‘Pimpattra’ reveals plans to move cadmium waste on 16 April.

Bangkok, Cadmium waste transport company. Prepare to inform the moving plan to industries in Samut Sakhon, Tak and Chonburi provinces tomorrow (April 16). Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry Report on the results of the meeting of the Cadmium Waste and Zinc Waste Transport Steering Committee that today (April 15) a meeting was held to consider the cadmium waste transport plan of Bound and Beyond Public Company Limited. Newly arrived, the company responded to increasing the number of trucks from 10 to 30 as informed by the committee in order to be able to transport cadmium waste up to 450 tons per day and reduce the total transport time. From the original time of 92 days, down to 36 days, which will begin moving waste from the areas of Samut Sakhon, Bangkok and Chonburi provinces from May 7, 2024 after preparing the landfill. and give understanding to the people around the factory in Tak Province finished Ms. Pimpatra said that for preparing the landfill pond Ministry of Industry By the Department of Primary Industries and Mines A team of officials will be sent to check the strength and safety of the pond. Together with the Provincial Public Works Department and representatives of relevant agencies on April 17, they will inspect the pond floor, which is covered with 2 layers of 1.5 mm. thick HDPE plastic sheeting, to ensure that it is in good condition. no tearing Can prevent residue leakage. Including checking the overall stability of the cement floor and pond edge. If it's not strong will order improvements to be made as soon as possible. During the cadmium waste landfill Water must be sprayed at the landfill while moving the waste into the pit. To prevent the spread of dust. and stabilization in landfills. When all the waste has been put into the pond The waste in the pond will be smoothed out and then poured in with sand. Then cover it with another layer of HDPE plastic before pouring reinforced concrete to cover the pond as the final step. In addition, the committee requested the company Increase measures to prevent environmental impacts in transportation from the origin, along the way, and at the destination. Procurement of Big Bags to be placed on top of the original bags (Double Bag) before transportation to ensure that there will be no leakage or diffusion of waste inside. during transportation Including requesting to increase the process for examining environmental impacts. After the completion of closing the landfill By monitoring groundwater properties from monitoring wells surrounding the area every 3 months to ensure that there is no leakage of cadmium residue. or has an impact on the environment After the actual operation was completed After the company A revised plan has been sent to the Ministry of Industry. To present to the meeting of the main working group, the Ministry will work with the company. in understanding the people surrounding the factory How to move and all safety measures To build confidence in the community The Minister of Industry also said that tomorrow (April 16, 2024), the committee will explain the cadmium waste transport plan to the Provincial Industry Offices in all 3 areas (Samut Sakhon, Tak and Chonburi), including the issue of improving administrative orders for the provincial industry. that must be consistent with the moving plan and coordination with the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division regarding the transfer of seized property. (Cadmium waste seized and counted) to the Ministry of Industry Proceed In addition, the meeting also assigned the secretariat to prepare all information. to present to the large working group which consists of representatives from 6 ministries, with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry as chairman. Source: Thai News Agency