Settha takes on political work and adjusts a lot You have to listen to many parts.

Prachuap Khiri Khan,, The Prime Minister admits he is still not satisfied with working for 7 months and would like to keep trying. Living in politics, there are many adjustments and you have to listen to many parts. He stated that he would like to dedicate himself to the people. Ready to lose friends if you act like a privileged person, he said, even from the business sector. But rest assured, there is absolutely no conflict of interest. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Opened up about his work in the past 7 months. There were a lot of things that weren't as expected. Because of the many problems of the people It has not been fixed yet. Both regarding the price of agricultural products Even though it's good, it can still be better. Regarding tourism, information as of April 12, 2024, tourist numbers are already 140% higher, which is considered very good, but before the COVID-19 situation in 2019 at this time, from January to April, we got about 60%, if calculated as 100% today. We got about 90%. He is confident that with the statistics of 39.4 million people visiting Thailand, we can push the numbers up by the end of this year. Both opening the visa market for free Facilitating Immigration for Tourists Including tackling the problem of illegal guides and illegal riders, making traveling into the country more convenient. It can be done. As for the matter of the Customs Department It is responsible for collecting taxes from the country's income, approximately 3 trillion baht per year. The Customs Department is one of the 3 main tax departments, collecting 100 billion baht in taxes per year, accounting for approximately 3% of the country's income, considered low even though it can be collected. 3% but it is the main department for controlling contraband products. that affect people's lives One of them is controlling illegal rubber which has resulted in the price of rubber in the country rising. But it is strange that there are people lobbying the Customs Department the most. He has said many times that the Customs Department has the highest level of lobbying. But it is strange that only 3% of the revenue is collected, which is considered suspicious. Therefore, this is the reason why the Customs Department must be developed. To be a clean and pure Customs Department It can really help the people in many dimensions. Or the matter of import taxes which is a leakage point causing tax collection in the country to not be as good as it should be. The Prime Minister admits that he is not satisfied or satisfied. He would like to use the word "still not satisfied" after working for 7 months, but must continue to try and make everything better. Including the matter of attracting investors and the suppression of e-cigarettes. drug problems The Prime Minister also admitted that he really had to adapt a lot. From business to politics Being the CEO of a company, co-workers, people around you, including customers, shareholders, employees, society, when managing must take into account these 4 pillars. But when being a company executive, you receive full support from the board of directors and shareholders. But it comes in the context of politicians. and being the Prime Minister with 141 votes, a multi-party coalition government, 141 votes out of 500, and having different collaborators, including citizens, MPs, senators, security institutions, NGOs, journalists, many sectors need discussion and explanation. Therefore, he would like to use the word partner. in helping the people Each party and each MP make different promises to the people. Therefore, budget management also plays a part. This makes moving forward with various projects a bit slow, but after working together for 7 months, I believe we know each other's hearts. There is respect for each other. Believe that driving and managing the country And helping people will gradually improve. As for being a businessman and then becoming Prime Minister Naturally, I have friends who are businessmen. And there is a matter of benefit. How does the Prime Minister p rotect himself from people coming in to ask for benefits? The Prime Minister stated that 'His duty is not to save himself. He was confident that he came to politics with one goal. It is to improve the quality of life of the people in every dimension. If you want to protect yourself, you don't have this. Therefore, you can be assured that there is absolutely no conflict of interest. However, we must talk about property. Matters of personal life My personal one is perfect. He has had a reasonably good past income. Have assets that allow you to live comfortably There is no matter of coming to take political advantage for oneself. family members are happy Already have appropriate job duties which he reiterated on the day of the policy announcement that 3 and a half years from now He has one goal: to improve people's lives. and hope to make Pheu Thai win the next election Nothing can stop me Having many friends who are businessmen And now I have friends There are many politicians. Having to collect information and know in depth every matter. and more than 40 years of experience in the business industry, I believe that I have enough experience to make correct and appropriate decisions for the people.' As for sitting as a leader, you may have to lose some friends. In the case where there is no benefit How is the Prime Minister prepared to respond? The Prime Minister replied that it was a good question. Because he met friends and everyone talked about how people who are 60 years old want to do things that they like. He wants to go watch every Liverpool football match. Want to travel to a country that I have never been to and eat delicious food in every country. I want to find happiness for myself. But entering the political arena Want to take better care of people's well-being 'When he announced his dedication and tell friends that things that will get in the way of improving the lives of the people or their mental state being taken advantage of From those who act like privileged people If my friends act like that, I'm ready to lose them. Therefore, I am confident that in the next 3 and a half years, I will have fewer friends. In exchange for making the people at the base of the pyramid better, I am ready.' When asked about the political views of the Prime Minister Has anything changed since entering politics? The Prime Minister stated that many people may say that politicians are both good and bad. But some people say Politicians are bad because of corruption and misconduct. That matter is clear. But some matters are a matter of different opinions. or different methods There is a way of taking care of the people that is different from what the government views. Therefore, they must be tuned together. Or when someone comes to suggest something. and clearly saw that they wanted personal benefits He thought that those people looked down on him a little. Here, let's not do it. As for politicians who come to ask for anything, they ask that it be based on appropriate standards. The Prime Minister also said that in the matter o f the budget There is an English word that says "Bigger bang for the buck" meaning that if you put in 1 baht, the return must be more than 1 coin, along with an example that if you take care of the flooding, you will receive double benefits, namely agricultural products. Better, each party, each MP wants to use the budget to take care of the people in their area. Therefore, the government must listen. Source: Thai News Agency