“Big Kong” confirms that he abducted Reed in the Sai Mai area, not the Crime Suppression Division police.

Bangkok: Big Kong" confirms that the 4 young men who extorted money in the Sai Mai area are not the police. The Crime Suppression Division insists that they are investigating and looking at the expressions themselves. It is expected that he will be arrested soon. "Big Tao" confirms the robbery case. The police followed evidence that was not related to any political party. Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Phuridej, Commander of the Central Investigation Police Lead the team to announce outstanding performance results under the concept of "CIB Performance Against Crimes", emphasizing the vision of being professional, impartial, side by side with the people. On the occasion of the 83rd anniversary of the founding of the Central Investigation Police, the police under the agency participated in unison. Then the Central Investigation Police Commander Revealing progress in the case of a group of 4 young men claiming to be police from the Crime Suppression Division. Aum extorted 100,000 baht from the victims in the Sai Mai ar ea, saying that officials had started investigating since yesterday after the incident. Initially, it was believed that they were not real police officers. But still unable to reveal various details Can go beyond this. Although initially believed that they were not police officers, if they were Will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Because it is clearly considered a criminal offense. and believe that all 4 suspects can definitely be arrested In this case, the Central Investigation Bureau investigated on its own. As for the legal case, it has been coordinated with the Sai Mai Police Station. Important information has been obtained but cannot be disclosed. 'Inspection section Are you really a police officer? Ask to see your identification card or if you are still not sure you can call the police agency. This is to prevent impersonation of officials,' Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapop said. Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew, deputy commander of the Central Investigation Police. Revealing the progress of the c ase against the Director-General of the Rice Department that On Monday February 12th Investigators called several people related to the Prime Minister's Office to provide information and two government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture who provided information to this group of people. Will travel to meet on Monday as well. But it will be in the form of a conversation and not an interrogation at all. As for this Thursday, February 15th, people close to Mr. Srisuwan have coordinated with officials. to come and acknowledge the allegations Including Mr. Weera will travel to meet with the investigating officer to provide information as well. In addition, the victims were found by Mr. Srisuwan's group. Tapsap Meejamnong will gradually come to provide additional information as well. As for the financial route, Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat confirmed that the financial route in this area is clear to everyone, including other evidence. At the meeting of the investigative team, they will go and look at every c ircle. But what matters is whether the victim will testify or not. It is considered a troubling matter for the investigative team and the preliminary information is that this group of suspects acted in many cases. Therefore, I want information on every case because it will be beneficial to the case. for use in further litigation However, doing this case has an impact because There is talk of destroying political parties. But I would like to confirm. The officials acted according to the evidence. It is not related to any political party and some of the legal issues that are discussed. It is considered that the person speaking may not yet understand some things. Because what the police do is relevant and consistent with the law. which has been studied enough that everything has a reason Because those who give information about various matters now look at it as not being fact. "The summary of the case" will be carried out quickly within the circle of the Director-General of the Rice Department to make the case complete and serve as a guideline for other investigations. which uses various cases Come as a witness to make the statement stronger and to expand the circles where this group commits crimes to cover all circles,' Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat said Source: Thai News Agency