Chiang Mai faces smog, rising to be one of the top 10 polluted cities in the world.

Chiang Mai Weather in Chiang Mai city. This morning is covered with dense smog, ranking among the 8 largest cities in the world with pollution. Found 13 hot spots The weather in Chiang Mai this morning is densely covered with smog. Hourly dust values from the Climate Change Information Center, Chiang Mai University, as of 9:00 a.m. in the past, some points were higher than 100 micrograms per cubic meter. For example, in the Suan Dok community area in Chiang Mai city, the level was as high as 177 micrograms per cubic meter. Making this morning, Chiang Mai province has risen to the 8th largest city in the world with pollution. From the ranking of the IQ Air website Found 13 hot spots, 7 of them mostly in Mae Chaem District. Source: Thai News Agency