“Chuan” stated that “Thaksin” recovering from illness is a good thing. But we all know that the government is unequal.

Bangkok, "Chuan Leekpai" reveals that "Thaksin" can join the Pheu Thai Party. Getting well is a good thing. But it is known throughout the city that the government neglects equality. Mr. Chuan Leekpai, former Prime Minister and former Speaker of the National Assembly Referring to the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister. will travel to join the Pheu Thai Party today that your party has the right to go. When asked about the return of Mr. Thaksin And starting to have political momentum, Mr. Chuan said that the problem is that when people are sick and get well, it is considered a good thing. But it is known whether there are illnesses that require access to the 14th floor of the police hospital or not. It is known throughout the city that this government neglects to preserve equality. bias It is clearly an action. Don't talk about the person. I would like to speak according to the principles that The behavior of this government that has been practiced As for actions and joining the party toda y Will it be considered domination or not? Mr. Chuan refused to answer the said question. When asked whether he would participate in the government debate or not, Mr. Chuan stated that he had not yet reached an agreement. Source: Thai News Agency