‘Miguel’ aims to lead the Thai futsal team Compete for the world championship

Football Association, "Miguel Rodrigo" aims to lead the Thai national team. Compete in the Futsal World Championship that Uzbekistan can get Before making his debut on the field, he meets China on 17 April in the Asian Championships. Miguel Rodrigo, the Spanish national futsal coach of the Thai national team, led the players from the War Elephants small table. Continuously practice at the Hua Mak Football Association futsal field to prepare for the AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2024, which Thailand will host between 17-28 April. The Thai futsal team is in Group A. Together with Vietnam, Myanmar and China, this program will select 4 nations to compete in the 2024 World Futsal Championship final round in Uzbekistan. In September, Miguel focused on one-on-one moments. Including changing the ball quickly from defense to offense, it took 2 hours to practice. Miguel said that in order to lead the Thai national team to play in the 2024 Futsal World Cup, they had to do match after match first. must work hard Practice hard E specially in the group stage, we have to get through first. While tickets are flowing for the opening match on Wednesday, April 17, where the Thai national futsal team will meet China at the Indoor Stadium at 6:00 p.m., there is now confirmation from the competition organizers that Tickets for the online game, which are available for sale at 200 baht each, have already been sold out. And there are only 668 100 baht tickets left that will be available for sale at the stadium. Source: Thai News Agency