Closed case of foreigner killing wife, police reveal confession because he succumbed to evidence

Nakhon Ratchasima, Closing the case of a Swiss man who killed his Thai wife while hiding in a corn field, police said the suspect confessed. Because she gave evidence contrary to important evidence, the daughter didn't want to believe that her stepfather would dare to take action. Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Investigation Team Use CCTV footage as important evidence. Accompanying the questioning of Mr. Roland, the accused in the murder case of Ms. Orathai, his Thai wife, because his testimony contradicted the CCTV footage. who claimed that on the day the deceased disappeared he was at home Didn't go anywhere But when checking the CCTV It was found that the accused had ridden a motorcycle and left the house. and walking on the road Plus asking questions and finding refuting information. Make the accused surrender with evidence and confess. before taking him to point out the place where his wife's body was taken on a motorcycle Left it in the corn field. It is about 3 kilometers from the house. In this case, the deceased had only disappeared on the evening of January 8, 2024, amid relatives' suspicions that Mr. Roland might be involved. Meanwhile, the deceased's inheritance, amounting to more than 13 million baht, received from her ex-husband has disappeared. It took the police 21 days to investigate and interrogate Mr. Roland until he confessed. Pol. Lt. Gen. Itthiphon Atchariya Pradit, Assistant Police Commander, revealed that from the report of the investigative team that The trigger for this murder It happened after the accused and the deceased. There was a quarrel. About the story of the woman finding out she was with another woman. Until a quarrel broke out The accused used his hands to strangle the victim to death. before taking the dead body out of the window next to the house Get on a motorcycle Using the groin of the deceased's body in the front of the car. The body was dumped in the corn field where the body was found. Then parked the motorcycle in a rice field. To create a story that the deceased ran away from home on his own, at the same time investigators collected blood stains at the deceased's residence. Including the dumping ground for forensic evidence Because I don't want the case to be wrong. At this time, it is believed that only one of the suspects committed the crime. And there is still no testimony. There are only images from CCTV cameras. and DNA at the crime scene It can be determined that the accused acted alone. In the case of inspection, it was found that there was a Jack of Hearts card inside the deceased's mouth. The accused has not yet told this matter. We must wait for a detailed questioning again. Pol. Maj. Gen. Narongrit Dansuwan, Provincial Police Commander, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, said the police have filed charges. Intentionally killing another person and conceal the corpse And will wait for medical confirmation of the clear cause of death. that may be able to report other charges More relevant to the accused After confessing I felt sorry and felt sorry for what I had done. While Miss A was 19 years old, the daughter of the deceased. I admit that I was very angry with Mr. Roland. Because he was the one who took my mother's life. But I couldn't do anything. And I can't get my mother back. throughout the entire period since my mother disappeared He always suspected that Mr. Roland stepfather likely to be involved in this matter I can't believe it. Will you dare to do it? Because in the past, Mr. Roland has always been good to his family. As for the issue of the deceased's 13 million baht inheritance received from her ex-husband since 2021, the deceased's relatives are no longer suspicious. Because in the past this money was used In spending in the family for more than 3 years Source: Thai News Agency