My heart is filled with father and son moments. Hug each other at the airport

Nine Entertainment, Watch and smile! "Koi" takes "Nong Talay" as a surprise, waiting to welcome "Toon" at the airport. The minute they see each other's faces, father and son hug each other. Making fans smile as they saw the heart-warming moment when Koi Ratchawin's young mother took her eldest son, Nong Talay, to wait to welcome his father, Toon Artiwara, lead singer of the Bodyslam band. At the airport early in the morning After Father Toon left home to work in Bangkok for 2 days, while waiting for Father Toon to land, Nong Talay stood secretly behind the luggage cart. When I heard Mother Koi Signaling that Father Toon has arrived, Nong Talay quickly comes out of hiding and calls out loudly to Father. Ready to run straight towards Father with joy Before the father and son hugged each other out of longing. Both faces were filled with smiles of happiness. Then Nong Talay took out the toy car that had been prepared to surprise her father and gave it to Father Toon before the three of them happily walked to th e car and went home. Overflowing Source: Thai News Agency