Reveals that in 4 days the number of people traveling reached 10.4 million people – trips

Bangkok,, "Suriya" reveals Songkran travel 2024, overall public transport for 4 days, the total number of people traveling reached 10.4 million people - trips, an increase of 7.22%, while the number of accidents yesterday (14 Apr.) was found to have decreased. Over 21%, injuries decreased by almost 22%, along with orders for all departments Ready to welcome people returning from their hometowns today (April 15). Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit Minister of Transport Revealing the overview of the Songkran Festival 2024 on April 14, 2024, it was found that the cumulative travel overview for 4 days (April 11 - 14, 2024) had a high volume of travel by domestic and international public transportation. Can adequately support people's travel. It continues to increase at the level of 10,478,277 people-trip, an increase of 7.22% compared to the same period of 2023 by the domestic public transportation system. The rail system has the highest service use. Accounting for 45.16% As for the domestic public transportation s ystem with the highest number of users in each region, they are: 1.Central region: air (outbound) 172,144 people-trip 2.Southern region: road 124,593 people-trip 3.Northeastern region (Isaan) : by road 142,074 people-trip 4.Northern region : by road 85,675 people-trip and 5.Eastern region : by road 71,776 people-trip while traffic in and out of Bangkok on the 10 main highway routes had an increase of 3,983,236 vehicles. 1.72% compared to the same period last year. Travel within Bangkok On the expressway, there were 5,680,678 vehicles, a decrease of 2.70%. Mr. Suriya further said that in terms of accidents on April 14, 2024, it was found that there were a total of 181 accidents, a decrease of 36.11% from the same period last year and a decrease of 21.64% from April 13, 2024, with the number A total of 208 people were injured, a decrease of 9.17% from the same period last year and a decrease of 21.80% from April 13, 2024. The total number of deaths was 208, a decrease of 36.11% from the same period last year a nd a decrease of 32.35%. From April 13, 2024, overall losses continue to decrease. From which every agency strictly performs its duties. To want to facilitate and the safety of the people to the utmost Including the aim to reduce accidents, injuries and deaths. The most common cause of this happening is on the road. Motorcycle type Next was a 4-wheel pickup truck for driving without respecting traffic laws and driving faster than the law allowed. It causes accidents and losses. Therefore, government agencies Asking for a message of cooperation with people in all sectors. Drive your vehicle carefully. Avoid risky behavior that may cause an accident. and respect traffic laws. If the culprit is found Relevant agencies must prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. While the cumulative total of 4 days (11 - 14 April 2024) found that there were 917 accidents on the Ministry of Transport's road network, there were 119 deaths and 996 injuries. The highest presumed cause was driving faster than the speed limit. 552 Times, accounting for 60%. The vehicle with the highest number of incidents was a motorcycle, 497 times. The area with the highest number of incidents was a straight road, 657 times, accounting for 72%. The province with the highest number of deaths was Nakhon Ratchasima, 8 people. The province with the highest number of incidents, was Bangkok, 45. In summary, when compared to the same period last year, the number of accidents increased by 4%, the number of deaths decreased by 4%, and the number of injured persons increased by 4%. As for the rail network, there was 1 accident, with 1 person injured, and no one injured. Died water network and by air there were no reports of accidents. As for the inspection of the readiness of public buses at checkpoints, rest stops and 221 stops, 56,136 vehicles were inspected, 8 vehicles were found to be defective and 8 vehicles were ordered to be replaced. 56,136 operators were examined and no alcohol was found. Or drugs. For the train, 295 workers were checked f or readiness and no alcohol was found. or addictive things and inspecting the readiness of 168 ports/rafts, inspecting 3,583 boats, found defects in 8 boats, and banned and compared all 8 boats with fines, and inspected 5,161 workers, no alcohol was found. or addictive things Mr. Suriya further said that it is expected that people will gradually return to Bangkok. From today (15 April 2024), he has emphasized all agencies under the Ministry. Still strictly controlling measures for convenience and safety in traveling. and prepare the public transportation system, including buses, trains, boats, and airplanes. There must be enough for the amount of passengers. and has efficient management It is easily accessible, convenient, fast, and safe. There are no delays, no passengers left behind, no price increases, and no passengers left behind. In addition, the Department of Highways (Rural Roads) and the Department of Rural Roads (Rural Roads) have been instructed to survey electrical lighting. and traffic lights al ways ready for use For the safety of road users Including officers stationed at public service points along the route. In order to be ready to facilitate travel during the return trip to make it flexible. People can check travel information. and service channels for providing information and receiving complaints and public service points through the Transportation Safety Center, hotline 1356, 24 hours a day Mr. Suriya further added that The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has been assigned to maintain strict measures to inspect the readiness of public buses and drivers at passenger transport stations and stops, checkpoints and rest areas, a total of 221 points nationwide between 11 - 17. April 2024 to prevent and reduce road accidents throughout the Songkran festival. All drivers must have a breath alcohol level of zero milligram percent and their driving hours must not exceed the legal limit. Including all public buses must be in stable condition, both inside and outside. Various safety equipment must al ways be ready to use. As for the Department of Rail Transport (RTA), it is reported that on April 13, 2024, there were a total of 1,092,918 people using the rail system - trips, higher than the same day last year by 307,847 people - trips or an increase of 39.21% ( April 13, 2023, number of 785,071 people-trip) and higher than the estimate of 116,703 people-trip or 11.95% higher than the estimate (estimated 976,215 people-trip) for air travel Flight management and passenger arrival and departure processes are efficient. In order not to cause congestion As well as taking care of various facilities to be ready for use and have staff ready to serve at full capacity. including taking care of safety within the airport Support passenger travel during the Songkran festival to receive convenient, fast and safe services, which the airport There are officers on duty monitoring through CCTV cameras 24 hours a day. Marine Department (Marine Department) by the Water Safety Center The water situation was reported on Apr il 14, 2024, including the Chao Phraya River area being able to continuously drain passengers. There are no passengers left behind. At the same time, officials were assigned to the port. To facilitate and maintain safety for the people. and tourists . Source: Thai News Agency