Ordered to stop giving news about the conflict between Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police and Police General Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. But right now there is still a back-and-forth response through the media saying that they have not heard of such a matter. But at today's meeting, we clearly emphasized that we would like all police officers to return to their primary duty of caring for the people. Give the story of both cases. Proceed according to the justice pro cess without intervention? During the discussion, Mr. Chatchai Promlert, former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, and Police Chief Winai Thongsong, former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, who were two members of the committee investigating the facts in this matter, were invited out of the meeting room. Also at the meeting There is also discussion about personnel development. and many matters that are beneficial to the Royal Thai Police There was no discussion about the past. which he clearly emphasized Everyone agreed that We should be able to move on. Attorney Sitra's part birth allowance Came out to reveal various information Must this information be taken into account in the audit committee or not? The Prime Minister said that today he came as the chairman of the National Police Commission and he is not involved in this matter. Because there is a committee to verify the truth. It is your duty to consider. whether the information is appropriate or not for further consideration Whil e Police General Surachet Came out to post a message via personal Facebook. that he had been assigned an important mission by the Prime Minister Therefore canceled the trip abroad. The Prime Minister stated that he did not remember what the matter was. It's your matter. You have already left. 'When the order is given You can leave. Because if you want to work, you can already do it. These matters can already be canceled or requested to be rescheduled. According to government administration regulations He didn't have time to look at the details whether to cancel or not cancel. I am a government official. There are many other sectors that the Prime Minister must take care of. I believe that everyone follows the rules,' Mr. Settha said. As for the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister Traveling into the Pheu Thai Party headquarters today (March 26) may be seen as government domination. The Prime Minister said that people can see many things. It's up to your opinion. But himself as Prime Ministe r You do not dominate the government. However, at the end Before returning from the Royal Thai Police Headquarters, the Prime Minister reiterated to the media that "Don't forget to cheer for football". Source: Thai News Agency