“Director General Joe” reveals his revenge on the money-snatching gang. Confirmed that he had been tested many times and was not wrong.

Bangkok, Director-General of the Rice Department opens up for the first time. After reporting the arrest of "Srisuwan" and those who expressed revenge for being slapped with property. Invaded the house to explain that The test results came out not wrong. Asking "Sri" who was he who didn't stop, "Thammanat" appeared to give support, stating that the results of the fact check, as previously requested, did not find any wrongdoing. The budget of 15 billion was transferred to the Ministry of Commerce as financial aid. farmer "Rai Thousand Project" Mr. Natthakit Khongthip, Director-General of the Rice Department, made a statement at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Open your heart for the first time After notifying the police. Stacking up plans to arrest Mr. Srisuwan Janya, leader of the Patriot Organization. Rak Phaendin and the 3 people who extorted money in exchange for not complaining about the Rice Department project, claiming that showing suspicion of corruption Mr. Natthakit said Him and Mrs. Thanyarat Chaisiri Kunakorn The wife gathered information for quite some time before reporting it to the police. When contacted by these groups Threatened to extort money Until on November 28, 2023, he decided to go to Mr. Srisuwan's house with a grievance that What will you complain about? When the results of the fact-checking by the Ministry of Agriculture Since the complaint was issued, no fault has been found. At that time, "P'Moo", advisor to Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, was invited to be a witness because he was a respected adult. But I had never studied this matter with Captain Thammanat before. However, "P'Moo" never advised about paying Mr. Srisuwan to end the matter. On November 28, when he went to Mr. Srisuwan's house, there was no payment. But go to cut off the annoyance When informed of the results of the investigation that it was found that there was no fault, Mr. Srisuwan did not answer anything. After that, Mr. Srisuwan's group did not stop and decide d with his wife to collect evidence to file a legal action, confirming that Captain Thammanat's team did not know about this matter. No matter what anyone claims. Please only listen to what he has to say. Then on December 20, 2023, Mr. Srisuwan held a press conference at Parliament regarding complaints about the procurement of aircraft by the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation. By concluding that will petition the Director-General of the Rice Department The next day, Mr. Yoswarit Chu lullaby or cool Club and personal secretary met at the Rice Department. Mr. Yoswarit introduced himself by his position as shown in the news. Mr. Natthakit said Contacting Mr. Srisuwan's group to collect evidence He gave it to his wife to handle because he was a government official and had to work through his wife's negotiations and bringing the money to Mr. Srisuwan every time. It's a lure. The part where you have to lure them into buying them many times because you won't be able to catch anyone once. The re must be clear, solid evidence. In consultation with the police. already However, it is not known whether Why was it targeted? As for the matter of people saying that politicians and former executives of the Ministry of Agriculture "P" ordered them to be quiet, the Director-General of the Rice Department denied knowledge and stated that he did not know anything about it. After the threatening and extortion incident occurred Whoever called didn't answer. Some information cannot be said because it is in the lawsuit. Before Mr. Srisuwan's group contacted There was an information letter sent to complain about a project from the Rice Department. But the envelope was addressed incorrectly. Instead of sending it to the Minister of Agriculture Instead, it was addressed in his own name. Therefore, he began to know about the abnormality and reported it to the police station. Kaeng Sanam Nang, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. In the letter and the matter that Mr. Srisuwan complained about, the budget is 15 billion baht, a project to support the reduction of agricultural production costs. For rice farmers worth 15,255 million baht who claim there is corruption, when in fact it is The Rice Department does not manage this budget at all. Because later the Cabinet Changed the use of the budget to a project to support management costs and develop product quality for rice farmers in the production year 2022/23 or the "Per Rai Thousand Project" of the Department of Internal Trade. Ministry of Commerce By having the Rice Department order a check for 15,255 million baht to be paid into the farmers' accounts. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives set up a committee to investigate the facts. It was not wrong because he had not managed this budget at all and had already informed Mr. Srisuwan. Mr. Natthakit reiterated that I didn't know Mr. Srisuwan before. I knew that Mr. Srisuwan was a 4-year junior at Maejo University when I was behind in class. The behavior of Mr. Srisuwan If it was during school days when new students were ac cepted, they would have to have their heads 'half shaved, covered with a red cloth, sat on a salang, and run around the pool. Pay off the losses' and must have been hit by a banana stalk. Who was 'Sri' to not stop? Understand the grievances of government officials who have done nothing wrong. And was it done to you? During the press conference Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, returns from a Cabinet meeting. So he came to give support to the Director-General of the Rice Department, stating that they talk regularly. Both the Director-General and Mrs. Tim Don't have to say much. Director-General of the Rice Department thanks Captain Thammanat for his encouragement. Captain Thammanat said Even though the results of fact-checking complaints about various projects Especially the 15 billion baht project has come out and it's not wrong. But when the issue arose again, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives set up a committee to examine the facts again. But please don't look at that. The Ministry of Agriculture is the perpetrator, but it is also the victim. As for Mr. Srisawan's complaint about the purchase of airplanes by the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry has also appointed a committee to examine the facts. Will Mr. Srisuwan's group be contacted in the same way as the Director-General of the Rice Department or not? The Director-General of the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation is currently preparing a letter to explain the matter to the fact-finding committee. Source: Thai News Agency