In 2023, the GH Bank issued new loans of 253,860 million baht, ready to accelerate the resolution of household debt.

Bangkok, At the end of 2023, GH Bank issued new loans of 253,860 million baht, moving forward to solve household debt problems in 2024, registering 3,853 accounts with debt worth 4,544 million baht. Mr. Kamonpop Weerapala, Managing Director Government Housing Bank (GH Bank) revealed that at the end of 2023, GH Bank was able to grant new loans of 253,860 million baht to 197,730 accounts, higher than the target of 235,480 million baht, divided into new loans for low and middle income groups, loan amounts not Exceeding 2.5 million baht, numbering 121,308 cases, 3.84 percent higher than the target of 116,817 cases, making at the end of the 4th quarter of 2023 compared to the end of 2022, the bank had a total of 1,713,544 million baht of outstanding loans, an increase of 7.21 percent, total assets of 1,785,575 million baht. Increased by 7.60 percent. Total deposits were 1,540,652 million baht, increased by 8.76 percent. For non-performing loans (NPL), the amount was 66,343 million baht, accounting for 3.87 per cent of the total loan balance. Better than the set target and still at a manageable level. The Bank has gradually set aside provisions for doubtful debts in the amount of 147,197 million baht, an increase of 14.09 percent, or equivalent to NPLs at the level of 221.87 percent, reflecting the stability and readiness of GH Bank to absorb future impacts. There was a net profit of 14,620 million baht, resulting from more efficient control of expenses within the bank, while the capital adequacy ratio to risk assets (BIS Ratio) stood at a strong level of 15.21 percent. higher than the minimum capital adequacy rate of The BoT set it at 8.50 percent. At the same time, GH Bank continues to help alleviate the suffering of customers whose income has been affected. To be able to pay in installments as appropriate continuing from 2023 according to government policy. in resolving debt with quality In line with the Bank of Thailand's (BOT) Responsible Lending guidelines through "Measures to Solve Household Debt Problems i n 2024" consisting of 1. Household Sector Measures "HD1" For SM status customers who have borrowed money from the bank for not less than 3 years, pay installments for the 1st-3rd month in the amount of 1,000 baht (all principal payments will be deducted) with an interest rate of 0% per year. 2. Household sector measures 'HD2' for the group SM status customers who have borrowed money from the bank for at least 1 year, pay installments for the 1st - 3rd month, calculated from an interest rate of 1.90% +100 baht and 3. Household sector measures "HD3" for NPL status customers who borrow money with Bank for at least 2 years, installment payment for the 1st - 4th month, amount of 1,000 baht (all principal payments will be deducted), interest rate 0% per year. Customers have been opened to register and notify their wish to join the measure through the Application: GHB ALL BFRIEND. and branches nationwide Since January 2, 2024, the results show that as of January 24, 2024, there were a total of 3,853 customer accoun ts registered to join the project, representing a remaining principal amount of 4,544 million baht. However, the GH Bank is still open to those interested in participating. Project until March 31, 2024 via Application: GHB ALL BFRIEND 'In 2024, the bank aims to expand new loans by no less than 3 percent of the target in 2023 and move forward with measures to solve household debt problems in 2024 (HD1-HD3). There are still customers who continue to register. Because It is expected that the number will not be very high. Compared to the sustainable debt restructuring measures of the past year. Because most bank customers have received assistance and are able to return to paying installments as usual,' Mr. Kamonpop said. GH Bank is still ready to move forward in driving the organization towards sustainability (The Best Housing and Sustainable Bank) in 2027. In 2024, the Bank plans to develop links with housing partners to grow together firmly (Best Housing Ecosystem). ) through granting a variety of loans and s upporting the economic, social, environmental and public sectors, including being in line with mega trends in 2024 in terms of sustainability. (Sustainable), innovation, health, and aging society, consisting of the Resale Home Ecosystem project, creating added value from the housing ecosystem for sustainable growth. By expanding cooperation with partners who sell second-hand houses The Green Loan Program creates and markets environmentally friendly loans. Support housing development that places importance on energy saving, such as Yuyenpensuk home loans. For those who want to buy, build, add on, repair a residence, purchase equipment, etc. to become an energy-saving home (ECO House), interest rates starting in the first year are only 2.80% per year. Loans for entrepreneurs of the Low Carbon Building Loan Project (Project Loan For Carbon Reduction Building) who want to build, add on, renovate, repair apartments and entrepreneurs who want to develop projects to build housing developments and condominiums. The interest rate is fixed for the first year only 3.90% per year. Home loan project for low-income people, the elderly, and vulnerable groups. To care for people to have more opportunities to access housing loans, support the Aging Society and reduce social inequality, such as housing loan projects for the elderly. With a residence as collateral (Reverse Mortgage: RM) for those who want to have income for living expenses after retirement. and a loan project to repay debts for the redemption of housing sales It provides an opportunity for those who mortgage their homes and land to sell with creditors outside the system. You can apply for a loan to repay your mortgage and sell your home with the bank. The maximum loan amount is set to not exceed 2 million baht per person per collateral. GH Bank is also preparing to create a loan project to reduce the cost burden for public customers. With GH Bank Suksabai Home Loan 2023 for current customers of the bank who wish to change the loan interest rate. The bank does no t consider debt repayment history. or the status of entering into a debt restructuring agreement The interest rate for the first 2 years is equal to MRR-2.00% per year or 4.90% per year (current MRR interest rate of GH Bank is equal to 6.90% per year) and 2. New customers (refinancing from other financial institutions to GH Bank. ) The interest rate in year 1 is equal to 3.75% per year, averaging only 4% in the first 3 years and the loan program is to stimulate the economy according to government policy. with ready-to-use loans For current customers who pay in installments and the principal is reduced regularly. Get a low interest rate loan with a reduced principal amount. To be used to purchase goods and services related to housing in stores that are affiliated with the bank.- Source: Thai News Agency